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The Decision…

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Everyone has their inner circle.  These are the people you influence and who influence you.  You share the same passions, relationships and space.   And probably, limiting beliefs…

If you’re like most people, you’ve surrounded yourself with people who give you permission to stay where you are. 

The people who go from ordinary to world class, broke to balling, slum dog to millionaire always face “the decision.”  Probably the single most difficult decision anyone ever makes on the journey to success:

The decision to change some of the people closest to you.  

Of course some of you are wondering why we can’t take these people with us; go on the journey to enlightenment together.  We would love to.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the way it works out.   The odds are simply against you in this regard.

For every person seeking greatness, there are hundreds more charged with safeguarding mediocrity.  And hundreds more actively invested in remaining a victim.

Some people you will decide you to limit your exposure to.  Some, you may have to eliminate from your life completely.  (Such as when you give up an addiction and have people you used to drug with.)

Some of this will be made easier, because the people will eliminate you from their lives.   My former partners in victim-hood don’t like me any longer.   The people I used to get stoned with have lost interest in me too:

“He’s changed.  He’s not like he used to be.”  Exactly.

Certainly love everybody and bring everyone on the upward journey that wants to come with you.  But know there are some that aren’t ready to come just now, others who will never be ready to come, and yet others who will try to drag you back.

It seems like you’re making a decision on who’s in your life and who’s not.  But that isn’t really the decision.  The real decision is deciding between the life you have, versus the one you are really meant to live.


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Couldn't agree more. In fact I'm facing it right now. The decision to let go and move up. And Randy is right. It's freaking hard!! Specially letting go of "old" friends. They're not bad but they doesn't give me the "Push." With this, either they move up with me or I move on.


true, true, true.


also true.

All is exactly described as it is going on in life.

simply: true!


Yes, you need to surround yourself with those who will encourage you to be the best you can be and who will support the path YOU want to take. Unfortunately family can be challenging in that regard and there are times when the only option is to divorce them if they are continuously doing their best in holding you back. There is the risk of them never speaking with you again or forgiving you, however you must do what is best for yourself if you truly want to assert your own power. 


It's why I limit exposure to my immediate family other than my brother and his wife.One side worships Unions, and the other believes that life is about acquiring status, money, and power over others. Both sides are different sides of the same Authoritarian coin."Do as I say, not as I do."There are many people whom I am no longer friends with because they controlling or very negative. There are some that are half way there, but they have issues of their own, so I limit the amount of time we spend together.  People criticize me for believing that we're responsible for our own lives, that it isn't right to take from others to support someone else, that life is risky, and we deserve to keep the rewards if our risks create enough value for others. I also believe life is too short to settle for struggling in part-time retail or working in a cubicle in a "good" job just to pay off the massive debt required to get a "good" education.That we are not owed a level of comfort or success. That one's status does not mean they should be blindly obeyed. There is no one right way, and formal education doesn't guarantee us a career.That the cause of a lot of the problems in the world is the government getting in the way instead of allowing individual people to solve problems. I may not have access to a lot luminaries due to my location, but I do use Facebook, Skype, and Twitter to connect with people, and I am constantly reading about Libertarian ideas, success stories of people in various fields who earned it,-especially those who didn't go to or dropped out of college, as well as other people who before their success stories were "failures" in the eyes of many,  Austrian school economics, Objectivism, etc. 


So when you eliminate those in your life that can't understand or relate to your quest to live your dream, often it doesn't leave many at all.. Such is the case in my Life, though as you say, it's best to surround yourself with those that challenge and support your vision rather than those who prefer mediocrity. Sometimes I feel a bit isolated, but remind myself that having friends who prefer mediocrity isn't in my best interests.. 


Letting go of people is the Hardest yet GREATEST thing in life...  

Brian Walter
Brian Walter

Yes...this is a hard but powerful concept.  I am thinking on it in terms of moving forward with my business.  It's not a negative thing, but a positive one.  I need to be trafficking with people who will be pushing me forward not being content to stay where things are, even though they are good.  Gulp.


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