Randy Gage Testimonials and Client List!

What They Are Saying About Randy...

Dr. J.B. Glossinger"Randy Gage has a unique ability to get people and organizations to their potential, even when they don’t see it. He is an authentic and caring superstar. If you get a chance to work with Randy - sprint, don’t walk. He is amazing."

Dr. JB Glossinger

Dr. J.B. Glossinger"Randy is a mensch's mensch, a combination of a straight shooter and distance runner. He can see a horizon few of us can and can lead us toward it like no one else. When I want to think hard and act right, I talk to Randy."

Alan Weiss, PhD
the "rock star of consulting"
and author of 55 books in 12 languages

Dr. J.B. Glossinger"Randy has the amazing ability to blend spiritual truths with practical ideas and to antagonize, entertain and enchant all while giving you exactly what you need to hear whether it's comfortable to hear or not. His brilliance constantly impresses me!"

Larry Winget
six time NYT/WSJ bestselling author,
"Grow A Pair" and "Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life."

Dr. J.B. Glossinger"Randy Gage is a brilliant person whose intellect is only surpassed by his innovative capacity to define, dissect, and direct marketing and branding strategies -- both on the platform and in the boardroom."

Dr. Nido R Qubein
High Point University

Bob Burg"Simply put, whenever the topic of abundance and prosperity is brought up, I refer Randy. In my opinion, he's the world-wide leader in this regard."

Bob Burg
Author of Adversaries into Allies
and coauthor of The Go-Giver

Orjan SaeleRandy makes you come alive and energized in his trainings. He brings you on a journey where you discover what, how and why you will, can and deserve to be successful.

Orjan Saele
President, Zinzino

We couldn’t have had a more enjoyable, not to mention entertaining, speaker for the Orlando event.

Cathy Schuster
Special Events Manager, Mannatech Incorporated

Cynthia KerseyRandy Gage's thought-provoking style pulls together timeless principles of wealth and success, with the practical application of how to make it work today.

Cynthia Kersey
Author of Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women

Art JonakRandy is the most professional, exciting and motivational speaker I've ever booked for an event. Every single person 'levitated' when Randy was done. Wow! But it got better . . . just a few short weeks after the event we had more people reach higher levels in our company than ever before. Bonus checks were up across the board! Randy had by far exceeded even my highest expectations!

Art Jonak
Promoter, Mastermind Event

Sam HigginsonA master entertainer and teacher who always delivers that 'one for the ages' kind of message! Randy has the ability to capture an audience from the moment he steps on the stage, and will engage the attendees at every level with his unique style of entertainment, philosophy, and inspirational approach.

Sam Higginson
Vice President of Sales - North America & EU
Agel Enterprises, LLC.

Andrew V. HowardRandy Gage is polished, humorous and provocative. He is one of the most sought-after speakers in the network marketing industry because people like him and believe he has a valuable message to give. Randy has a comical, animated style that keeps his audience interested, attentive and alert.

Andrew V. Howard
Vice President, Marketing, Royal Bodycare

Richard BrookeRandy Gage is engaging; dynamic; challenging; inspiring, yes even humble but most importantly he is funny as hell. He knows transformational leadership. We have hired Randy on occasion to speak to our leaders. They are permanently moved by his thought leadership. He is radically passionate about people's personal responsibility and their transformation. He is a game changing home run.

Richard Brooke
CEO, 21Ten

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