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Traveling to the Future

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Greetings from the motor city.  First time back here in almost 15 years.  Got me thinking about travel.  But of the more intriguing kind…

Every thought you have takes you on a journey.  You are today where your past thoughts have taken you.  And tomorrow you’ll be where your current thoughts take you.

So what trip have you planned?


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17 thoughts on “Traveling to the Future

  1. Colton says:

    OUCH!! My head hurts Randy!! Thank you for your daily commitment of expanding our minds, and leading us all to a better future.

  2. Laura says:

    I was stuck on the platform, but you got me back on track. Thanks for the push.

  3. David says:

    My thoughts are taking me to the places on my vision board – future business locations; travel destinations; and my boys careers/families. I love the “Vision Board” concept. (if you want a kit – see Randy’s store).

  4. Jonathan says:

    New Zealand keeps coming up lately.. At a wine maker dinner I was sitting across from some folks that had a condo there and then a few days later it came up again. Guess I should pay attention to this! I’ve always wanted to go especially after seeing the Ring Trilogy films!

  5. John Lowery says:

    This has never been scientifically proven as far as I know. But neither has most all religious beliefs. As James Allen the author of “As a Man Thinketh” said, “Your belief creates the fact.” I think where you are has something to do with it, but if someone gets cancer, their village gets destroyed by a tsunami, I can’t say that they are where they are because of their thoughts. So I would say that your thoughts are important, but your attitude in life as to how you handle the seasons of change will be even more important.

    1. Marc says:

      We either manifest our reality or we do not. There are no half ways.

  6. Lene Hansen says:

    Hi Randy!
    I tell you things are really starting to change for the better for me, since I started using what you suggest in your book “Prosperity Mind” In the morning I get all these positive statements to start my day, and so many positive things have happened since very shortly actually. I got new customers in my telemarketing company, new positive connections, I got my own licence to do personal coaching, and in that department I got a customer all week 16 and 17. 1. of June I’m moving to Copenhagen, and I got an assignment there for 20 hours a week, where I help kids that is behind in school to catch up. So many doors have opened, and I’m getting better at explaining Network Marketing to my friends,so they actually start to change their point of view, and look at the business again. Another thing is that I’m getting better at getting ideas. So I’m on a travel right now, it’s pretty exiting. I really can recommend to read your books “Accept Your Abundance” and “Prosperity Mind” and use what you learn, to all of you on this block, that haven’t read these. This really works. Thank’s Randy.

  7. Rishkin says:

    Thank you, thank you Randy! Just when I needed this. I’ll think about my future today.

  8. On the trip of my life… living my dreams on purpose. Being who I was born to be in every moment of the journey. Grateful for all that I have been given.

  9. Eve says:

    the garden..I just always thought I would “find” it…and it’s turning out I have to create it.

  10. Mary-Ellen says:

    My spiritual growth has brought me to the understanding that, when I ask, it will be given. Never understood how profound of a gift from God these thruths are. With knowledge and total faith my thoughts going forward are that God continues to increase my faith in him and provides me with patience to wait out his predestined plan for me and to follow him to it. I want the best he has for me and look forward to the unfolding future with great expectations of joy, love and contentment knowing that his plans are the best plans.

  11. Gabesuarez says:

    Randy I am back! You are wright. When I was a child. I play in my mind of working as a manager in a big company. Seating in a boardroom with other managers and talking about the company. That is what happend to me raight know. I get my degree of engineering and then a get a job in a company. I started with lowest job in the company then year after year I get to a manager position. When you help me to think, I can realize that is true. But wright now it is not the live that I want. I am dreaming with other goal. I want really that.

  12. Oh my thoughts will take me on a wonderful journey this weekend.

  13. Keith Aul says:

    Australia. I first trip outside of the US since 1997. Next Year!!

  14. We do not want worse life, poverty, sickness, no money, no future. That is true. I think something important to build network marketing and Agel business right for the future and life.

  15. anthonynlee says:

    well…today my thoughts took me to your blog. 🙂


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