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What You Expect

By Randy Gage in Success.

I’m doing an event this weekend in Boras, Sweden. Walking around town beforehand, I met a couple who came from Iceland to attend.  Because they’re new on the success journey and money is tight, they took a budget flight to Oslo, then rode two buses all day to get here.  They were brimming with excitement and couldn’t wait to learn how to become more successful.

There are more than 1,000 people here, great energy, and they’re passionate about success.  Like many of the events I do around the world, some people see me as a saint, sage, or savior.  Or I can read the comments on my YouTube channel and find others who think I’m a charlatan, chump, or arrogant jerk.

So who’s right? 

They all are.  Because they’ll receive what they come prepared to receive.  And that’s true for every speaker you hear, book you read, or CD you listen to.  Come looking for wisdom and you’ll find it.  Expect to receive nothing and that’s likely what you’ll get.

The default setting you approach life with determines what you’ll receive.  So what are you expecting?


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39 thoughts on “What You Expect

  1. Well put Randy.

    If your cup is already full, how can you receive?

    Glad you’re having a good time over there. I definitely plan to visit that area.


  2. RICH Novak says:

    RG – I consider you a saint, sage & savior.
    You should also know that I have included you as one of my five (5) closest friends since my wealth & prosperity will be equal to the average of my top 5 favs.

    Thank you for all you do.

    You may also want to search you tube for a guy named Avram Gonzales – he has a great idea of each day posting at least three (3) things that we have to be grateful for – RG I am sure you know that the more grateful a person happens to be, the more the universe gives the person to be grateful for.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Yes I discovered Avram through Empire Avenue.


  3. kathleen Caldwell says:

    Timely as usual! I come to every life event with my eyes and heart open and excited, with my “pilots wings” pinned on and expecting miracles.
    Unfortunately, it is as you say with some. I invited the son of a good friend (Brandon) to our opportunity meeting the other night, hoping to introduce him to my 34 yr old friend who is an accomplished business person and millionaire. I thought if I brought them together, that Brandon would see the value and possibly, take advantage of the mentoring that was offered. Brandon brought with him an attitude of disbelief and outright hostility. It did not ruin MY night but I was sad that he chose to wallow in limiting, dis-empowering beliefs and to knock the hand of opportunity away. I was glad to find out from the start, what his mindset is and not waste one precious minute of my valuable time trying to convince him (thanks to you!)
    Keep being the sage and mentor…we’re following.. and we will have a moment of silence for all the idiots out there. 🙂
    I’m jealoous.. Scandinavia is my favorite place to be. Eat, drink and be merry for me too.

  4. James says:

    In all honesty RG you have helped improve my prosperity consciousness tenfold and counting, that has in turn dramatically changed my quality of life. There was me thinking financial success was it! Btw if you do get a chance, check out the natural hot healing springs in Loka Brunn – they won’t disappoint!

  5. Monica Gonzalez says:

    I am expecting greatness, thank you as always Randy!!

  6. Akos Fintor says:

    Yeah Randy,

    That is so true. Perception is EVERYTHING.
    “Seek and you shall find”

  7. Betty says:

    R, I have thought of you as all of the above at one time or another. However, I keep listening to you and follow when I
    Think you’re on the right track. Today I’m with you

  8. Jim Story says:


    I have to agree with you. I didn’t feel that you were arrogant, but I know that when you tell some people the truth and they don’t like it they can think you are a jerk.

    I expect to learn something and also learn something about me upon reflecting.


  9. Kelli Cooper says:

    Hi Randy
    This is a great post. Funny because I was thinking of this very concept last night…we get what we are looking for. Amazing how it works, but in my experience it is so true. Though inexplicable, our thoughts and feelings really affect our outside experience. Though I have had this realization for years, the amazement still hits hard each time it happens in a really obvious way.

  10. Hersh Bhardwaj says:


    I think I read it in Bob Proctor’s notes somewhere and its the BEST metoaphor to explain what you are saying-

    A Cat waiting outside a rat hole all set to pounce without a nano-second’s notice. She is expecting the mouse to come out, even though there is no way that she knows that for sure.

    Of course I made some of it in my words but I hope you get the gist. We have to be absolutely ready- ‘expecting’ for what we desire. ready to pounce/ready to receive knowing full sure the rat is on its way out.

    I ask thee, is there an alternative….rat walks out and you’re not ready and he simply flees.Easy for him.

    Money comes to us and we are not ready/expecting and it passes us by!


  11. Suzanne says:

    Hi Randy

    You are our benefactor with so many beneficiaries around the world! Vielen Dank!

  12. Hi RG,

    Power point here.

    Expectation precedes reality. You get what you tune in to. You expect, and get. Simple process. The power of your expectation is quite infinite.

    Your experiences precede what you expect to experience. Here’s the fun part: you choose what to expect, by choosing your thoughts and feelings concerning any individual, or event. People who think you’re a rick jerk, will get the rich jerk. People who think you’re a phenomenal, caring, prospering mentor, get the phenomenal, rich prospering mentor.

    I fall in the 2nd camp. I was speaking to my girlfriend Kelli (see Kelli Cooper, above in comments) about how I discovered you earlier today. I was listening to a Joe Vitale program, I believe, and of course was expecting awesome things out of it. So I was naturally introduced to you, and between the both of you, along with some life-shattering insights from Bob Proctor, I gradually made the shift was a skeptic to a high energy, prospering entrepreneur.

    Now I expect good things and good people to move into my life on a continual basis, and I get it. It happens. I know expectation precedes reality.

    Thanks Randy!


  13. Rishkin says:

    Thank you, just what I needed to hear today. You are awesome!

  14. Lene Jytte Hansen says:

    What a great article Randy! That is so true that people get what they expect. Love it :)))

  15. Brendan Duignan says:

    Randy,You’re certainly not a charlatan.I’ve spotted many on them on-line recently and you’re definitely the real deal.Best wishes and more prosperity to you and yours.

  16. Randy! You recommend some books in your posts. For example, David Schvarts «The magic of thinking big», Tom «Big Al» Schreiter, Stephen R. Covey «The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People», John Milton Fogg, Jordan Adler’s «Beach Money», etc.
    What else?
    Can you write a special post about – The 10 Great books? Thank you!

  17. Hey Randy,
    You are exactly right. How we are perceived by others has nothing to do with who we really are and it says a lot more about the person doing the perceiving.

    I keep myself open to the possibilities in life and that is my default setting.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Randy, I do believe often times our expectations colors our perspectives. However, I think there is really good solution that you haven’t mentioned.


    A. If someone views you as a JERK or a SAINT, they are wrong on both points. WHY?

    B. People are people. BOTH of those views ie: SAINT or JERK carry with it an emotional reaction, which PREVENTS CRITICAL THINKING.


    1. Anonymous says:

      PS After viewing you, Randy as all those things good and bad, I now can stand back and see the truth. And as I have heard Nina Simone sing “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good, oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood”, it applies here. I do think you are a soul whose intentions are good, and oh lord how I misunderstood…
      However, I still don’t agree with all of your theories. 😉

      I also think there are pieces of the puzzle you are missing, but I believe you will figure it out. Me too, I will get those pieces eventually.

  19. Joe G says:

    And what you expect is your feeling, not what you say. You don’t get what you want in life, you get what you are. If you are fearful and resistant, that’s what you will create. You can say you expect money and success, however, if it is coming from a place of fear, it won’t happen.

  20. Jonathan says:

    I’m not exactly sure who said this to me years ago, but the essence is pure. “How you view Life is how it will show up”. And with this comes the expectation with how you view it also.

    Personally I view Life as an opportunity to grow and learn and to receive the Blessings and Abundance of the Universe now. And whether reading for recreation or growth, there’s always some little pearl that comes through that just may create that ‘Aha’ moment. I’m embracing the possibility for that now.

    So thanks Randy. Reminding us that what we expect in Life is what we’ll get is terrific. And even if we don’t get EXACTLY what we expect, we must also understand that it’s highly likely that we’ll receive something even better as long as we maintain our Faith and monitor our thoughts carefully!

  21. Iselin Orskaug says:


  22. Iselin Orskaug says:

    Thank you for a great inspiration this weekend. And its true your mind is what sets the tone for your results. Belive in yourself and belive in your team and you will get prosperity.

  23. hi Randy. Thanks very much for an inspiring two days with Zinzino in Borås. Another way of practising the law of attraction! You get what you ask for right?
    I enjoyed your speeches very much and I look forward to following you here and in future places and events.
    Great style and wisdom, and a great sense of humour. You made my day(s):-) Thanks.
    All the best. Malene

  24. Belinda Oldrati says:

    Hi Randy!
    Thank you so much for this weekend in Borås. You are the most amazing speaker and you really made me understand that I’m not crazy to believe in my biggest dreams!

  25. Daryl says:

    So true you can learn from anyone. I learned about the power of influence and anchors from watching video’s of Hitler!! Question are the protestors Victims?

  26. Natalie Lamb says:

    Randy Gage,

    From the moment I heard your voice about 10 years ago I adored you – because you speak your truth WHERE YOU ARE. And you change.

    I’ve been amazed how much you’ve changed over the 10 years I’ve watched you.

    I adore you! And times I get frustrated with you – you come to me in my dreams to show me your light. You’re Bright like that.

    I love you precious soul! Mwah!

  27. Annika Fagernäs & Sam Mäenpää says:

    Great meeting you Randy in Borås city! We were so supprised that one of the first people we met happened to be You!
    We had been watching clips of you online and were really looking forward to hear you speak.
    Our trip from Jakobstad, Finland, was so worth it and we are really looking forward to learn more from you (and your gift will certainly help us a lot).

    We hope to see you soon!

  28. LYnn Selwa says:

    Several years ago I read a comment along these lines: “Confidence is interpreted as arrogance by those who are perpetually unsure.”

    I think arrogance is confidence that oneself is more important than other human beings.

    So Randy, you are confident, not arrogant.

  29. Priit Laos says:

    Hello R.

    It was really nice to actually find out that U R just one of us. You might be earning loads and loads of money to be saying things we already know – but U know what! You just remind us what we have forgotten or just have not noticed to bring out of us.
    I must admit U r not my saviour and U most definately R not a jerk. When I looked at U on the stage few days ago, I realized that everything U say I already know. As my partner in our line of business told me afterwards, that she actually didn´t learn anything new from you or anybody else on the stage! She already knew everything – from time to time we just need to look in the mirror and remind ourselves what we want to do and be! And we need someone like Us to remind us what is needed to be done.

    Looking at your other videos and performances i see that you have the ability of a cameleon – you´ll be and act according to the event and the need of the people. So it was really nice to see that you talked to us like simple people. I have always been a bit skeptical about too emotional speakers. I dont like jumping up and down in a choir and cheer for every sentence that has more meaning in it. But you seemed to know that in our line of business people are more intelligent and just simplicity is the key!
    You were really inspiring and I have already spread your examples in my team which worked on them the same way they worked on me.
    So thumbs up on what you do and i hope to meet you one day again and have similar lunch with you as a couple from scandinavia once had with you in US.
    If you ever happen to need a tour guide in Estonia then I´m there for you to show you around.

    Keep it up
    Priit from Tartu

  30. Marketa says:

    Yes, you have right Randy…
    It is about expectations. I expected a lot of failures (in love, material things, job, my dreams…) so I got them. I think that it reflects our self-esteem and self-love. Because, if I expect someone to not mean anything for, so it does. First thing to do, is feel self-esteem and worthy. And all these blogs, videos, books, are about. So now is my choice to decide, and I decided.

  31. I dont think Ive seen all the angles of this topic the way youve pointed them out. Youre a true star, a rock star man. Youve got so considerably to say and know so considerably about the subject that I think you need to just teach a class about it


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