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The Habits that Create Success

By Randy Gage in Success.

Habits are a funny thing.  They seem so innocent.  Chewing our fingernails.  Gossiping.  Hitting our regular nightclub every weekend.  Having a couple of drinks with dinner.

Spending 30 minutes a day reading.  Reading something positive before you go to bed each night.  Working out at a gym.

Habits appear to be so small and inconsequential, but nothing could be father from the truth. You are the result of your habits.  All of them.

And trust me, you have both kinds, good and bad.  We all do.  So why are some people so successful, and others struggle so much?

The ratio they have in the two habits of course.

If we go a level deeper, we know that our habits come from the thoughts we give precedence to.  These thoughts determine what habits we form.  Then the habits shape who we are, and what we manifest.  So changing yourself is as easy (or as hard) as changing your thoughts.

What habits (thoughts) do you need to change?




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16 thoughts on “The Habits that Create Success

  1. Jamie says:

    I super love this!

    The thought I need to change: that I get jetlag just staying in town for too long. 😉

    Love lots! xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!

    1. Great post! Habits are what can build us up for success or break us down for failure. If you look at the most successful people, you will see the positive empowering habits they perform daily to ensure their success.

      I am currently working on my time management habits so I can be more productive and stop wasting time.

      Forrest Miller

  2. MOHAMOR GLM says:

    Hi Mr.Gage,
    My habits that i have to make from now for ever(until i’ve reach to i want) is:
    working hard to catch money&be independence&and…leave asking my dad to give me something that i need(cause he make me sick more than my enemy does)!!!these are me habits that i’m doing it at all time from now!(i’m new in NM but i’ll be best as soon as possible)

  3. Leo says:

    My good habit is reading almost every day…
    My bad habit could be worrying about the future instead of living fully in the present, aware that i’m creating my future

    Thanks again Randy


  4. Thinking business ALL the time. I need to ‘be’ more w/o business being all jumbled up in my head. Always wondering, “what’s next.”

  5. Jonathan says:

    One habit I need to develop or expand is working harder at moving my new company ahead. This is due to working at it for over 18 mos from my home office which can be very isolating. However, I am committed to the vision and mission and will never give up.

    A new habit I decided upon is to daily WRITE my Gratitude and Affirmation list rather than have it posted on the wall. This is a very good exercise and I also know that when we write things they connect better with our Higher Self.

    Changing habits can be as challenging or not as we want it to. If you or anyone out there has read “Who Moved my Cheese”, the one thing we can be certain of in life is “Change”. And the best way to address this is through changing our habits to those that serve our vision and purpose. Thanks Randy.

  6. Mo says:

    It is amazing how you always seem to bring the subject I am thinking about!
    Something strange happened to me this monday, and I am still confused about it.I said yes to a job which I didn´t plan to say yes to,because I wanted to have a job simply.This was a job I also searched for two years ago but didn´t get.I went out, as I said, and during the day I saw three people from three different situations I was in last year;two people from jobs,one friend who I broke the connection with,because I thought then, that she only used me…And I have not seen these people since that time, and now Three in the same day! And this job.I am still confused.Did I go back to some thoughts I used to have, taking this jobs, and my old times came back as a flash?Since then, I have been very tired and felt a bit like then.I even started to be with my child like I was then.Of course I try to change it to become who I am now again.But it was a very strange experience.

  7. Hi Randy,

    I intend to become more vigilant with meditation. Some days I spend 5 minutes, other days, 1 hour or more.

    I intend to make regular meditation a habit, for the remainder of my life.

    About an hour down today which is a good deal so far.

    Our habits determine where we’re headed. Do something. Do it again, and again, and it becomes ingrained in your mind. It’s like going on automatic pilot.

    Breaking habits is uncomfortable but if you’re not uncomfortable once in a while you go nowhere of note.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Brenda says:

    Hi Randy,
    Love your words, allways inspiring! The most important habit I need to change, and I really need to do it, is to dream less and put hands on action. It is kind of difficult for me to put dreams into action. In the other hand, I eliminate sugar from my 4 daily cups of coffee, since my brother was told he has diabetes. And enjoy the real flavour of coffee.
    Warmest regards,

  9. Hello everybody !

    no matter what you do in life you do need to recenter every day. A few years ago I have discovered the need to live in a state of Gratitude. Now I exercie myself to spend a few minutes everyday to think about my life and thank Life for what I got, about the chance I have to be where I am right now in my life. To do so I go on the website of Hommage à la Vie and in a private way I write my daily gratitude. You receive so much from doing so daily.

    Thank you Randy !

  10. rita says:

    Good kick to get jumping forward, out of one habit at least!
    I sure need to learn and read less (still some to-do´s) than I do since years and rather go for some action now: practise what I learned! To GET onto that new chess-field, I should start with balancing both –
    enjoy your day!

  11. DASGUPTA S says:

    Dear Randy,
    Definitely, habits plays a vital role in our life’s journey. I read and heard somewhere that ” If you intentionally and deliberately won’t form good habits, you will be in trap of bad habit”. It requires an ongoing self thinking process to inculcate the good habits. I have heard one great man, speaking about natural likes and dislikes. What I realize that if we always follows natural likes, then we will be in a trap of bad habits. Isnt it ? ( kindly comment if I am wrong). To have a successful journey of our life, we should always take the path of natural dislikes. If we continuously move on the path of natural dislikes, we will be in a habit of it. Isnt it ? ( kindly comment if I am wrong)

  12. Eve says:

    I feel like most of my habits are good, I just need to work on prioritizing them better. Creating more value in some than in others.

  13. Arina says:

    Хотелось бы увеличить веру в себя!

    I would like to increase the confidence in yourself!


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