Harnessing Cosmic Habit Force

DVD & Workbook by Randy Gage
Harnessing Cosmic Habit Force by Randy Gage

You are who you are because of your habitual thoughts and actions. And of course it is the thoughts that ultimately create those actions. And the secret to directing that process in a positive way is cosmic habit force.

Napoleon Hill called this natures method of giving a fixation to your habits so that they carry on automatically, once they have been set into motion. Do you really understand how powerful the ability to do that would be for your success?

In this seminar you’ll learn exactly what cosmic habit force is, and more importantly, discover how to harness its power to create wealth and success in your own life. I’ll share my three-step process for creating sustained and powerful results. You’ll find out how to apply this power to health, happiness, relationships and wealth.


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Conquering Lack and Living Rich!

by Randy Gage

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