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The Virtuous Soul

By Randy Gage in Prosperity.

What a great response to yesterday’s post on prosperity as a moral force.  Let’s explore the topic a little deeper.  Because without the right foundation, true prosperity can never be attained.  And with the right foundation, prosperity can never be avoided. 

It is the law of cause and effect…

So many people look for the easy way, the short cut to prosperity and that simply doesn’t exist.  True prosperity is always a value-for-value exchange.  The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.

People who are not willing to do the work can accumulate money and things, but these simply turn into encumbrances that stand between them and abundance.  They actually can become self-torture; tantalizing reminders of what really could be.

Manifesting real prosperity is the process of becoming… 

It’s not what you get, the skills you study, or the businesses you launch.  Those things are all the symptoms.  They’re the choices you make depending upon who you ARE.

When you have a virtuous soul, that’s when you are truly blessed and manifest prosperity in everything you do.  You get that “Midas touch,” where every situation always morphs into gold, platinum or Prada.  Of course I’m being cheeky with that last sentence, but you really do always seem to land on your feet and any obstacles you encounter are simply stepping-stones to a higher good.

When you are willing to do the work of becoming, your conscious is calm, your name is honorable, and your character is resolute.  Your essence and presence is the same, because you aren’t trying to “attract” prosperity, you are simply living it.

And that’s where the cool kids hang out!


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15 thoughts on “The Virtuous Soul

  1. Emelia says:

    Prosperity is where the cool kids hang out. Love it!

  2. Jane says:

    I found out that `becoming` is an ego construct, while Being is soul based. I am now Being who I am rather than becoming who I am, because i can never ever become Who I Am as I am already that.

  3. Uno says:

    Es impresionante lo que leo. Gracias Randy por tanta dedicación. Saludos

  4. Leo says:

    Where the cool kids hang out and the cool miracles happen right in front of your own eyes. Thanks again Randy. Live it! L

  5. Jonathan says:

    Randy.. Any chance you can dig a bit deeper into this statement on your blog, “..When you have a virtuous soul, that’s when you are truly blessed and manifest prosperity in everything you do..” How do we know when we have a truly virtuous soul?


    1. Randy Gage says:

      Jonathan your prosperity results will always tell you. -RG

    2. Jonathan says:

      Thanks Randy.. I guess I’ll have to look deep into my results, though I’m blessed with great friends, live in the beautiful SF Bay Area and aspire to greatness with Purpose and Passion. ~JK

  6. xime says:

    I’m in the process of becoming, and I love it!!
    Thanks Randy 🙂


  7. Kathleen Caldwell says:

    I will be sharing this far and wide!

  8. Calli says:

    Greetings Randy,
    I have felt blessed to be in MLM.
    It would really mean a lot to me to find out your expertise in this situation.
    I just found out today that my network company is shutting its doors at the
    end of the month. I have achieved rank of a Blue Diamond leader which is the second highest level in North America.
    I was at the first meeting here in Vancouver Canada and went straight to
    work under your guidance ~ Your “Duplication Nation” CD set! As of Sept 1st my passive income I have built for 19 months is gone.
    How do I pick a new network company to join? I want to apply my skills to a
    company that will be around so to ensure that my efforts are rewarded long term.
    I am a wellness consultant with own my own mobile wellness company that has
    been featured on 2 National Canadian television shows. Health and happiness is my
    business! Your advise is appreciated!
    Calli M

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Check my How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine book and follow the blog at That’s what that site is for.


  9. Alex Tita says:

    living it.. you are that, you are

  10. Hi Randy,

    It’s like, you realize you already have it all within, so anything you touch is golden.

    No need to acquire anything, because you aren’t coming from a place of need, or desperation. Of course, you manifest things with much greater ease when the whole needy vibe is gone, and living a virtuous life makes you whole and complete right now. No needs, no reaching and straining and striving. Just effortless manifestation, because you discovered who you really are by being a virtuous soul.

    Thanks for sharing your insight with us Randy!

    Ryan Biddulph

  11. Yeah Randy, we have to give some type of value in order to receive value. People get mad at others that are on perpetual welfare, but as you stated, they are in the mousetrap.


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