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Working on Spiritual Consciousness

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

You can take weekends or nights off from work.  But the one area you can never take time off from is your “soul work.”  Otherwise known as developing your consciousness.

When you expand your consciousness, it is an energizing, renewing journey that can never tire you.  In fact, it does just the opposite.  You need less sleep, less rest, and less everything.  You move to “low maintenance.”

As you end each day, it’s a great idea to reflect on the progress you made on your journey that day.  Notice when you forgave someone, spent time meditating, learned to trust more, acted on your intuition, or inspired someone else.  Celebrate the progress you made, and you attract even more the next day.

Developing your spiritual consciousness is the most important work you can do.  Please share below what you did today, or plan to do today.



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23 thoughts on “Working on Spiritual Consciousness

  1. Eve says:

    Here’s some of the “conscious” things I did today:

    Spent some time “being” with my cat who is sick,
    Used “energy work” on one of my clients who is open to it,
    Read some of an inspiring book,
    Took time to affirm and feel grateful for the things in my life that are supporting me and asking for clarity on areas that are not,
    Juiced vegetables (helps with concentration rather than going for the bad carbs!)
    Sent out good intentions to all I am connected with and cleaned out the fridge which helped me to feel more present and gentle in the house knowing that I am more able to live in the moment by keeping it clean.
    Invited “higher intentions” into my environment before working, thanked them when finished,
    “Appreciated” that I have money to pay bills while I paid them,
    Lived in balance appreciating the now while working towards and being open to my greatest potential.

    Loving the summer, especially the thunder storm we had today!

    Now it’s time for more inspirational reading and then good dreams.

  2. Tanya Mosunova says:

    Hi, Randy! Every morning I go online and say good words to people who come to me. They love me and I love these people

  3. Debbie says:

    Two of my favorite things, riding my Harley and singing – and I got to do both today!

  4. hersh says:


    I had a fight with my mom today just before leaving for work. I was mad when I got on my bike. I was fuming all the way down here. Feeling sad and frustrated. Overall, a bundle of negative emotions cuddled me like there is no tomorrow.
    Then, I read the printout of RG’s ‘The Power of Acceptance’ post, which i have pinned on my desk. i can feel lighter knowing that I can get out of this if I have a better vision in mind.
    Sharing all this here is my spiritual ‘karma’ of the day!


    1. Lee Cole says:

      Hersh, I used to have a lot of fights with my Dad. Now he’s dead. I wish that I had known then what I know now about acceptance, and also prayer. with prayer and the peace that comes from turning ones problems over to God, I suspect I could have healed our relationship sooner. It got healed, but I waisted years fighting when I could have been cherishing.

  5. suzanne hng says:

    Hi Randy, My yesterday is your today as we see the sun first. Yesterday I had committed to bring ethnic chicken curry for 40 pax to our Toastmasters’ Governors’ Night so, I cooked up a storm, delivered to the venue then disappeared to a church where Lance Wallnau was concluding ‘Level 10 Living’. Enjoyed it too!
    This morning, reorganised my laundry area/store, then off to my son’s office to scan my travel documents to HCF (Healthcare Christian Fellowship) as am scheduled to join their World Conference in MNL 04Sep to 09 Sep. It is meant for doctors, dentists, nurses and I belong to the non medic group as ‘friends of HCF’. Then off to YMCA to meet a friend. In between, I meditated and did some short reflections but very rushed.
    Ain’t it great!

  6. Hi Randy,

    thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Well, the soul and our subconscious mind never sleep, even though we might wish for it sometimes.

    When we learn how to work on our consciousness effortlessly, everything becomes easier, as you note, because we are able to do more with less.

    I haven’t done a meditation today yet…shame on me at 10 AM.

    Yesterday night, I had a long conversation with my wife how to deal with her screwed up dad. We found out that she didn’t allow her to become truly successful because she feels like a failure because she is not able to help her parents. Eventually, she will be able to release the responsibility conditioning and shake off the yoke between her and her parents’ minds.

    Take care


  7. I had a wonderful call with my mentor where it was reestablished for me that everything we do we do out of love on our team.
    It’s a beautiful article thanks.

  8. Mira says:

    Hi Randy

    I enjoy making others happy, it’s a “high” for me and I enjoy too for my daily work out.
    But I don’t seem to have enough time to do as much as I would prefer.
    My family and friends love me ^^ really happy.
    As we know “life never will be Perfect”!
    Same as me….

    I wanna say thank you for sharing this amazing notes ! I have a lot of respect for your teaching.

    Sending love your way

  9. Spiritual practices like this keep me sane! I also try to implement 15 mins. of “clearing” each day…cleaning out a junk drawer, organizing my shoes (I always find a pair I’ve forgotten about…score!), clearing the bathroom sink. Clears out “chaotic” energy and opens up the flow of energy!

  10. happy says:

    I forgave my dad. He didn’t know i was mad. And have been for a long time. I kept it to myself. But now I have forgiven him. It made it very easy to take him out to dinner on his birthday and make him laugh.

  11. kemiavon says:

    I prayed and listened to the word of God

  12. Uno says:

    Gracias Randy por ayudar a nuestra conciencia!!

  13. xime says:

    Well, today, I’ll arrive home, and instead of turn on the radio, I’ll enjoy the silence for a while, I’m going to relax and forget everything and everyone, just trying to be one with the god inside of me.


  14. Susan Seitz says:

    I switched gears with Kudalini Yoga first chakra breathwork, then put on bright, cheerful consciously uplifting colors, topped off with a similar attitude. Returned a call immediately to a daughter of a cancer patient. I heard her pain, responded to her call, and was able to bring light into her day.

  15. Hi, Randy!
    Every evening I turn on the audio recording with affirmations and positive statements, and listen to them all night.
    Just every day I check my friends page, I find life-affirming statements, translate them into Russian and place on my blog, facebook and twitter.

  16. Alyson says:

    Believed in a few people and I let them know it. Last night spent time with a group of new friends and shared more belief. You are right about the increased energy level when you get involved with people and add good energy.

    My energy level this morning is more raised. It’s going to be another good day.

  17. Lee Cole says:

    I start the day with qi gong and prayer. I end it reading books like Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. I learned about her through your little books on abundance. God Bless you Randy. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. You have been a great blessing in my life in a short amount of time.

  18. Mary-Ellen says:

    I grow my spirit, which I consider my heart, through God. I love to learn from Dr. Charles Stanley, He helps me clarify the meanings in the Bible. I’m not knocking reading motivational books or tapes, or seminars, but for me, I have never seen more progress and inward change at the magnitude I have received it through God. My sensitivity to love unconditionally has grown in ways I could have never humanly achieved on my own and the peace inside that defies all human understanding has been with me for some time now through trials I could have not withstood alone. I wish more people would turn to God for strength. He does not discriminate or play favorites. He’s there for all of us if we only ask him to lead us in his light. If you faithfully do this, your life will never be the same and everything and everyone will take on a new meaning and understanding that will bring you a joy you just can’t get from anywhere else.

  19. wanja says:

    While at the traffic lights, i saw a homeless guy standing at the corner with a sign “anything will help”. I rolled down my window gave him $$ and talked with him for about about a minute while waiting for the lights to turn green.He was such a lovely man. I drove off feeling really good that i somehow brightened his day. He taught me compassion.

  20. paula says:


    chamo-me paula sou da ilha do pico açore (portugal) começei a ler o factor atracção de joe vitale que nos aconçelha visitar o seu site ,foi assim que cheguei até si .
    sou empresaria mãe esposa filha irmã tia …etc gostaria de crescer de metornar uma pessoa de sucesso em toudos os niveis por favor ajude-me.

    paula dias

  21. jookco says:

    wow that’s the main issue today, many believers have lost their identity, but they that world in the spirit will overcome failure in life . romans 8:1-2


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