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Putting the Break Back in Breakthrough

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Most of us are always looking for the next breakthrough.  But human nature being what it is, we also like the safety of our comfort zone.  

But when is the last time you experienced a breakthrough in your comfort zone?

Sometimes you’re on the right track and just a slight modification will create the breakthrough.  Sometimes a slight lateral move will facilitate a breakthrough.  Sometimes you simply need to persevere and refuse to give up, to get your next breakthrough.

But sometimes – the critical part of breakthrough is ‘break!’

You have to blow up the model, approach the plan from the opposite direction, kill the project, change the players, or fire the coach.

If you remember chapter six in Risky Is the New Safe, we talked about Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team and their “move fast and break things” mantra.  Yes, sometimes all you need is a slight modification, lateral move or seeing it through to the end.

But sometimes you have to be willing to put the ‘break’ back in breakthrough!


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I need to get laser focused on the one activity that will make the break through a reality!


I was taking a break from my regular routines of the day, listening to a Hypnosis CD:  ...."imagine you are walking on a forest path, you can hear... see...smell...  Now a guide appears..."  (I've been doing guided writing all my adult life - & the jury is still out: who is doing this writing - my subc. mind, the angels, my higher self...? who cares!)  So this guide that appeared was someone known & trusted, who asked me to come along with her - Faster, FASTER --!   I hung back.  I didn't want to go fast, it's scary to go fast...   Oh HO! I didn't know I had that Pitiful Idea stuck in my mind. 

I've always approached things slowly, cautiously.  T. Harv Eker, great Wealth Guru & obnoxious man-about-town always says, "Money Loves Speed!"  It's true, and for the first time EVER, I really understood that my reluctance to move fast is one of my big BLOCKS - why I'm not as prosperous as I'd like to be. Don't we just HATE IT when we discover that WE are the creators of these darned blocks we MUST breakthrough to get where we want to go?But - phooey on going Slow & Cautious!


I contacted my EFT coach, and made an appointment for a few days later (wouldn't want to rush into anything, don'tcha know.)  We had our session today, we tracked the issue back to my believing my dear aunties when they said to 7-yr-old me , "Slow Down! You're going to hurt yourself."  

Slowing down is how I've kept myself safe...and comfortable (sorta' comfortable, lol!)  EFT is a great aide-destructioni when it comes to breaking through.


Sometimes, we have to take a break, do something weird (hypnosis, fer gosh sakes?!?) and confront our comfortable selves.


That's my break & break-through story for today.  Rushing off now to do something productive....


WOW - LOVE it !!!!

Have a GREAT weekend :)




The first time I did the Landmark Forum, it became clear that many people have a breakdown, which then leads to a break-THROUGH.. And as each moment ticks by I believe we MUST step from what's familiar and comfortable.. Go where no man has gone before.. or at the very least, attempt something we'd never have thought of before..and that's where the breakthrough is possible. 


Status QUO get YOU NO where Fast...  Stepping OUT may be scary at times, however soooo WORTH it.. Thanks fo another great post and reminder.

Marita Liepina
Marita Liepina

Do not expect that we  will  fire the coach. We will be here forever. Next articles please!

Forever Randy :)


so, sometimes walking the extra MILE is less than 1,6 km - huh? ;)


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