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Praying for Prosperity

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Prosperity.

So let me begin with an admission of guilt.  When I pray, I do ask for something specific.  

Now I told you the other day, I thought it was quite odd to pray to God and ask for specific things like the crops coming in, getting a ‘A’ in Biology class, or a new Lamborghini.  It seems kind of arrogant on my part, and quite unnecessary on God’s part.

So during my prayers, I first say the Lord’s Prayer.  Then I start another one, ad lib.  I pray for all my brothers and sisters around the world.  I give special thoughts to those involved in or affected by the terrorism and war.  I also give special thoughts to those facing poverty, addiction, and separated from God.  And then I give attention to those on my prayer list: my family, friends with illness, etc.

As I told you the other day, however, I don’t necessarily pray to God for them.  I am holding them in my thoughts, hoping to be a part of a healing energy that helps them.  For the people on my prayer list, I hold them in thoughts of hope, healing, and highest good.

So I don’t pray to God for them, as much as I am trying to be a part of a collective consciousness, Mastermind, or whatever you want to call a group of people holding a common thought together.  I do the same thing in September each year when I join a worldwide day of prayer for peace.

I also do this because I believe that it changes me.  And I believe when we each change ourselves, that’s how we change the world.

So am I being hypocritical?  Saying I don’t pray for specific things, than asking for guidance in this way?  I don’t know.  Let me know what you think below, as I’m still wrestling with the issue.  It’s all part of the bigger issue; us as co-creators with God or the Universe.


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54 thoughts on “Praying for Prosperity

  1. Geneva says:

    Not hypocritical at all. To me people are not “things”. When someone you know is affected by tragedy, loss, a bad health report, financial devastation, it is honorable & right to pray for them.

    Remember….Jesus wept for Laz, was moved with compassion when he was the multitudes without a leader/shepherd & God allowed Abe to rescue Lot from S&G b/c Abe stood in the gap for them. These are just quick examples, but you get the pic!

    The comment I appreciate the most is that it changes you. Sometimes we may not affect a situation at all, but when we become a different person b/c of putting others first….we have accomplished much.

    Thanks Randy!

  2. Well, I believe specific prayers are answered specifically. And the three simple answers are; Yes, No, and Wait. And not to make this about me, however, this year’s theme for the 168 Project is, “Hearing God,” therefore, I will be exploring another aspect of this issue.

  3. Chris says:

    “I don’t necessarily pray to God for them. I am holding them in my thoughts, hoping to be a part of a healing energy that helps them. For the people on my prayer list, I hold them in thoughts of hope, healing, and highest good.”

    I think that is enormously interesting. I like it a lot but not quite sure why! I’ll give it some serious thought.

  4. Rita Fulton says:

    My 2 cents worth is that you are not being hyprocritcal at all, but it is good too that you can still challenge yourself and thoughts.

    FYI, just read your book “Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke…”, thank you, awesome and stirred-up stuff..should be must read for educational institutions..then maybe we can break the “hinderance” chain from our next generation.

  5. Alf Andersen says:

    Prayers are better than lotto – The Pope.

    I pray for set aside.

    Oh God , let me set asíde alla that I think about You
    All that I think I know about meself
    All that I think I know about other people
    And all I think I know about prosperity.

    Only for a new experience with you , God
    a new experience with my self
    a new experience with other people
    and most important ,
    a new experience with prosperity.

    In addition to this I pray for serenity , intuition and abundance and finish my praying wishing God a nice day.

    And in fact it helps better than silly Lottonumbers.
    Good subject , Randy.

  6. A long time ago, a pastor whom I respect greatly, told me all prayers should begin with prayers of thanksgiving. Once we’ve thanked God for all of our blessings, we can have our prayers of request. It’s an approach I have followed since.

  7. Hey Randy,

    I believe you bring up some good points. When I pray the Lords prayer, I think about the opening -Our Father… I view him as such. So personally I don’t think its selfish. I think you are spot on about corporate prayer. If we are created in his image then our thoughts and words are creative. Solomon wrote often of the power of the tongue. Praying for the world and those suffering is a higher “cause” than self.
    My prayer to My father is for wisdom in all situations. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Very thought provoking.

  8. Definitely not hypocritical….i think the way you pray is very powerful especially when you consider the many people holding the same thought as you at the same time…..
    love Angie :))

  9. Dawn says:

    I agree that it is a little odd to pray for specific things like grades, etc. I think this goes back to your prior post on free will. If I do the work, I’ll get the result. If I choose not to do the work, then I suffer the consequence. However, when you spoke about not praying specifically for others, but keeping them on your heart during prayer time, I believe that this is highly effective. I have always believed that God knows what is on my heart so I do not need to specifically list each thing. If I feel very strongly about a particular person or circumstance, I will then name that directly. Their is great power in many hearts and minds praying together. Thanks for another thought provoking post. Always look forward to the next.

  10. Brian Kelly says:

    Thanks…interesting thoughts.
    I dont think it is wrong to pray for specific things. I think God as our father wants us to prayer for specific things. Kind of like our kids may say “dad help me be a better baseball player” we too can say “God help me to be a better baseball player” or “help me to be a smarter investor”.
    Proverbs invites us over and over again to feast on God’s Wisdom.
    I like what Joyce Meyer saids….do the work that you are able to do and allow God to do the work you are not able to do.
    I agree also that prayer does not have to be specific and dont think these two thoughts are opposing.

  11. Enrique says:

    So am I being hypocritical? Saying I don’t pray for specific things, than asking for guidance in this way? I don’t know.

    I don’t there is a conflict as long as you don’t tie your counciousness/happiness/love to what happens or doesn’t happen

    As I told you the other day, however, I don’t necessarily pray to God for them. I am holding them in my thoughts, hoping to be a part of a healing energy that helps them.
    If you pay attention to the holding,there is no You holding anyone. It is just Love radiating which is always present before and after the body dies.

  12. Stephen says:

    The Bible says that God already knows what you need before you pray. And the Holy Spirit helps those who don’t know exactly what to pray for. So real prayer is more about attuning your heart and mind toward God than about letting Him know what you want. Randy, you accept that God wants your success and prosperity, so you don’t have to pray for that since you know it’s already a reality. You just have to believe and take action. But you do pray that other people will recognize that peace and prosperity.

    But I think the bigger issue that you are addressing is, “Who is God?” Is He a “person” that you talk with, or is it a force or consciousness that you tap in to? If you take the Bible literally, to be consistent you would have to accept God as a “person” that you have to fear, submit to, ask to save you, and pray to for favor. As a child of a poor Southern Baptist pastor and a former pastor myself, that was the biggest struggle for me.

  13. John says:


    Very interesting thoughts today. I wonder why you feel this way about this subject. If it is something that you think about regularly and it worries you that you think that way, then you should either change subjects or face it head on and decide what you are trying to accomplish. Then accomplish it.

    I think what may be considered is to simply rework in your head how to accurately focus your words to make them get what you’re looking for. Seeing them in healthy and joyous bodies and loving how amazing they are right now and that they are finding their way and are being pulled to where they need and that the love of God/Universe is there for them. It will raise yours and their vibrations.

    Thanks for your regular thoughts/rants/whatever. They are awesome and I appreciate them tremendously.

  14. Randy Gage says:

    And I definitely do NOT take the Bible literally!


  15. Randy Gage says:

    You have a very good take on this.


  16. Paul Klaszus says:

    Prayer to me is not something where we go to God and voice our concerns. God already knows our desires.

    Prayer is where we go to God and voice our praise for all He is and thankfulness for us being co-creators with Him. What we have failed to do in the past is hold fast to our passions with gratitude for their manifestation.

    Obviously, that’s another can of worms, but I can condense this concept:

    When we pray for someone or something with words like, “Please grant them health” or “I pray for Chris because he’s struggling right now” or when we hold a “Prayer for Peace”

    We are already falling into a mentality of lack. Think of what’s said in Mark 11:24.. Believe you have already received them…

    If we believe that our desires have already manifested, we are in a complete state of gratitude. The gratitude is the prerequisite to blessings.

    Praying peace is far more powerful than praying for peace.

    In the Bible, every time someone was healed, or had help, the response was, “Your Faith has made you well” or if something didn’t work out right, it was, “Oh you of little faith.”

    So when we pray for peace, pray for health, pray for etc, we are in essence admitting to God that we don’t think they’re there. (lack of faith)

    Now, that being said, please don’t think that I’m judging how people pray – that’s not the case. Randy, above all, I view you as a spiritual leader just as much as a leader of prosperity and mindset.

    I just what to share my findings in my search for a more intimate prayer that connects me with the source of all things in the hope that others may benefit.

    When I pray peace, for instance, it would go like this:

    “Father, I thank you so much that the Peace which You pour out upon us cleanses the nations and that Your people respond by living in harmony.”

    So much for condensing it.


  17. Paul Klaszus says:

    And what I had to say was said by others in the time that I typed out my comment.

  18. Kathleen Caldwell says:

    First, I love that you start your prayer with the Lord’s Prayer, which is a wonderful way of making the heart,mind,soul connection with the Creator. Thanking Him for just being who He is and for creating us to be a partner/family with Him.
    I don’t think you’re being hypocritical at all. You put it so well in a previous post, “You can ask God to turn on the light but you still have to turn on the light switch”. It is unreasonable to ask for an A in Biology and then not study. Better to ask/connect to His wisdom/energy/healing so as to make better decisions about eating well, sleeping enough and studying instead of twittermania.
    God, our Father, wants to give good gifts (strength, protection, wisdom,the ability to heal) to His children. We are told to ask for or commission His intervention/guidance in our lives. Things really changed for me when my prayers became about being thankful for ALL that comes into my life. Asking for His guidance, wisdom and discernment. That I will listen/apply what He shows me, trust Him in all things. Even though I may think I want something different. When I pray specifically for others, I ask that He create in/for them what He knows to be best for them since He knows what they need better than I. Then I thank Him for making it so, believing that it is already done.
    Since that prayer, miracles have happened regularly. There have been many times when I have decided to go a certain direction and there has come an obvious signal not to, to be patient. I have felt “His hand” over my mouth when about to say something destructive. I literally couldn’t speak. I have prayed about explosive encounters and when I got there, the situation was calm and resolved quietly or nothing happened at all! My part in all of this is to “listen” or be intuitive to His directions which can come any time or anywhere and be willing to walk in that direction. It’s a kind of scavenger hunt but what a prize at the end! You are soooo walking in the right direction.

  19. “Father, I thank you so much that the Peace which You pour out upon us cleanses the nations and that Your people respond by living in harmony.”

    Paul, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and I’ve realized that I need to change my prayers. I express gratitude every time I pray but only for things already received and not the things expected.

    Randy, thanks for increasing my awareness of what I’m saying and expressing in my prayers. Now that I’m aware of the lack mentality I’m expressing, I can make changes. I love it! Thanks!

  20. Natasa says:

    Born in a socialist regime, with a father being a comunist and a mother who lost her faith, I “believed in” Darwin till I was 20 and I thought that all true believers were total fools.

    Then I went to study away from home where I was “allowed” to grow up, think with my own head, spend some time with myself and things started to happen. I discovered an enormous amount of faith inside me. I started to read books, visit lectures, study different cultures and travel to be able to come to the end of this matter and know what to do with this “discovery”.
    I live at peace with myself and others now but I could be setting myself the very same questions.

    Well, my belief nowadays reaches that far that we all have something divine inside us and that by solely praying for other people, giving them our thoughts or helping them any way one can, is God’s work by itself. So I say a prayer, thank Him for all he did for me and others in the evening and ask for guidance the next day and get cracking because in the end hands that help are hollier than lips that pray.
    So I’m not feeling lost and looking anymore, but I still learn and I’m always searching for the ways to improve things inside and outside me. Dissatisfied? On the contrary,I’m very very happy.

    Blessings and love to you all!


  21. Carmen says:


    You said that you have an admission of guilt about praying for something specific. We ASK for specific things so why not PRAY for specific things? I personally don’t see any difference between the two. To me, when I realise I have a desire for something, (when I ask for something), even if it’s just silently in my head, aren’t I asking God/Energy/Divine Power? Who else is listening anyway?


  22. Bernice says:

    I have some admissions of guilt also. I just started praying daily to forgive people that I need to forgive. This is in addition to my other prayers. What I realized was that I have not been consistently & consciously forgiving people. There are some people I had not forgiven for hurting me (whether it was intentional or unintentional) and I have started to pray for them.

    Some people I thought I had previously forgiven but then more bad stuff happened in the relationships so I need to forgive them again. There are some people that I am praying for that may not even know that they have hurt my feelings.
    I am praying not only to forgive others but to also forgive myself for failures.

    By forgiving or “giving-for”, I am letting go of old ideas, feelings or conditions to open up for new good to replace the bad. (The Vacuum Law of Prosperity).

    “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mohandas K. Gandhi

    There are also some things that I need to let go of that I thought I already had let go off. An example is giving away clothes but still thinking that you could be wearing them if you had them. I knew the best way to let go of some things but it didn’t work out that way. I am praying to release, to let go & let God.

    This includes letting go of old ideas and attitudes to replace them with new ideas of prosperity.

    I think I am praying for guidance. Guidance to forgive and let go. I also believe that this changes me.

    “…when we each change ourselves, that’s how we change the world.”

  23. Mellisa says:

    I beleive that by giving up my will completly to G-d I then tap into the energy that is G-d because there is no muck blocking me and then I become part of the greater force and co-create together with G-d.
    (Giving up my will has nothing to do with victimizing myself…. longer conversation for another day.)

  24. I learned something similiar, except the answers are, ‘yes’, ‘not yet’ or, ‘I have something better for you’ :0)

  25. I think the examples you gave of praying for God to help bring in the crops, get a “A” in biology or bring me a new Lamborghini are all things that we have to do our part in making these happen. That’s why it sounds goofy to you. In other words, we have to Co-create these types of things with God – we can’t expect to just ask and they will be done.

    The types of things you mentioned that you pray for – or concentrate on collectively with a group of people are more humanity type requests. Not things we can easily change as one person. The power of many minds with these same thoughts to make things happen.

    So I don’t see that as being hypocritical . . .

  26. Wow. WOW. These are some of the best comments…and they were just what I needed today. What an amazing community.


  27. Randy Gage says:

    Yes, what an amazing community!


  28. Julie says:

    As we become aware and raise our consciousness we strive to bring about the greatest good to the world. We do this when we pray, we do this when we hold others in our hearts. They are one in the same. In essence it is all about love for that is all that there is. You might enjoy The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. It may give you clarity. Many blessings

  29. Jamie says:

    Randy, I for one do not know what the “Lords Prayer” is. I myself do not pray. So like most here who do believe in God or whoever, I can not debate on that.

    I can say this much… I believe in things that many religious people do not. Such as the Big Bang Theory and evolution. So I guess I would have to say I believe in the energy around us. Nature gives us energy.. the sun, trees, wind, water… There is good energy and bad energy. If you stand in the middle of the forest on a bright sunny day surrounded by chirping birds in the begining of Fall with the changing colors of leaves, it will undoubtedly leave you feeling at peace. Now try sitting in rush hour traffic leaving Miami to Fort Lauderdale at 5pm in the middle of summer without a/c in your car, this energy will make you feel uneasy or angry.

    I believe that your prayers can send energy wherever you concentrate them to go. I do not believe God has anything to do with outcomes. Prayer does not have to be in the name of God or Lord or any one entity. Prayer is simply one putting their energy forth into the Universe and focusing it upon something. I would have to say Universal collective thought wins.

    The only thing I have witnessed about any religion is that it creates boundaries. Granted some of the outlines are or should be just common knowledge, like don’t kill someone, don’t screw your neighbors wife… But one bothers me… I have had many friends who are gay, and have been some of the kindest people I have ever met… why is it that God can forgive the men that killed my Grandmother so brutally but will send those who choose to love someone of the same sex to burn in hell?

    God gave his only begotten son to die for all our sins. That to me is a cruel God, and I would never pray in his name. The Bible was a story that was written, like many books you read today…. just that, a story… Written in a time of suffering to give people hope, to ease their suffering, to create rules and scare tactics to keep people in line.

    My suggestion…. Don’t drink the kool-aid… there could be poison in it. Anyone can create a cult/religion.

    Jamie 😉

  30. gene says:

    you are not hypocritical, that is great thought.

    thank you


  31. Unless of course they’re silly ‘winning’ lotto numbers 🙂

  32. Paul Klaszus says:

    I never got the feeling that we were having a religious talk here on Randy’s blog. I thought it was one of spirituality.

    I agree with you that Religion has become a form of bondage for many people, but spirituality offers freedom. This you know already through your study of the Universe and focusing collective thought (another form of spirituality).

    Whether someone connects spiritually to the Source, Universe, God, Allah, etc are they not following the same principle of focused thought? Are we not just acknowledging co-creation with the higher energy that created all things?

    I hope I have misunderstood you, but it seems that you have put some boundaries on those who read a Book verses believe in a Theory… or people who pray to God verses our Universe. Sounds a little Religious to me.

    But maybe I’m reading way too much into your comments. In case I am right in my interpretation of your comment, perhaps you should refrain from making more judgements toward the community members (who haven’t made any yet). They may feel less inclined to enter with the Universe in collective thought with you for fear of all the rules.

  33. Genesta says:

    I like Carmen’s comment. It fits. 🙂 This is all very interesting to me. I am enjoying these comments. Thanks to all.


  34. Rachel Henke says:

    I think what you do is mega cool. I’m a bit random in my prayers but am really trying to focus on being grateful in them first rather than pray for what I want. Just last night I was thinking that I should pray for my father who is unwell and it struck me that I forget to do it regularly but I do hold him in my thoughts. I shall pay attention to this now.

    Thanks for sharing.

  35. KimbraLee says:

    I have loved reading this discussion – and after thinking about what has been said, I wonder, doesn’t God LOVE when we ask for things?! =) Because isn’t that a sign of us growing and wanting to expand into being more than we are already? – and I believe that God’s wish for us is to reach the highest potential we can, therefore inspiring and modeling and helping as many others as we can reach … just like the work that Randy does. The more we expand, the ‘wealthier’ we become (in all areas), the larger we play … the more we have to offer the world!
    The way I pray has transformed over the years though … now I give thanks for what I want, as in knowing that God has already provided it for me … this as a testament of faith that good is forthcoming.

    Thanks for the interesting discussion!


  36. Bernice says:

    I believe God wants us to be prosperous and he is the source of our prosperity. We have the choice to choose prosperity. Prosperity thinking is the link to the supply that is all around you Universally and within you.
    “God can only do for you what he can do through you, by means of your thoughts and ideas which lead to your reactions.” Catherine Ponder

    I am working on getting rid of the “muck” by following the Laws of Prosperity. By following the prosperity laws, I believe I am being a better co-creator with God.

  37. Scott Cofer says:

    “I also do this because I believe that it changes me. And I believe when we each change ourselves, that’s how we change the world.” – well said Randy. Interesting irony – you’re pointing out (very well) that your ‘selfish’ motive for prayer helps change the world around you – love it!

    Not hypocritical at all – and I’m keenly aware of that topic – pet peeve of mine.

    Best to you,

  38. Bernice says:

    I think the Bible is a book about prosperity. I have believed for a long time that man & religions have misinterpreted the bible to keep most people in poverty.

  39. Bernice says:

    The Bible says it is alright to pray for things-
    “All things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22)

    Praying for things is not the only only form of praying or the highest form of praying.

    We can choose whatever forms of praying seem that seem best at the moment.

  40. Michele West says:

    Being the best you can be is not a “thing”…and if praying keep you on that path, I don’t think God (or other) would mind at all. To me…THAT is what s/he is there for. Imagine if EVERYONE payed to be their best…and worked toward that goal? IMAGINE the utmost potential of the human race, all together? Wow…

  41. Jamie says:

    Paul, I am not trying to pass judgement toward anyone in the community here. To each their own. I have many friends who believe in God, go to church every Sunday, and we have very different views. But that does not make me love them any less because of the difference in views. I love to debate this subject to get more insite on why people believe the things they do.

    “Whether someone connects spiritually to the Source, Universe, God, Allah, etc are they not following the same principle of focused thought?” Okay, yes there is a principle of focused thought there, but to each with their own limitations. Someone who is just Spiritual without following any organized religion can choose their beliefs. Instead of being told what to believe. Example: Gay’s having the right to marry each other. Honestly where is the harm in something like that?

    I accept all differences in life, that is what makes life so interesting. Learning and understanding each other, or trying to understand.

    I do not want it to seem like I am passing judgement towards anyone, I simply have my own unique beliefs. I have had religious people tell me I need God in my life, and preach to me. I would never try to force my beliefs on anyone.

    I know that I sometimes stray from the main subject and questions at hand that Randy asks… but that is just how my mind wonders.

    My objective is not to judge. But to state my beliefs. If it sparks a reaction then great. I have no problem with discussing this subject.

    Sorry Randy, I know I lead away from the subjects you bring up sometimes… if not most times… my mind wonders around a lot…..

    Jamie 😉

  42. Paul Klaszus says:

    Awesome.. thanks Jamie for the clarification.

    I know your frustration with religion (and it seems Christianity is the worst).

    Thanks for the dialogue! I look forward to more!

  43. Alfred Balinda says:

    Hi Randy and all partners,

    Thanks for your great contribution towards tranforming peoples lives. On the Subject of prayer, I differ with some of the opinions shared. Refering to our Lord’s prayer, When he was teaching about how to pray, He said ”When you Pray, ‘SAY”. I believe that when praying, you have to be specific of what you want God to do for you. Scriptures say, ”My people do not get what they pray for, because they don’t pray right”. I believe God is my father and master creator. As a Child, I have to be specific to what I want my dad to do for me. If its praying for people, mention their names and what you want God to do for them, to avoid being vegue with your prayer. Just thinking about them, is just being shy about their challenges, that you fear exposing them to God. I also feel that you take a little long holding good feelings about them rather than stating their petitions to God.


  44. Bernice says:

    When I was growing up I had to memorize and say several prayers over, and over and over again (in both Church & school).

    One of those Prayers was The Lord’s Prayer:

    Our Father which art in heaven,
    Hallowed be thy name,
    Thy kingdom come,
    Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our debts,
    as we forgive our debtors.

    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil:
    For thine is the kingdom,
    and the power, and the glory,
    for ever. Amen.

    — Matthew 6:9-13 – KJV

    You can say the prayer but you also need to understand what you are saying. Think about it silently and verbally.

    People and religions interpret things differently.
    For example “Thy will be done”
    I interpret this to mean God wants us to be prosperous but we have the choice to choose to be prosperous. It is not forcefully imposed.

    I believe we should pray for results. I think God knows our challenges so we aren’t being a “tattle tail” when we pray for someone. I don’t think we should pray for a specific result for someone though and instead pray for “divine selection” or what is the right answer to a specific need. By Praying to “Let God” or “Thy will be done”, I believe we are asking for the best results.

    I believe you can also pray to reject things the way they are to and request what you do want.
    “Let your speech be yea, yea and nay, nay.” (Matthew 5:37)

    I also believe in meditating by thinking about a phrase.
    For example: “Be still”

  45. Hi Randy,

    I’ve heard you share & believe this as well, that our desires are Divinely inspired. In that vein, praying for specifics is certainly not hypocritical.
    I begin my prayers with “Thank You God” (if the word “God” offends you, I’m not speaking to you, I’m speaking to the person next to you) and I end them with “your will not mine be done.”
    I am responsible for the action, not the results.

    Thought-Provoking as always my man.

    Peace & Prosperity,


  46. Claire McAuliffe says:

    I don’t believe you are being hypocritical at all Randy. If only more of the world prayed like this, it would be a much more peaceful and happy place; as I believe we would all be more in tune with God/Higher Power/Universe. There is a lot to learn from this.
    Thank you once again.

  47. Bill Perry says:

    I think you it is necessary to be as specific as possible about WHAT you want, but specificity in the HOW is where people usually go astray.

    Example: Divine love, through me, gives me a million bucks with the local state lottery. The WHAT is the million bucks, the HOW is the lottery. Just pray for the million bucks, or or better yet pray for that which the million bucks will bring you. Leave the lottery part out of the equation, because that is where arrogance comes in to play, when we try to control the mechanics of how the manifestation occurs.

  48. Jamie says:

    “hands that help are hollier than lips that pray”

    love it!

    Jamie 😉

  49. Patrick Ray says:

    What you are praying for feels right to me, Randy. When it comes to prayer, I find it helpful to let my mind rest and instead to feel with my heart.

    Praying for the well being of others without expecting anything in return is beautiful. I commend you for that and for holding your space in this world.

    Thanks to everybody for sharing your thoughts and being open enough to let others do the same.

  50. Pete says:

    Thank You Randy,

    We must be the change we want to see in the world!

    My wife Pam Chappell wrote a song about change within….
    the Peace Canon. http://www.PamelaChappell it is on her website as a sample.

    Pete Wehle

  51. chip says:

    NO WAY….

    i have got to stay plugged in more… i missed all these last posts… playing too much lately… hehehe

    i dont talk much about my belief in god or gods… and prayer… because not many people can align with my beliefs…

    but dude i did not know this about you… WOW … nice to know that there are more people namely YOU hehehe…. that feels the same or similar to me….

    i dont pray for me…. for many reasons i wont get into for now…. and i dont specifically pray for one or a group of people.. i am pretty sure if god is all knowing he is already aware of the situation and is on it doesnt need me pestering him about it….

    but i do try to align myself with the CC and try my best to align with the healing thoughts and powers…..

    reminds me of a shirt i saw a guy wearing at the mall last year, on it was written, “never underestimate the power of large groups of stupid people.” i damn near laughed my ass off… so appropriate at the time….

    on a more serious note that thought aligns perfectly with my view on this subject…. never underestimate the power of large groups of highly focused people….

    i am a fan if star trek the next gerneration… as Weird Al sings in his song “white n nerdy”, the only question i ever thought was hard, is do i like kirk or do i like picard. lol…..

    there was an episode where data and a team was on a new planet and the people were very superstitious and almost seemed as though their thoughts created the terrible weather storms…. watching that episode it hit me… that is how life is…

    to correct the problems the enterprise crew taught the people of the town to focus their thoughts… and work as a community…..

    that is a good way to look at real life i think….

    some dude in a robe once said, you can do all that i have done and even greater things…. and i think that is potentially true… there is a reason that dude had 12 buddies with him every where he went…. the power of focused thought…??? most definately the power of team….

    praying for prosperity….. i think praying a form of communication with a higher source, is something that is most assuredly a must in one form or another….tapping into that CC is the fast lane to anywhere you want to go….

    peace out… love ya,… damn good post… :o)


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