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Social Media Marketing Mastery

By Randy Gage in Success.

Building Your Brand, Creating Web Traffic, and Selling Your Products & Services…

Forgive me for being a Philistine.  But with all the rage about social media these days, most people seem to be forgetting something:  You need to make money.  

Yes social media allows you to connect with your tribe, monitor your brand, and engage with your customers.  I get that.  But one of the most important end results of all that is you need to create a steady stream of new prospects, turn them into buyers, and turn those buyers into advocates.  And you need to do all this in enough quantities so you make enough sales to generate a positive cash flow and create a healthy profit.

And anyone that tells you otherwise is an idiot.  Probably a broke idiot.

Yes, I get that you want to develop relationships with your customers, and hopefully you operate on the principles of providing real value and your goal is to help people.  But if you don’t make money – you can’t help anyone.  (Even for you non-profits reading this, if you don’t generate continuing donations, you end up closing shop and no one gets helped.)

It seems every conference and convention these days has to have sessions on some of the “buzzword” topics: social media, blogs, RSS feeds, mobile and Twitter.  Sadly many are trite beginner lessons on setting up a Twitter account and most of the others are techno-geek sessions on programming but no usable information on how to actually use your social media accounts to grow your business.

So that’s why I’m doing Social Media Marketing Mastery…

It will be an intense, information dense, 2-day workshop on exactly how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, e-zines and blogs to explode your business.

Not a week goes by that I don’t get inquiries from speakers, authors, Internet marketers, and business people asking me how I have created such a lucrative business using social media.  And truth is, I have.

I get a huge amount of traffic to my websites and generate a lot of spin off business for my information products, seminars, consulting and coaching from my social media marketing.  My blogs are in the top half percent in the world.  I have 70,000 Twitter followers, great traffic on my Facebook pages and a rapidly growing YouTube channel. But most importantly, I have cracked the code on how you actually monetize the stuff.

But that is not my business…

Although I could earn a large income if I wanted to be a social media consultant, that’s not my interest.  My passion is in the work I do, teaching about the principles of prosperity.  So this is not a new business division.  I’ve simply agreed to conduct a one-time-only program on how you make money with your social media marketing.  That’s it.  Really.  Once and I’m done, then off in the sunset, doing what I do.

The rules have changed…

There has never been a harder time to reach people effectively with advertising, both online and off.  But there has also never been a better time to connect with them.

The old model of interruption marketing is dying an agonizing death.  It’s harder than ever to cut through the clutter and get your message in front of the people that need to hear it.  And the advent of forums, blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have changed everything.  Today’s it’s about fostering dialogue, developing community, and building a loyal tribe.

In this new model, there are no intermediaries…

You have less control over your brand than ever before.  (And we could argue you actually have no control over it.)  Third party intermediaries that used to be the go-between from customers to suppliers are fast becoming irrelevant.  This is across a huge number of industries and professions from travel agents to speakers’ bureaus to video stores.

Now with social media and your own website, blog and newsletter you can connect direct with your tribe, build the relationship and drive huge amounts of sales.  But to do this, you have to let go of all the disinformation and conventional thinking that’s out there.

When people say they can’t measure ROI on social media, it really shows how much ignorance there is on the subject.  In fact it is quite quantified and measurable if you know what you’re doing.  I can directly track millions of dollars in sales to my own companies from my social media efforts.  And you can too, once you know what you’re doing.

So that’s what the live program will be about.  Two days of intense sessions on how you can utilize social media websites as well as your own website, blog and newsletter to increase your sales.   Please read those last three words again.  Because that will be the focus of the program.

Not to insult anybody, but there must be ten million people claiming to be social media marketing experts today.  And almost all of them don’t have the slightest clue how to actually make money with any of it.

They teach you how to spam people on Twitter, join groups and pester people on Facebook, and bludgeon people with updates on LinkedIn.   They teach “tricks” like tagging people in photos that aren’t actually in them, posting your link on any and every blog you can find and other smarmy tactics that will never actually develop real sales with real customers.

In fact, most of the techniques people are teaching today will get your accounts closed down or make you an online pariah that people avoid like the plague.  That’s not the crap I want to teach you.  I want to show you how to build your sales through the principles of:

•    Great content;
•    Correct design;
•    Engaging your tribe;
•    Savvy marketing; and,
•    Providing amazing value.

The agenda…

Here is the working schedule for the sessions I want to cover.  It’s subject to change as I see anything new that’s working big, but this should be the general flow:

Session 1) How to Build Your Website Right
Setting up your website in the best way to get search traffic, be attractive to visitors, and make sales.  (This will cover things like meta tags, keywords, shopping cart, etc, but from a layman’s point of view.)  How to create the right balance of content, community and commerce.

Session 2) Making Your Mobile Site
This will be the single most earth shattering change in marketing for the decade.  EVERYTHING is migrating to mobile and you better be prepared.

Session 3) Marketing from Your Website
How to best market via your blog, e-zines and the actual store on your site.

Session 4) Creating Killer Copy
Tips on writing compelling copy that gets people to act.  What you have to do different online versus offline.

Session 5) Getting Traffic from Networking Sites
How to set up your profiles on sites like Plaxo, LinkedIn and industry sites to generate the most interest and bring you most traffic.

Session 6) Creating a Powerful YouTube Channel
The fact is, video rules the web these days.  And it’s going to get even stronger.  And YouTube is the 800-pound gorilla in the space.  In this session we’ll look at how to quickly create videos, develop a subscriber base and generate strong traffic to your channel.

Session 7) Facebook
How to set up your Facebook profile and/or fan page.  Best ways to interact here, post events, and drive traffic to your other sites.

Session 8) How to Eat with Your Tweets
Twitter is actually my favorite site and the one I do the best with.  But it’s definitely a science to grow a follower base of qualified people and build a strong relationship.  We’ll cover those things and how to use the service, including the upcoming Twitter changes.  (You’ll soon be able to embed pix, videos and maps.)

Yes I know there are hundreds of other social media sites.  But I only teach the stuff I know, and these are the segments to show you how I have generated millions of dollars in sales.  So that’s what I’ll focus on.  And I will also work in a few “hot seats” with volunteers from the audience where we’ll pull up your sites and I’ll give you personalized advice.

Who should attend…

I hate all the hype and misinformation out there about social media.  And I hate all the spamming and dirty tactics that are being done in the space.  So this will be my chance to work with people and companies that want to do it right and really provide value.  This program will be very helpful to you if you are a speaker, author, consultant, Internet marketer, or coach.  Likewise if you are a singer, actor, media or other public personality.  If you are with a non-profit organization, you’ll find it immensely helpful as well.  Now a special note to you guys working in the corporate arena:

If you’re a CEO who thinks you can set up a Twitter account and have your secretary send out some tweets, stay home.  I don’t want your money and you won’t get value.  If you’re just looking how to monitor your brand for your customer service department, this program isn’t a good investment for you.  I’m really going to be focusing on how to connect with your prospects and turn them into customers.  So if that isn’t your objective this isn’t really the program for you.  Oh and if this Dilbert cartoon exemplifies your company’s social media policy, you should definitely stay home!

Now, if you’re committed to doing social media right and monetizing it for profit, then this program is for you.  To do the subject justice, we’ll need two days.  So I’ve selected November 5 and 6 to be conducted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The event will run each day from 9 am until 5 pm, so you should plan to arrive on Thursday November 4th and not schedule your flight home until after 8 pm on the 6th.  Or even better, since the weather in November is perfect down here, plan on staying a couple days later and check out the opera, beaches, shopping and attractions.  We’re finalizing the hotel room block with a special price now and will give you that information after you register.

What’s the investment?

The workshop will be $777 in advance and $997 at the door (space available basis).  There is a special early bird price of only $497 if you register by October 1.  Those prices will include a networking lunch each day.  Space is limited and it will be first come, first served.  Once the seats are gone, they’re gone.

Program guarantee…

It almost seems silly to have a guarantee, but I’m big on providing value, so I’ll give you one anyway.  Here it is:

Come to the event and go through day one.  If you don’t feel you have received at least $10,000 in value, let me know you are leaving and we’ll refund your entire registration fee.  No questions asked.  If you don’t see at least that much value, I don’t want you money.  It’s that simple.

That should cover everything.  If you want to attend, you can lock in your spot here:

Remember this is a one-time-only event.  Don’t ask me when the next one is.  It’s not my new career, just a chance to set the record straight and help you do this right.  If that sounds like fun, I look forward to working with you in Florida.


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  1. Jamie says:

    awww come on! just checked the dates – i can’t even go if i wanted to! 🙁

    asia needs this, asia will love you. 🙂 *wink*


  2. Mike Shippey says:

    Very cool, Randy! You’re a world shaker!
    Keep it moving forward.
    All the best

  3. Rachel Henke says:

    Wow now you’re talking! UK needs you too and is almost as warm as Florida 🙂

  4. Ebi says:

    Thanks, For the infor. But can you pls provide a book or dvd on the training. cos Africa is a distance away. I need.


  5. Zeinab says:

    wow, sounds exciting .

    lucky you guys in FL. Get the best out of this event .

    Good luck

  6. Randy, killer my friend.

    As a social media professional I agree that there are no gurus but there are people who understand the importance of including this in your marketing efforts.

    At the end of the day we need to make money and turn profits in our businesses.

    Go for it

    Stuart Crawford
    Microsoft Partner Marketing Specialist

  7. Hi Randy,

    A powerful event for sure. In a world of posers you walk the talk.

    RT’ed to my twitter following and FB shared. All the best with it!

    Ryan Biddulph

  8. Drew Berman says:

    Randy You are correct do not forget about conversion of your traffic. You have to pay the bills. You So Rock

  9. saurabh says:

    Hi Randy,

    Love you, I have just started network marketing,
    I have read your how to make multilevel money machine really loved it.
    You have very big fan base in India…
    India calling randy …

  10. Just Registered, see you in Fortlodardale


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