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Writing Letter to Angels???

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

I received a question on the blog about writing letters to someone’s angel.  (I mention this on my prosperity album.)  She wants to know what you do with it after you write it.

The answer:  It doesn’t matter.  It is your writing it that does the work.

Now do I believe that Angels read your letter?  No actually I don’t.  But Einstein talks about the Universal field.  Vedic sages refer to the space between thoughts.  And Joseph Campbell mentions the collective unconsciousness.

I don’t know exactly what happens, nor do I think it matters what labels you use.  But I do believe in the power of thought to influence energy.  And everything is comprised of energy.  And I believe when you hold an outcome in thoughts, you supply energy that can make that outcome manifest.

It’s not as simple as sitting on your sofa wishing for your Lamborghini to drive itself into your driveway as some of the simplistic explanations of the Law of Attraction would lead you to believe.  But there is definitely power in thought energy, particularly when you direct it to or for someone.

So what do you think about all this? Am I being hopelessly woo-woo and lost my power to reason?  Or do you think there is something here?


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36 thoughts on “Writing Letter to Angels???

  1. Da_Crinkly says:

    I can agree with that what you are saying because I have gotten to see it in action in my own life. When I focus my all my will, intent, energy, prayers, whatever on making something happen it usually does. Those of us in Pagan religions have long known about the power of writing as well as speaking what we want into existence. But we have usually learned that while a Lamborghini would be nice, if what we really need is a car to get us back and forth to work then we expect the universe to come up with exactly the right car for us. A little common sense and practicality go a long way with the energy of the universe.

  2. Lamborghini Murcielago one of my favourite…..
    I do believe that our thoughts change the energy or the vibration we are in and that would cause us attract same energy back.Energy is like a boomerang what you send out comes right back @ you.
    Best example before I left for Florida to your workshop a couple of not so good things happened but I made a conscious decision to change the way I feel and placed myself in a very good vibration – so got to the airport @ 5:30 AM and was upgraded to First class then got to Florida took a taxi to the hotel where your workshop was and the taxi driver didn’t charge me for the ride – all this good came back @ me because I made a decision to be in a good vibration and be nice to the people @ airport and was nice to taxi driver – spoke to him in his language(I’m Romanian but do speak Spanish)
    So I do believe in verbal or written messages to Angels
    And by the way I was envied for the fact that you left a comment on my blog post about you.
    Sending good energy to all of you

  3. Hi Randy;

    No doubt, thoughts are things!!! What we tend to forget is, that it works both ways with good thoughts, and bad as well the key is to stay in a high vibration as often as possible.

    I say as possible because we are still in a human experience, and there are shifts in our emotional vibrations but once you place that awareness and make a choice to shift, it becomes easier as you go. Persistance!!!!
    All the best.

  4. Ian Percy says:

    In quantum physics Bell’s Theorem states that every particle of energy in the universe communicates with every other particle regardless of time and distance. This is the principle of “One Thing” in action. When we understand and access this as beings in that One Thing we can pretty well access the energies of any particle at will. (Not that many of us have learned to do that yet.)

    The mistake most are making is that they are trying to force Quantum concepts like this into the old Mechanistic mind-set. So they see the Law of Attraction as a distinct technique to be exercised on its own. That will get you nowhere as Randy has pointed out many times.

    What is wonderful is that major corporations are opening up to seeing this new way of thinking as key to exponential gains in both profitability and in doing good in the world.

    PS There are divine energies and they know how to read! Indeed they read it before you wrote it. The thought that just came to you has always been in existence.

  5. Dear Angels,

    The person who reads this blog after I do will no doubt have a dream and a desire to make it come true. Please help them remove whatever obstacles are in their way, and help them attain their desires- TODAY.

    If that isn’t practical, then please allow them to have a breakthrough that makes TODAY the huge turning point, and give them the tools they need to accomplish their dreams.


  6. Tele Raack says:

    Re:Writing Letters to Angels Like written goal & to-do lists, a concrete msg of intent. I will be composing a letter to mine 🙂

  7. CarolynW says:

    I think the letters are good because it helps one become specific about what they want. Asking generally can “backfire” if you are not specific.

    Since I teach others how to find, enter and win sweepstakes I hear many interesting stories. One woman wanted to bask in the Caribbean sun so she asked for a trip south. She won a trip to Antartica. The Universe gave her what she asked for. Doesn’t get more south than that! Had she written a letter to her angel, she may have described the resort, the sand, the water, the fru fru drinks, the people, etc… and gotten what she thought she asked for.

    The letter can also help throw you into action towards your goal. It’s amazing what happens when you start moving forward. The Universe rewards action.

  8. carole says:

    I am a great believer in sending messages to the universe and I also believe that the universe receives and take action on what message you have sent. But we need to do our part. We think about what we want, need. We take action so that we are going to achieve the asking and then we become what get what we want. Sometime it doesn’t take a long time before what you want manifests. Some other time it may take a longer time but if you keep the positive attitude and the action related to what you want, the only thing that could happen is what you were asking for. So, be very careful what you are asking for….. !!!

  9. Rebel Brown says:

    You are SO RIGHT Randy.

    I have angels all around me – they are my constant companions, healing my heart and soul in the tough times, lifting me up with joy always. And they DO listen, read, communicate – whether we write it or not they know what we are feeling – and they are always here to help with love. I have personal experience to prove it – on SO MANY occasions.

    The day my dad died – two angels came to me as lights to let me know everything was OK. I have NO DOUBT it was my mom and dad (mom went first) coming to show me how HAPPY they were. These two little lights flitted around my home like 2 happy little birds who just found each other. I knew it was them and my heart was OK because of it. I prayed for one last chance to ‘be’ with my parents (as an only child of 2 only children, my family was gone when they passed). And I got a better answer than I expected. My mom is STILL around me – in the form of a hummingbird that visits every morning, without fail. Our favorite bird:)

    My ex was diagnosed with AIDS and given 2 months to live. I took him in since he had no one else. 3 years later he crawled out of the abyss and is now 240 pounds and healthy as a horse. During the first 18 months of hell – I had angels with me constantly. Touches in the night and voices telling me to go to him, lights coming to me at 2am as I sobbed alone waiting for him to die in my arms. They were all around me, as I wrote my positive affirmations of seeing my ex bounding up the hills again -they danced in the candle light with me. They saved more than my ex – they saved my sanity in an insane and horror-filled situation.

    We do create our future and our now with our thoughts and feelings. We are connected and part of a power so much greater than our tiny physical being-ness. Once we accept that – Miracles happen all around us.

    Thanks for this great post as always Randy!

    luv n light and keep smilin’!


  10. Dear Randy,

    You’ll probably be pleased to know that in no way I think you are being hopelessly woo-woo and that you lost your power to reason… unless I am myself being hopelessly woo-woo and out of reason too!

    On the contrary, I do think – just like you! – that there is definitely something here!

    As we both know, some authors offered simplistic explanations of the Law of Attraction and unfortunately led many people to believe in magical thinking. But in my point of view, there is definitely power in thought energy.


  11. Elly says:

    It’s the reason why distance healing works, I have seen so much proof of this.
    I write New Moon Wish Lists and find them just as empowering.
    Different tools, same intention, good outcomes.
    Thanks Randy, I’ve been too busy to join in lately but this one caught my eye!

  12. Randy Gage says:

    Bones, I’m so proud of you!


  13. Randy Gage says:

    For those of you that don’t know him, Ian is a brilliant author and speaker and integrates a lot of spiritual principles into practical application.


  14. douglas says:


    You’re correct write the letters!

    It puts it out there into the Universe and makes it real for the writer, to see and reread.

    And yes you’re hopelessly woo-woo. To that I say congratulations!

    Most people are “normal” and miserable.


  15. Henriette says:

    Dear Randy and all of you that reads this. I would like to share my story on this subject. I live in a small town in Norway, with my two kids, and I had only a part time job in a kindergarden. I was not happy with my job nor my income, but there were no job openings of interrest in my town. A dear friend of mine told me to make the job I was looking for come true by writing my wishes and believing it would happen. I wrote a list of 10 things I would like in a job, and for the next two weeks I showed the list to everybody I met. Also to strangers. After two weeks I got a call from a woman who had heard i was looking for a job. A new international company was opening a new office in my town and they needed someone with my kind of attitude and persistance to run it. I got the job on the first interwiev and are now the manager of 12 employees. I love my job, and have just started the list to define the man I want to meet 🙂
    Thank you Randy for your inspiration and for the opportunity to share. Henriette

  16. Hi randy! I truly believe in this. I would like to thank you because of your book “Why your dumb, sick, & broke”. I bought it in malaysia. And it really change everything in me. My income multiplied by 5 after applying that. Thank you so much!

    -Randy from Philippines

  17. Randy Gage says:

    Great, always glad to hear stories like this!


  18. douglas says:


    I already posed a comment on this blog entry yet,

    I have a true life story of being saved by an angel. It’s to long to post, maybe someday I’ll tell you about it. I’m incorporating it into my speaking career.
    They do exsist.


  19. Nancy Hall says:

    There is something in it and “woo-woo” is a bit of a put down to the mysterious – the things we cannot explain in life.

    I like to think we have very beautiful energy around us (Angelic?) or maybe it’s our own Divinity – but if we are writing something down, we are focusing on something we want and not the opposite so that is always a good step in the right direction. Write on to that! : )

    Thank you for your thoughtful, encouraging and supportive posts, Randy.

    Blessings to you,

  20. Malcolm says:

    You may be la la but you’re right! The power of positive thoughts brings prosperity (Angels) to your live!

  21. beh says:

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  22. jo says:

    Great, I love it as I am starting to pray to the angels. I have done it in some way, but I am doing it more and more.

    I am telling everyone that I encounter to pray to the angels.

    Thank for sharing this with the Universe. More power to you.


  23. jo says:

    I would like to know your story!

  24. Solar Panel says:

    Wow, good post. I just found your blog and I’m already a fan. :]

  25. Jennifer says:

    Do you remember the movie starring Sandra Bullock – Miss Congeniality? There was an on-going joke where all the contestants wanted “world piece”? Behdad’s comment got me thinking. Especially considering we are discussing angels and the power of the collective unconsciousness. I don’t know much about Iran and Iraq … but I do know enough from the world news to know that we could ALL be doing a little bit more when it comes to tolerance, understanding, friendship and peace. I have faith in humanity and in my heart – I believe that eventually we will ALL get it right. However, I wonder if a kinder – gentler world will happen in my life time? Back to Behdad and the question … just imagine if it was likeminded people that started the revolution towards a better world … through business, and more to the point through network marketing. That the answers aren’t in diplomatic relations and politics but through normal every-day people like you and me just trying to improve their health, wellbeing and prosperity. Just a thought … Good luck with your endeavours Behdad, I sincerely wish you well

  26. marvin says:

    Where I would buy your book here in the Philippines? Hope I can find your “Why your dumb, sick, & broke”. I have ur free ebooks printed in papers. Well it is very helpful, it save my life . Thank you

  27. Kathleen Caldwell says:

    I think your right on the money. I do believe in Angels and it’s said that Angels travel at the speed of thought. Our thoughts do create/affect the energy around us, drawing positive or negative beings to us, including Angels. Prayer is just directed thought energy and is scientifically proven to influence the positive or negative outcomes of others.
    Do they read our letters? No, they read/hear our thought energy and help to wing it to the farthest corners of the universe. So be careful what you think 🙂

  28. Rachel Henke says:

    Wow I nearly missed this one! I love all the ‘woo woo’ stuff. Quite tricky to explain but when you get into it you just feel for sure that it works. I’m reading ‘the four agreements’ at the moment which is a great book to make you think about what you are putting out there and what kind of world you are creating for yourself.

  29. I can’t find it here in philippines. I’ve already searched all the bookstores here. Hope your book will be available in our country.

  30. dr dominique dock says:

    thanks Rachel
    the book The Four Agreements sounds good !
    take care

  31. Rebecca says:


    I have been using this since I was 10 years old. Angels are everywhere. I had not thought about writing to someone’s angel to change a situation that was conflicting at best. Will give it a try and see the results you mention. I do believe it will happen and miracles do happen if you believe.

  32. naki says:

    Oh my goodness, you have brought tears to my eyes! Thank you!!! And all that you wish and desire, to you, TODAYY!!!!!!!!!

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