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Risky is the New Safe by Randy Gage


Available as hardcover book

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Risky is the New Safe

Book by Randy Gage

It's a thought-provoking manifesto for risk takers. Disruptive technology, accelerating speed of change and economic upheaval are changing the game. The same tired, old conventional thinking won't get you to success today. Risky Is the New Safe will change the way you look at everything! You'll view challenges — and the corresponding opportunities they provide — in entirely new and exciting ways. You'll recognize powerful new gateways you can walk through to create wealth.

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Prosperity Is the Way


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Power Prosperity Program

Prosperity Program by Randy Gage

The Power Prosperity Program is a life-changing multi-media course that shows you step-by-step how to change the way you think so you can start attracting “the good things” in life through enlightenment, inspiration and motivation.

This exclusive program is not available in any store. When you order yours you’ll receive:

  • Six dynamic DVDs.
  • Five audio CDs.
  • The program Study Guide companion.
  • Bonus — “Special Report: 3 Best Residual Income Businesses”
    (a $30 value!).

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Virtual Seminar Series on Prosperity

Regularly $444

Conquering Lack and Living Rich!

Prosperity Seminar Series by Randy Gage

This is the most advanced work Randy Gage has ever done on prosperity and how you manifest it in your life. These are the breakthroughs you need to let go of fear thoughts, limiting beliefs, and poverty consciousness – and replace them with power confidence, empowering beliefs, and
prosperity consciousness.

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Why You're Dumb Sick & Broke... And How to Get Smart, Healthy & Rich by Randy Gage


Introductory Price $24.95

Available as hardcover book

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Why You're Dumb Sick & Broke...
And How to Get Smart, Healthy & Rich

Book by Randy Gage

This book is not warmed-over, New Age mumbo-jumbo, but straight talk on what it really takes to wise up, get healthy, and create wealth. Randy is controversial, politically incorrect, and not afraid to take on some of the most hallowed institutions of our day, from organized religion to government, pop culture to the food you eat. This thought-provoking book will challenge your beliefs, confront your fears, and if you are open to it - show you how to get smart, healthy, and rich!

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The Prosperity Series by Randy Gage

Includes "Prosperity Mind",
"Accept Your Abundance!",
"101 Keys to Your Prosperity"
"37 Secrets About Prosperity" and
"The 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity"

The Prosperity Series

5 Book Series by Randy Gage

You are meant to be healthy, happy and prosperous. Once you recognize and accept this, it is simply a case of learning the principles that abundance is based on. In this insightful series, you will move from lack consciousness to living in the light of true abundance.

Five special books... each one focusing on an area to help you understand the laws that govern prosperity, create a prosperity mindset and then manifest
it in your life.

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Prosperity Manifestation Map by Randy Gage


Manifestation Map Kit

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Prosperity Manifestation Map

Kit by Randy Gage

This is the prosperity manifestation map or "dream board" you’ve heard Randy discuss in his prosperity books, and on his “Prosperity” audio album. A prosperity map is a big poster that you fill with images of things you want to do, have and become.

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The Midas Mentality by Randy Gage


31-Day Prosperity Program

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The Midas Mentality

31-Day Prosperity Program by Randy Gage

The Midas Mentality is the first resource of its kind ever developed. It will transform you from lack and limitation programming to prosperity consciousness. For 30 days, Randy will work with you, helping you go through the same transformation that he did.

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Prosperity by Randy Gage


8 CD Album by Randy Gage

This powerful audio album will help you uncover the subconscious "lack" programming you have which is holding you back. Then, you’ll replace it with prosperity consciousness to manifest money, health, great relationships, happiness,
and strong spiritual harmony.

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Information Entrepreneur

Information Entrepreneur Intensive

Home Study Course by Randy Gage

This home study course is the most comprehensive, relentlessly detailed, hands-on training ever produced on how to become an information entrepreneur and build a residual income information marketing empire!

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How to Become a Copywriting Stud! by Randy Gage

How to Become a Copywriting Stud!

Copywriting Course by Randy Gage

This resource shows you exactly how to write powerful, compelling copy, but you have to be the one to do the work. So if you are the type of person who buys resources just have them look pretty on your book shelf, save your money. But if you're really ready to discover what it takes to become a world-class copywriter working from wherever you want, anywhere in the world, this is the resource to get. 

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