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Postcard from the Sabbatical 1

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success.

Greetings from a sunny Sunday in Sydney.  As most of you know, I’m currently off the public stage, on a sabbatical.   This postcard is an experiment.  I simply want to share a story with you.  If you find value in it, please share this post. 

Since I’m completely off social media, I’m counting on you guys to spread the word this.  If you see the value and it gets disseminated, I’ll post other postcards along the journey from time to time.

So the next move is up to you… 

I’m sharing the story because it offers some fascinating lessons on thinking big, and expanding your prosperity consciousness.  It also provides some insightful marketing lessons on using the tools of inclusion and exclusion, and the dynamic of scarcity.

Before we get into the story, let’s set the stage with some “facts” that millions of people around the world seem to “know” right now.  Namely:

Now, back to our story…

Since I’m on sabbatical, I thought it would be the perfect time to fly to Scotland and attend the live TED Global conference next month.  Now for those of you not familiar with TED, that is the conference with 18-minute speeches, run by the Sapling Foundation, on the premise of ideas worth spreading.

To attend a live event, you can’t just pay the conference fee.  You have to make a donation to the Foundation, a minimum of $6,000 or a patron gift of $12,000.  And you have to apply to be in the audience.  With a long form showing why you would be a good attendee, add value in the networking outside the hall, etc.  You even need three references.  (Now we all know that’s marketing bullshit.  They might have even learned this from me in an earlier lifetime.  No one would actually turn away an attendee worth 12 grand, right?)

Since I’m so hot in the middle of creative development with ideas swirling madly in my head just now, I didn’t want to take any chances.  And I also want to support the fine work TED does.  So I sent in my application at the $12,000 level.

This morning I received this message:

Dear Randy

Thank you for your interest in TEDGlobal 2013. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your registration for this conference. Because there were many more applications than spaces, we were unable to admit everyone who applied. 

Our best wishes,

The TED team

So what are the lessons for you in all this? 

Peace out from Oz,

– RG

P.S.  Judging by many of the comments below, let me clear up a few things.  I wasn’t applying to speak at the conference.  I’m clocked out for the moment and was just attending to learn and sharpen my own saw.

Clarification number two:  TED didn’t take my $12,000 and stiff me.  They simply refused the donation because all the seats are full.  I then registered for the live streaming option.

And finally some of you think I’m railing against TED, was “cranky” about it, looking for “entitlement’ or trying to start a crusade to change their policies and/or culture.  None of the above.  I think it’s absolutely delightful that they are doing so well, and couldn’t be happier for them.  I shared the story because it serves to demonstrate why so many prevalent and conventional memes about lack are simply not true, and the great marketing lessons this contains for anyone willing to see them.

And thank you everyone who is sharing this and commenting with such passion.  It’s wonderful to see this participation from the community here, and as a result, I will send some more “postcards” along my journey.

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121 thoughts on “Postcard from the Sabbatical 1

  1. LanellBeckles says:

    Make your own TED conference and then do your own marketing bullshit!!

  2. Steve Piper says:

    HAHA, Hey Randy maybe some of the cheaper seats are left? If you get across to NZ let me know 🙂

  3. KarlaTaylor says:

    Don’t always count on the “system”!  Systems were made to fail – some even more miserably than others.

  4. Steve Pohlit says:

    Your idea to attend was an inspired thought. You are an incredible person so to be denied is a interesting result. Going  to your goal for wanting to attend in the first place…what is that desired outcome and now what is the best action.

  5. Bob Choat says:

    A couple of things come to mind.. Yes, think big and exclusivity. Dr. Paddy Lund of Australia did the same thing regarding exclusivity with his dental practice.  He set it up as a sort of a concierge, he had baked goods and tea.  You couldn’t just walk in.  Only through referrals were you able to become a client of his (he didn’t refer to them as patients).

  6. Sean OShea says:

    The lesson is that if you build/offer something of great enough value, something that people are passionate about, something with juicy enough impact, there are no limitations and no shortages. Period. 🙂 Or, put another way, times are only tough if that’s the reality you buy into and exist in. That there’s always plenty of money – somewhere. That public seminars are only struggling if you haven’t built enough trusted value into the experience. Yes, poorly managed/led non-profits may indeed struggle. Self-development is only a tough sell when people don’t trust the content and brand to deliver appropriate value. Amazing, valuable, helpful are always in demand. Thanks for the postcard – we miss you!! 🙂

  7. lynndeanne says:

    Interesting… guessing they maintain scarcity by limiting seats, leading to early sellout, leading to people registering even earlier the next time, maintaining cycle of scarcity. So, do you have to donate another $12,000 to apply for the next event?

  8. DirkHyka1 says:

    Just buy the them place who they hold the conference.

  9. I ask myself, How would I react to this experience if this had been my experience, instead of Randy’s? 
    I wouldn’t be cranky about their marketting system, their rules, etc. They have a right to do their thing, their way (frightfully wrong tho their way be!). 
    I’d be disappointed, but what the hey… I can live with a little disappointment.  The world won’t come to an end because I didn’t get what I wanted.  That being the case….I’d be curious to see what OTHER experiences I accumulate during that time when, by my plans, I’d have been TEDing around in Scotland.  Hmmmm….
    So the lesson here for me is: Sometimes we plan to hit a homer and instead, we strike out. No one is immune from that, not even RG.  Thy will not my will, oh Lord.

  10. YitzchakCaryGlickstein says:

    Randy, Speak to the powers that be and offer to give a presentation. When someone is at “your level” you shouldn’t be a spectator, you have what to offer the world and should make it known. With all due respect just don’t get into religion, because there are things you don’t know that you don’t know, but we can save that for a private conversation. Go present! Continue to use your “natural gifts,” and enjoy your brief respite.

  11. Feltricks says:

    Things are the way they are, not the way we want them to be.
    We must keep working until the way they are is the way we want them to be 🙂

  12. IvanaKatz says:

    The lesson is that if they don’t accept someone of your caliber making such a big donation, clearly the points you mentioned at the top, namely:Times are tough;Money is scarce;It’s hard to market public seminars right now;Non-profit organizations are struggling for cash; and,Self-development is a tough sell.
    are not true 🙂
    And if you are still in Sydney when you read this and looking for a great place to get coffee, I’m happy to show you.

  13. Sorrry you didn`t get in but it`s great to know that just because someone is rich and in the public eye does not give them entitlement and automatic entry.  You wanted an adventure so it`s something different for you to experience.  By the way I am not into identifying with top dogs or underdogs.
    The list above are not facts and are very general – they are thoughts which if you believe them might become your reality – but not everyone sees through the same pair of eye so they won`t be seen a so called `facts“ .for everyone.
    I think it is great to be `rejected` ie someone saying No to us and what we think we should have or want. It can really open the mind to other ideas as you know it can if we don`t play victim/persecutor – so how are you going to take advantage of this opportunity you have been handed… All that has really happened is that you wanted something and someone has s aid No to you and is doing their own thing, anyway that is how I eee it,.and from that I would find the gift or lesson in it because there is one.  Your love is creative development so create and develop.
    I wish you all the very best.

  14. Poppy says:

    The lesson for me is that there is plenty of prosperity out there….so many people able to pay $6,000 or $12,000, not enough spaces ….made me feel hopeful!  

    All the best Randy!  All so exiting!

  15. Poppy says:

    The lesson for me is that there is plenty of prosperity out
    there….so many people able to pay $6,000 or $12,000, not enough spaces
    ….made me feel hopeful!  
    All the best Randy!  All so exciting!

  16. mikeandliz2003 says:

    Their LOSS

  17. SpottedRG says:

    Wow that’s amazing “more applications than spaces” I don’t know how many spots are available but to me it says 2 things: money and abundance in general are infinite, but more importantly there are more creative minds out there who are seizing this opportunity such a crisis offers, to learn about ideas and be part of a new world. That’s great!
    Just in front of my eyes, on my desk, is a paper with these words “Make Art. Connect. Bring Value. JUST DO IT!” I wrote to remind me.
    Yesterday I was reading cool stuffs about the 3D printing, it brings up so many questions along with possibilities!
    It is an exciting time and we should make the best of it by taking part of the (R)evolution!

    Looking forward to more postcards ! Thanks for Sharing Randy!


  18. GummBarry says:

    Oz is the best place

  19. Lana Porokh says:

    Yes, they have lost a lot. 
    I’m not surprised if the price of participation will increase in the near future … and by what criterion is selected participants?? First? Or random selection?? How fortunate that in addition to TED it is a huge amount of resources to give the world your lessons of life, Randy.
    Thanks for the card! Nice to know that you enjoy the journey. I missed you.

  20. dave says:

    So it wasnt really your intention to attend

  21. Dan Nakamura says:

    I think that it shows that what the world think it “knows” it’s just the reality for that world. It is great that many people like to attend TED and can afford to pay to go for the events. In my reality, I believe and see that people are awakening to self-development, people are starting to open their eyes to their purpose of life and so on…
    I would love to see you share your knowledge on a TED talk 🙂
    We choose what lesson we want to learn with every situation… Consciously or unconsciously.
    Keep sending these postcards Randy.

  22. DebraJeanWhite says:

    The lesson for me is ‘ there is more than enough’. Life and living is infinite. Don’t miss out on it by thinking in finite, limiting beliefs. Yep! That’s a lesson you taught me Randy! BOOM! Much Joy, DJ

  23. @dave how did you get that out of what Randy wrote? He said he wanted to go, and was so excited about it he decided to buy in at $12,000. I think it was his intention to go. Am I missing something?

  24. Heidi says:

    These ARE NOT FACTS ..Times are tough;Money is scarce;It’s hard to market public seminars right now;Non-profit organizations are struggling for cash; and,Self-development is a tough sell.
    And you proved it by not getting accepted.  The fact is we are in the wrong mindset.

  25. Angela Dalton says:

    First of all I think TED missed out….did you really want to go as you are on a sabbatical…..If what they say is true then there are a lot of people out there being positive and who probably have learned from you…..
    I also think that perhaps TED was being self-limiting…..are these ‘global’ events supposed to be small and cosy or could they not have got a bigger place and open themselves to more right on people.
    with love Angie x

  26. First of all it’s nice they used your name rather than Dear Sir….. 
    The lesson…don;t believe everything everyone else says….your reality is what is really happening

  27. SpottedRG says:

    dhlawrencexvii I think what Dave meant is that if he truly wanted to attend the TED, he’d have got in (based on the laws of prosperity) 
    Sometimes it’s about timing. But anyway, doesn’t matter, there was a lesson to be learned. Just knowing that you miss a spot is a sign saying “you’re on the right track, keep going” 😉

  28. Cancel idea? Why ? If you have wanted to be there, you should be.

    For me, it is a lesson that every man wants to be an important and valued.  I learned this from you Randy- lift people and they  open the door.
    Someone who is responsible for “opening the door” in event wants to feel significant. Perhaps he is personally offended by some sentence in the application or the fact in your biography 🙂
    I could  answer to tell them big thanks about such a serious work and serious attitude, I could express admiration that Ted has managed to find so valuable stuff who are not looking for money, but think about  the benefits to the people. And … I have wanted to get in touch with Ted personally and discuss opportunity how TED Global Conference could blown in the Australian  as event of the year in 2014, but decided to do it privately in person at the event, and as sure set  compliment about his team. And so how do you suggest us to manage that I can book my  air ticket today?
    Maybe get in touch with him personally

  29. IanB says:

    Ha ha – love it! And I have three thoughts on this:
    1) There are also millions (well lots at least) of people who already know that those ‘facts’ are nonsense. This just adds a little more evidence to the fact that you get what you focus on.
    2) Wow! If they have ‘many’ more applicants than spaces, why didn’t they move to a bigger hall? Trying to create the illusion of scarcity perhaps?
    3) Maybe they’re doing you a favor. If your head is already buzzing with creativity it could be that, right now, you don’t need more input. Perhaps this is a period of reflection/creation and, rather than gathering a head full of other people’s ideas, great though they are, you need to be reveling in your own, glorious independence of thought. It would be interesting to notice if anything else is strangely ‘unavailable’ to you.
    Keep smiling

  30. Elizabeth Hungary says:

    Dear Randy,
    We all missed u so much and were spreading the love in the world..
    I love this postcard idea, thank you.
    I think it means that u didn’t need to be there. Simple. Your spirit and mind didn’t need those experiences what you would have got there.
    If you, your spirit needs something that u can develop from: you will get it in a simple situation as well, because we always get what we need.
    You simply didn’t need to be there.
    Best wishes from Elizabeth Rose
    Who started a journey from Hungary to realize her dreams ..because of the spiritual development she learned and got from you.. .starting it in Augsburg, Germany. Thank you!!!! 🙂

  31. mlmxpertholland says:

    The universe provides what you need. Apparantly you don’t need this? And maybe it is sending you a message that you need something completly different. The message it is defenitly NOT sending is that you should even bother about my opinion.

  32. elena galath says:

    For sure they didn’t reject you – Randy Gage – as a person, but they rejected your idea, wich mayght seems the same, but is not. We don’t know what are the critiria for the content of the speech, beyond the pay tax. So probably u don’t fill those criteria, not becouse your speech is not worth it, but becouse they are looking for something different 🙂 that is my opinioun, with all my respect. Sometimes we dont fit somewhere, and this means that we DON’T need to be there 🙂 bye

  33. Cliff Benjamin says:

    Hey Randy,
    There are so many ways to look at this.  I had a similar experience with another venue.  They had the same kind of rules and I really really wanted to be there.  I had heard that it was closed and that they were not accepting any more attendees, so I showed up, “all dressed for the ball” with the Cash in my hand.  They had no problem with me attending then.  I don’t know this could be different or not.  It was all a great experience, life is a process so make of it that which empowers you.  Love ya.

  34. Cliff Benjamin says:

    Cliff  Benjamin
    Hey Randy,
    There are so many ways to look at this.  I had a similar experience with another venue.  They had the same kind of rules and I really really wanted to be there.  I had heard that it was closed and that they were not accepting any more attendees, so I showed up, “all dressed for the ball” with the Cash in my hand.  They had no problem with me attending then.  I don’t know this could be different or not.  It was all a great experience, life is a process so make of it that which empowers you.  Love ya.

  35. Thank you for the postcard! Love it and LoveYou! This time is about you! What does you inner guru have to say? You took a stand that you are off… The Universe is just supporting you!
    Big Hugs,

  36. Joakim_Eriksson says:

    Good to hear from you Randy!

  37. Leeloo says:

    You deliver a lot with your 1st postcard and I found quite some lessons to learn (as well as others did) here on your postcard-stage:  You´re not completely off during your journey, which is big a compliment to all your fans & followers after not nearly 4 weeks. Thanks for being in touch this way 🙂  (I might speak for many others!)

    Times are tough is what everyone knows but everyone didn´t get yet that it doesn´t effect everyone on earth?! Probably that´s what you point at, there must be a new trend going on in the TED-nest and the participants must know about it which is why so many apply to attend. Scottland, one of my to do country-trips….. So when seminars are hard to place in the market lately, and non-profits lost their great attention from the universe, where is the market trend leading us? 
    Self development seems to be not so important anymore – probably the market is fed and everyone is by now self-developed as much as possible. I wouldn´t wonder! Interesting insights – thanks for traveling the world and delivering the latest results to us for new discussions. Enjoy & find your new gaps!

  38. AprilOLeary says:

    My take…there are plenty of people willing to pay $12,000 for a seat at TED.  So much so that they sent you a form letter, without looking up who you are or customizing it in any way.  That’s frankly VERY encouraging.  Not that you didn’t get in (they are bozo’s for not looking you up!) but that there are so many people chomping at the bit with so much $$ to get into this event.  Now on to booking my event….the Happy Mom Conference…tickets aren’t $12,000 so I should have no trouble filling at least 200 seats.  🙂

  39. coyex_2003 says:

    HI Randy, my take on this is on my opinion that the money in and by itself has no value, it is the purpose that gives it a value. The reason that they decline your money because all that they will be talking about is you already know it, and they know that you know it already. No matter how inspiring their speech of each speaker in that convention, the most important in my opinion is how to empowered the people who are struggling right now, and only you and the rest of the Network Marketing professionals has the answer. Most of the people in the world didn’t get it.

  40. Dear Randy,
    First, thank you for sending a postcard while on sabbatical – nice touch! You are most definitely missed!
    Now to the matter at hand. Based on your experience with applying to be in the audience of the TED conference, I’d say that those known “facts” are indeed illusory perspectives. Prosperity is alive, well, and perennial.
    Tough break on the application, I know you were excited to attend. However, I agree with one of the commenters below — you should be speaking at their conference. Your “label” is not to attend – thus the declination. =)

  41. kayenta says:

    When such things happen I often wonder if the Universe had something else, that was even more suited for the highest good, in mind. We put out our intentions and then we leave the rest up to the Universe. Thanks for communicating with us, Randy!

  42. LeneJytteHansen says:

    HUGE Love to you Randy!!!!!
    It’s SO great to hear from you – THANK’S – You are off course missed.
    I’m just SO HAPPY to hear you are doing OK!!!!!!!!!!
    Lesson: Take nothing for granted. AND they are playing too small a game since they turn away hugely talented and paying customers, forgetting the law of influence “Your influence is determined by how abundtantly you place other peoples interests first” TED is forgetting “The Heart” in their “business”. YOU can definately teach them a thing or two, as we say in Denmark (a complete understatement – Danish humor).
    I’m sure that you have something much more important to YOU comming if you don’t succeed to get there this year. The most important thing is that you are taking a step closer to YOUR dreams and goals every day!!!!!!! Sending you lots of blessings and best wishes.
    I believe in YOU my friend
    Lene Jytte Hansen

  43. Dr Dorothy says:

    You asked what is the lesson for me in this. I was amazed to find that in spite of what I teach for a moment I went to scarcity of opportunity and sadness. Thankfully, I quickly bounced right into the reality that scarcity isn’t an issue. With that many folks with that money available money is always there- bringing it to you is he issue. I did a personal growth event yesterday and the folk were more than eager to grow and learn and so yet again it was clear to me that the list is one of belief systems not reality. My question for you would simply be ‘What’s next?” Good to hear from you.

  44. Kim says:

    Hi Randy  Well prosperity is alive and well and you did say you were on a sabbatical and stepping out of the limelight for now. I guess the universe heard you 🙂
    have fun
    kim 🙂

  45. Keep it up. Love hearing from you. When you fly through Toronto join us at Nemetona Farm for a couple of days. Fellow travellers on the path Hunter

  46. ClareRiceDreyer says:

    Hey Randy,
    What’s the lesson since your application wasn’t accepted? You are supposed to be doing something else that is ever bigger and better than attending that TED conference.
    You know better than anyone – when one door closes a window opens. 
    I would be opening my awareness as to what is the wonderful opportunity that is waiting for you during the time frame you thought you were going to be at that conference.
    Obviously the Universe has other plans for you! 
    Good to hear from you and looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!
    Wishing you safe travels!
    Clare Rice Dreyer

  47. mgilstrap19 says:

    Hi Randy,
    Thanks for the Postcard. Glad to know you are doing well, Love the lesson today, and yes like others have said, you were obviously not to attend and the Universe has something much better for you. As Catherine Ponder would have reminded us when you create a vacuum something else will come in.  Your something else is coming, you know it and believe it or you wouldn’t be on this wonderful journey.   Love your adventure and keep those postcards coming.

  48. JezSadler says:

    Humility – simple as.

  49. Marilee says:

    Oh gosh Randy – its so simple. When doors close its not about another one opening – its about opening our own door. This is about you starting your own forum for Ideas Worth Spreading – call it RAND.  Just need a good acronym for those letters (which I’m sure you can come up with).  Its about time now, anyway, an alternate to TED gets starting up – and although the presenters at those conferences are brilliant and inspiring – there are still many who are in the box.  You are about being out of the box – look what they did to Rupert Sheldrake – they pulled his videos – get it going RAND!  I’ll help you!

  50. StevenBell2 says:

    Pretty much most responded as you may have thought?
    My response. .. so what.
    It’s not about you or me or them. They have 1000’s of people send in applications weekly, they are true to their credo of who you are means less to them than the monetary gain by sending in $12k. If you want to be there, we’ll do what everyone else does. ..keep applying as I got in on the 2nd application. Funny thing, most comments here say “quit after round one if it doesn’t work”, …really! Randy simply re apply if you really want to be there or not. your call to make and then post again. I know ill see all the negative comments but this is why so many people fail. ..1 no and everyone says the same thing, very sad indeed. So Randy what are you going to do?

  51. TonyRush says:

    Hey Randy, my first thought is that they apparently don’t understand the law of exchange and are happy to take people’s money without any corresponding value for you.  I don’t know of any organization who wouldn’t give you SOMETHING in exchange for a $12,000 donation. 
    With that said, TED talks are informative and important.  But, in my opinion, SPEAKING at a TED talk is probably much more beneficial than actually BEING at a TED talk. 
    From those I’ve talked to, the audience is more affluent (for obvious reasons you’ve already mentioned)……but the quality of conversation isn’t much different from what you’d expect at any other conference.

  52. FauzinhoEdenHazard says:

    well, at least you did what you wanted to do and you did it. try again next time. if your donation had benefited someone then a positive plus for you. 🙂

  53. EternalFreedom says:

    My lesson for this is that money problems are in our mind, not in the real world, so many people playing victim with money out there, when at the same time all the “seats” for a 12k event such is TED are “sold out”  
    thanks for this Randy!

  54. PeterGHorrill says:

    The great people that organize and run the TedTalks know how to be a “contrarian” it seems, in the sense that they work in contrary to the “facts” that “everyone seems to know”, which you outlined before your storytelling..
    1) TedTalks learned how to “become the game; the influence” and not be “influenced”
    2) Yes, they effectively use the law of scarcity as a marketing tool, and thereby create urgency, ie: their stipluations & “qualifications” to be an attendee.  Interesting to note they couldn’t do this if they hadn’t positioned themselves as “the influence” in the idea universe..
    3) They are BOLD enough to ask for donations & patron gifts upfront, somewhat radical..  #Klout
    4) They retain sovereignty of their coportate consciousness through this format..
    5) They have set “precedence” through their structure.. provided an example that works, and any new “start-up” similar venues will likely compare and contrast themselves against TedTalks format..
    Intrigueing demonstration, though I agree with Tony, is it value-for-value exchange?

  55. MartinLopez says:

    Follow your intuition.
    Sounds to me like you didn’t want to go but applied anyway. TED is missing out, as always there is something for your highest good, right around the corner.

  56. Elena Goncharik says:

    Рэнди, мой урок в том, что мы делаем то, что хотим делать. Мы дети Вселенной, а она всегда знает, что лучше для нас. Спасибо за Ваши открытки и общение с нами!

  57. iceburner says:

    WOW! A lot of comments!! You implied that you didn’t give the three references much weight in your decision.  I suspect there are three people in your world that their influence would have put you in the room.   It is really about who you know most of the time.  Your success story to me is about how you built your group BEFORE you joined a program.  While there is more cash floating around today than ever, what makes the difference, what always makes the difference is who you spend your time with and who you know.  The Law of Association may be King.

  58. Elena Goncharik says:

    Randy, my lesson is that we do what we want to do. We are the children of the universe, and she always knows what is best for us. Thank you for your cards and chat with us!

  59. larslentz says:

    Lesson to me is that TED will take your money and not reciprocate, much like a lot of people and companies out there these days.

  60. Barry Moniak says:

    The TED formula has been established for years now, and they do limit the number of attendees, even when the price of admission is quite low. To get in to one of the larger venues, and in this case the largest one, you have to submit your request to speak, and or attend, way early to make it through the cut. As far as I’m aware, no one is actually looking at the list and saying we like this guy, but not this one. It’s more of a first come, first serve thing.

  61. mgilstrap19    Hi, I can`t see why it is obvious that Randy should not attend – it may be  that he keeps applying and not give up on the first rejection, or it may be something  abour being rejected that Randy has yet to to delve into.  It could be anything, itmay een be about the potcard being sent..  I see it as an opportunity to discover something about himself he did not know before.  I am  awfully sorry but I am not into comfort thinking like,`the universe ha something much better for you` – if we embracec  everything we won`t see things as better or worse, but if we want to see things as better or worse then maybe the uiverse will act in a contrary manner and give him somethig worse.`

  62. million dollar says:

    I really have to do some critical thinking on this…

  63. Jackie Ulmer says:

    What I get loud and clear is –

    Always question what you THINK you know! You started with a great list of things that “everyone seems to know” right now.
    And, you share what you thought you “knew” about whether or not TED would turn away a $12K donor. 
    Understand the “risks” of anything going in, and take the actions needed to accomplish what you want.
    Not sure if you sent the 3 recommendations or not.
    It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time. Are you on a “list” or do you have to re-apply for another $12k?

    EXPECT Success!
    Jackie Ulmer

  64. Matthias Putz says:

    I think it is about “making assumptions” and “taking things for granted”

  65. BillCortright says:


  66. Сильный урок…. Значит зачем то он нужен именно тебе. Этот урок может вынести только сильный человек и такое дается не каждому. Ты избранный Ренди.  Я рада что у меня такой учитель.  Твои уроки – это мои уроки!

  67. Jose Angel Aran Escalona says:

    It’s ridiculous to think that there is no money and that people do not pay self-development. Sure there money in the world and who really wants to grow pay to achieve it.
    Jose Angel Aran

  68. NEVER list me as a reference again! Sorry Randy. I should have warned ya’ <smile>

  69. pandkenterprises says:

    Well, for me, I would not look at it as not being able to attend TED.  I would look at it as $12,000 more for booze, coke, and hookers, but I am a “lemons into lemonade” kind of guy.

  70. 1quran says:

    The lesson to me is that it is unfortunate that the attendees at the TEDGlobal 2013 will not get Randy gage’s Prosperity Consciousness insights. What a tragic loss for the TEDGlobal 2013 attendees.

  71. oceania says:

    Just goes to show there really is plenty of money sloshing about – this whole ‘money is scarce’ thing is a con!

  72. Affe says:

    Times are tough; Not more now than before.Money is scarce; Obviously not according to TEDs respons and reason why denien You, RG!It’s hard to market public seminars right now; Well it´s more needed now than ever. Non-profit organizations are struggling for cash; and, No! In that case TED problably gladly accepted Your check among tens or hundreds of other high sticks.Self-development is a tough sell. That´s a “already, always listening” has nothing to do with reality…
    “We are drowning of information and starving for knowledge”

  73. NancyHall1 says:

    I hope your sabbatical is going well!  I’m quite surprised that TED would turn you away for three big reasons:  (1) you paid the 12 G’s  (2) your voice reaches a lot of people  (3) your mind is open to the ideas that TED shares.  Puzzling… to turn an ideal patron away.  I would consider adding more seats so that more people can take in the talks — and change the world in a time when we need to shift/grow… ourselves and thus, the global mindset.  Just  a thought – perhaps, Randy, you are first meant to attend as a speaker not a listener!  You have an important message to share too.  As far as the money thing goes, if we are in pain or really need to get somewhere in life, we will seek solutions.  Seek we will until we find an answer because it’s apparent (now) that the answer is never found in mentality that the question/need arises from  – and as time marches on, it seems to me that all we’re really dealing with is how to dissolve the walls and misperceptions of our hearts…to live more in/from Love.  More Love = less struggle?  (personally and globally)

  74. JoseEmilioPolo says:

    Mr. got the point. you are unique and you know it, but a little bit of humility never hurts. The best of the best and keep your uniqueness. Thank you for the lesson that also applies to us. Warm regards,
    Jose Emilio Polo

  75. Jonathan1 says:

    While I appreciate your wanting to know our response, I”m curious about what  your ‘knee jerk’ response was RG. As the prosperity guru who has mastered manifesting and understands what’s needed in the future, how did you respond?

  76. Eric says:

    I can’t remember the exact quote/context I heard this, but the thought here is from Dan Kennedy:
    Right now TED is doing such a good job with their marketing that they are running out of their product — so they don’t have a marketing problem, they have a pricing problem.
    The solution is to raise their prices until they are no longer selling all of the product.
    THEN they would have a marketing problem and Dan would be able to help them improve their marketing.

  77. Brian Frank says:

    It shows that the “truths” you said in beginning of your postcard it just a limiting belief we have and this proves it! :). I will post this great knowledge on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  78. RichardBlissBrooke says:

    It was God tempting you with a circumstance ripe for a Social Media post when you are on sabbatical or….
    Ted is not some run of the mill personal development butts in seats for profit seminar of which the world is obviously tired.  Their model is the new standard of excellence.

  79. PeterGHorrill says:

    RichardBlissBrooke Astute observation Richard!

  80. guest says:

    How interesting.  First if you really believe in the cause.  Send what ever you feel comfortable in donating.  Then watch what happens. Or use the funds you  would have spent in a way your really feel is a good place for it.  For everything there is a time & a place.

  81. VidetteV says:

    Seems to me that there is somewhere more important for you to be than the TED event at that time…what wonders lie in waiting for you, RG?

  82. Debbie Falconer says:

    Good to get the postcard. I will have to give some thought to what the lessons are. Safe travels.

  83. Tom__Coleman says:

    Hi Randy

  84. Tom__Coleman says:

    Hi Randy-
    @BobBurg alerted us to your post. Glad to hear from you. Pretty cool they turned down 12K. That’s posture. Hope to hear from you again. All the best. :). Course this creates mad passion to get in; it’s like back in the day at Studio 54.

  85. EternalFreedom says:

    PD: if they refuse to let you in, you can always tell them that you’re going to build your own TED with blackjack and hookers, bender style :

  86. KathiaAlsina says:

    Hi Randy:
    Glad to heard about you! I think what just happened here, is the money really a factor for this TED guys? Absolutely no, is not is just a step for those who will still live in this world. Where money talks! Did you watch the movie In Time with Let suppose that TED is the new world, where the power is your contacts, and relations. What you do or did, really doesn’t matter at all. Neither your money. A lesson for me is, show my true potential instead of trying to convince my contrarians, then this way you will be a Guest speker for TED Talks!

  87. Randy_Gage says:

    Thanks to everyone following this post.  Please see the postscript I’ve added to the end of the post to clear up a few issues. 

  88. Healthful Sonshine says:

       Thought it great that they were so full as to not have room to squeeze in someone who would usually be a “shoo in” …their abundance showing thru…also – they were smart enough to have live streaming planned into the event, thinking ahead about eventualities. This allows you to get your content, but sabbatical time as well! If the connecting, networking at the event was what you were after- than, another opportunity to attend a “like event” will come about. (as you well know). Enjoy the rejuvenation!

  89. UdompolAttakonkositt says:

    Hi Randy, Glad to hear from
    you. Hope to hear from you again. 
    All the best. :).

  90. Hi, Randy! Nice to hear from you!
    Very interesting post, I didn’t know TED has such a conditions on attending their live events.

  91. ThomasMrak says:

    Nice to hear from you Randy.
    I was not expecting you to communicate with us, but I am glad you are enjoying yourself. You earned it.
    You prove that it is not so much what happens to us that by how we chose to learn from it that matters.
    With anything, there will be politics involved, and it is most certainly a missed opportunity that they won’t admit people willing to donate $12,000.
    I bet some people never try to attend again after getting that rejection letter.
    Why not contribute to Big Think instead?
    I’d see it as “How much more bad ass can I be, that the TED people come to me?” or “If they won’t accept me, I will find another way to connect with intelligent people”.
    Times are tough if you continue to do what society wants. i.e. Do well in school, get a good job, buy a bunch of stuff, buy a house, retire, die.
    If you doing what you are told, you can still end up unemployed or working a job that didn’t require a degree.
    Now, the ability to connect with others and learn and the fly exists. The ability to sell yourself and what you do is in your hands, not in the hands of only people who have multi-million dollar advertising budgets.
    Sure, there will be a lot of people who will ignore you, tell you no, or why you can’t do something.
    They say this out of jealousy or they have so much invested in the old way of doing things, that they don’t want to see someone else succeed without jumping through hoops.
    Personal experience and observation tell me that it is indeed possible to do incredible things without having the right connections, lots of money, formal education, the family name, etc.
    Obviously, any one of those things is beneficial, and if you do have them, it would be criminal not to use them. However, people can be born with all the advantages and still live mediocre or even horrible lives.
    Destiny is not written by the stars- it is something we make for yourselves by choosing what to do in spite of the missteps and tragedies that happen to us all.
    We’ve all heard of the celebrity or entrepreneur or had it all and crashed and burned horribly, so money and fame itself are not guarantees.
    Make the most of your life while you are here.
    Move the world.

  92. organichat says:

    Thanks Randy
    And I join others who have commented about how we are missing oppotunities becuase we are sitting with the wrong mindset. As your TED journey shows, there is abundance overflowing in our world and if we open our minds to what’s out there instead of repeating our own thoughts we too can find it.
    Peace and a safe journey


  93. 1quran says:

    Thomas your comment above provides some excellent insights. I like it. Thank you for sharing the link

  94. juanpabloAB09 says:

    Thanks my Master, i will try to increase my prosperity thinking too, good luck in your journey and, May the force be with you!

  95. Edward D Devero says:

    There are some seminars that are doing very well despite economic conditions. Could be they are using the idea of exclusivity and prestige as a way to get people to desire their seminar more. Like prestige branding in certain clubs. I would certainly hope it is well worth $12,000 of knowledge that would enable someone to earn more than they currently do.

  96. JWNajarian says:

    Thanks for the P.S. Randy… I was left wondering for a moment. Love to hear that you will keep us informed whilst on the road…. Above all else.. Have fun.

  97. RichardBony says:

    Thanks for staying alive.

  98. Joe G says:

    The lesson: pay attention, Randy. Be on high alert. You’re not attending the TED event as another opportunity lurks. Will you see it?

  99. BryanMurphy says:

    We know for sure if your video went in as a speaker it would be a slam dunk for you!!

  100. Alyson says:

    Lessons come in funny ways. Thanks Randy

  101. Thanks for the postscript. I think it is so funny that when you asked us, “What’s the lesson for you(the reader)?” many of us responded with what we believe might be the lesson for Randy. 
    Also amusing to see how much we each reveal of our own little mind-viruses around marketing, etc. when we consider this story about “RG & the TED Marketing.”

  102. Wendy says:

    Hi Randy,
    We send you AGAPENESS! Thank you for honoring your life, sharing your lessons and loving us enough to do what you do for us, all of us, eternally from every direction. Thank you for your Agape, your Heart, your Being, your Doing, your Want for All to experience our Fullest Potential! Thank you for sending a post card it helps keep the unity growing, knowing, we Are One! Because in fact, Living Rich is for Everyone!!!

  103. Angela Dalton says:

    MrsHealthandProsperity Its one and the same bo go go

  104. IreneZander says:

    I believe there is a better way of spending $12,000 instead of giving it to TED!!!!!!

  105. analita says:

    very much agree.

  106. IreneZander and I believe everyone is entitled to spend, donate or throw away what they earn in any way they choose.

  107. Shift It says:

    Well said – totally agree
    we definitely have to rise above the masses and of course that means thinking BIG!

  108. sushitune says:

    The blatant elitist nature of being in the TED live audience was unbeknownst to me.  In my obviously more feeble mind, the “You even need three references” and $6000 conveys to me that this is a group meant to entertain movers and doers and to keep the hobnobbing and networking only among a select, well-heeled few.  I guess things haven’t changed much since universities were created to secure the societal position of the landed and gentry some 600 years ago(

  109. sushitune Gosh, I’d love to be one of those elite, well-heeled movers & doers with $6000 or more to spend (donate, spend, whatever) for a few days of fun networking and sharing the vibe with other really prosperous people.  That would be great!  I’d love to experience that level of joyous prosperity – wouldn’t that be fun!  Yay prosperity!

  110. sushitune says:

    MrsHealthandProsperitysushituneCreating unnecessary artificial barriers to ideas/nformation is not prosperity-conscious behavior; it is rather a poverty-conscious one driven by lack, fear of competition, and a delusional sense of divine grace.  
    It is not being privy to information shared by the so-called “gifted” few that makes you special.  Rather,, it is your ability to absorb those morsels and move forward which leads to a life of distinction.
    True prosperity is based on the idea that there is no need to hide from anyone because of a fear of competition and loss of advantage.  Being gifted is a chance to share without fear of loss. Because of your gift, you will often naturally be one step ahead of the “rabble.”  
    I love the story that Brian Tracy shares about Corning Glass’s salesman:
    Here’s an awesome strategy developed by a salesman at Corning Glass on the year that Corning Glass came out with
    safety glass.
    This salesman went throughout the country and before long, he
    became the top-selling salesman of safety glass for Corning Glass in
    North America. 
    At the national sales convention, he was given a big
    prize and an award. 
    And they said to him, “Please tell us your secret.  How is it that you sold so much more than everyone else?”
    He said it was simple. 
    “First of all, I got some pieces of safety glass cut into 6″ X 6” pieces as samples. 
    Then, I got a ballpeen hammer.  And then I walked in on the prospect
    and say,
    ‘Would you like to see a piece of glass that doesn’t shatter?’ 
    When the prospect says, ‘I don’t believe it,’ I put the glass on the counter and I go
    whack it  — watch him protect his eyes — and afterwards he’d say, ‘Holy smoke, that’s incredible!’
    “Then I’d say, ‘How much of it would you like?’  And I’d pull out my order pad and
    start writing the order.”
    Corning Glass was so impressed with this tactic that they equipped all of their salespeople with
    ballpeen hammers and sheets of glass, sent them out — and they all sold
    truckloads of glass.             
    Epilogue:  The salesman came back the next year to the convention light years’ ahead in sales f the second=place salesperson.  When asked what his secret was, he responded:  I handed the hammer to the customer.  He feared not because he was creating rather than resting on his laurels.
    In closing, we turn to Wallace Wattles who penned a classic self-help book in the early Twentieth Century.  He notes
    “I can form things in my thought, and by impressing my thoughts upon formless substance, can cause the thing I think about to be created.  In order to do this, I must pass from the competitive to the creative mind.  And, I must hold this picture in my thoughts…closing my mind to all that may tend to shake my purpose, dim my vision, or quench my faith.”
    May TED supporters of this elitist organization – and I was one until I understood the inner workings – be left in peace to bury their deluded dead.  The world deserves better.

  111. DebraJeanWhite says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing! Peace .

  112. EmTee says:

    I have to agree with some of the other commenters here. TED is too big for its britches. 1) They removed two lectures at TEDx Whitechapel one by Graham Hancock and the other by Rupert Sheldrake. 2) TED granted a license to TEDx Hollywood and then rescinded the license. Lost in the shuffle were other scientific lectures. The anonymous TED scientific board apparently didn’t believe in the scientific principles discussed in these lectures. Lastly, note that TED is sponsored by HUGE multinational corporations. The conclusion one must reach is that “the science didn’t match the agenda” and the lectures were de-certified. In other words Mr. Gage, no loss for you to give your hard earned money to globalists who aren’t open to new ideas. New ideas like the ones you write about in your books, blog and videos. Congratulations.

  113. Annieb says:

    It’s hard for you to stay silent isn’t it?  Me too.  I miss you so much!!  I miss your ideas and musings.  Embrace that rejection, I think the universe helped you out.  I’m sorry too, since you wanted to go.  But if you really have an idea worth spreading, would you waste your time speaking there?  No, you would be out doing something about it.  I mean am I right?  Would Ayn Rand have attended that? Hell no. Just like you she had her own ideas and was busy working on them.  Where’s the Sabolater?  I have not seen that available on Amazon yet. 🙂
    By the way, I think the lesson for me would be to do it in a bigger place with more spaces, or have it a couple a times.  Because let  me tell you, at the library when people are excited to attend our events and we have reached maximum capacity with our registrations….We find a bigger place to do it!  And, people aren’t even paying us.  
    I think they may have run out of ideas at that place.  It seems to me, to give up twelve thousand dollars, and a chance for some other person to hear these grand ideas is not very prosperous or enlightened.

  114. Dinapoly says:

    Back for good! Russian friends with you, Randy.

  115. levlexa says:

    Createyour TED with blackjack and … 🙂

  116. SteveVernon says:

    It just goes to show that money doesn’t buy everything, doesn’t it. 🙂  Like you, Randy, I’m a huge fan of TED, and it’s thrilling to know that organizations such as this are doing so well that they have to turn away people like yourself who are willing to put out such large sums to attend their conferences.  Perhaps it’s time they search for larger venues?
    I’m somewhat embarrassed to say this is my first visit to your blog, and I’m sorry I was so late in the game coming aboard.  I sincerely wish you the very, very best in your coming adventures and look forward to future postcards, as you are doing exactly what I would LOVE to be doing with my life right now.  In the meantime, I will certainly be perusing your archives for pearls of wisdom.

  117. artjonak says:

    TED attendee gatekeeper:
    Here’s an application from a “Randy Gage.”
    TED powers that be:
    Gage. He’s not hungry enough. Send him a rejection. Perhaps it’ll make him really want to kick it into gear. 🙂
    TED attendee gatekeeper:
    Then he might break his sabatical and blog about us, like he does about Delta.
    TED powers that be:
    Even better. Two birds with one rejection letter. 🙂

  118. DebraJeanWhite says:


  119. ErgunFranko says:

    Are you sure you signed up as Randy Gage? lol i hardly believe that they actually refused you and then with a additional 12k.. Lol jokes.. 
    PS Come to Middle East, European Cuba the Island “Cyprus” Awaits you Senior 🙂

  120. came across this on YouTube, made me think of this postcard from you. JRE: Eddie Huang TED Conference Exposed
    Check it


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