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New Year – New You

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

There are a four things I do every New Year’s to set myself up for success the following year.  Please allow me to share them with you, so you can adopt or adapt what may work for you. 

The first thing is to conduct a Burning Bowl Ceremony.  This allows me to let go of the limiting beliefs, poor choices, and wrong turns of the past year – and let them fade back into the nothingness from which they came.  You release things that no longer serve you and replace them with things that do.

The burning bowl ceremony allows you let go of the things in yourself that are holding you back.  I hope you’ll do the ceremony.  And as you do your list of the things you wish to let go, remember this:  The change you fight the most is usually the breakthrough you need the most.

The second thing I do is choose one word to summarize what I’m looking to do in the New Year.  It’s not really about tactics or strategy, but the mindset I’m looking to create.  It’s really about attitude.

To give you an idea, my word for 2013 was EPIC! And I really did have a year just like that.  For 2014, I’m using EPIC as the beginning point, and looking to grow from there. So my word for the New Year is:


Now that word may not work for you, but it doesn’t have to.  You can choose any word you want.  But choose something.  There is much power in words, and you’re looking for a word that your philosophy, attitude and mindset will spin off from.

It doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone except you.  You don’t want a word that comforts you, but one that challenges you.  A word you can tape up over your monitor that watches over you every day, and drives you to suck it up and try one more time, even when you’re at an all-time low.  A word that brooks no nonsense, takes no excuses, and refuses to buy into your bullshit.

The third thing I plan is my big failure for the New Year.  Now I don’t know exactly what it will be, but I make a commitment to myself, that I will attempt so many daunting, challenging and amazing things – I am certain to have a major failure with at least one of them.  I hope you will do the same.

Because if you’re not willing to fail, you’re not really willing to succeed.  Failure means you have skin in the game.  You took a risk.  You did something that the 99 percent isn’t willing to do.  Instead of watching other people live lives on TV and in the movies, you chose to actually go out and live your own.

Just as the walls that protect you from rejection also lock out love, the barriers you erect against failures will prevent you from reaching success.

It may be a corny cliché, but failing your way to success is a cliché because there is truth in it.

So when you fail in 2014, be proud of it.  It means you’re a warrior, willing to fight the fight.  Pick yourself up, learn the lessons it provided, and move on to the next step.  And if you attract criticism, ridicule or even some haters – great, you know you’re on the right track.  Successful people threaten mediocrity.   Let me be the first person to wish you a great failure in 2014!

The fourth thing I think about every New Year is not resolutions, but resolve.   As far as resolutions go, I’m not big on the symptom ones: quitting smoking, losing ten pounds, rubbing more rosary beads.  I’m more interested in the big picture idea:  How do I reinvent myself to become a better person?  How do I become the person that makes healthy choices, wants to work out, and lives with Shibumi?  How do I become more patient, wiser, more loving?  How do I make a dent, make an impact, make a difference?

New Years isn’t really about one year ending and another beginning.  Calendar dates are simply memes we created so we know when to meet each other at Starbucks.  New Years is just like any other sunset: another blank page of your life that you get to author any way you want.

The goals that really matter aren’t really about a New Year, but a New You.

Instead of wondering what the New Year will bring you, do some critical thinking on what you will bring to the New Year. 

So allow me be the first to wish you…

Happy New You!




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40 thoughts on “New Year – New You

  1. IvaUrsano says:

    Thanx Randy ! 2014 is going to be, without a doubt, outstanding for me. Remember my name, Randy , you’ll see it again! :)…Happy New Year!..xo

  2. BrianShort says:

    Great post RG! Happy New You everyone!

  3. JohnBates says:

    Thank you Randy. Great message. Feeling very motivated! Happy new year to you and here’s wishing you fail in 2014!:-)

  4. reneriojosecapareda says:

    Thanks for the inspiring message RG! Happy Failing! 2014. Happy New You!

  5. siddmuk2005 says:

    Happy New Year Randy 🙂 .

  6. PeterGHorrill says:

    Holy Prosperity Randy! Happy New You to You as well. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou I really love the idea of choosing a guiding attitude word, thankyou!
    I could feel the VITALITY energy coming through your words of wisdom. Much gratitude!

  7. kathy says:

    All the best for your dreams .  The best is yet to come

  8. Jorge Kuong says:

    Thanks Randy, you just explode my bubble on new year day.
    that is the answer for a question i did every year…  How do I reinvent myself to become a better person?
    release and forgive?
    I’m restarting on 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

  9. Anuar says:

    Thanks for the advice.
    Happy New Year to you from Malaysia.

  10. GeorgiZhekov says:

    Happy New You, Randy! 🙂

  11. Monika says:

    Thank you Randy, your letter for the new year is very helpful for me! Theese four points are really special and I can feel the New Year on my whole mind.
    Happy new year to you too:-)

  12. You are my guiding star as always. Wishing you another epic New Year!

  13. leoniebarel says:

    I do like your post!!

  14. Ford Saeks says:

    Thanks again Randy for all you do to inspire change and results

  15. million dollar says:

    ThermoFuckingNuclear is the way it’s going to be !

    Happy new year Randy !

  16. JulianChuoBaute says:

    Very nice! Thank you!!!

  17. WolfgangUmlauf says:

    Love it! Happy new Year, Randy, from Austria/Europe

  18. Art says:

    Thanks, Randy – my word for this year is “Breakthrough!”

  19. Tatyana888 says:

    благодарю Ренди! С новым годом!

  20. Affe says:

    That´s a good distinction. Happy NEW YOU (or Me).
    I believe that most people including myself sets up expectation of what a new year can bring to me. As a returning mail. Grounding in wishes and pure dreams. 
    If I look back at 20130101 I do found that all the expectations I had mostly where not fullfilled as long as i can remember what I expected.
    On the other hand if I do become disappointed about them I really have to ask myself if my expectations where not more a kind of co-mingled reality? Expectations seems to be more mother of disappointments and even bitterness.
    Former US president John F. Kennedy once said “Don´t ask what the country can do for You. Ask yourself what You can do for Your country!” 
    To use Your phrase, Randy, “Ask yourself what You can do for Your New Year or You” I do find it more POWERFUL. A more context way to start working on the plan, in the plan…
    In the mean time take care and have a great journey out there …

  21. Leeloo says:

    HAPPY New Year to you and to your new YOU, Randy!

  22. Geoffrey Tegjeu says:

    Best wishes for a fantastic 2014

  23. LisaYoung says:

    Thanks Randy! My new word is Exponential!

  24. Ken Roetman says:

    Awesome, great information Randy!

  25. Jonathan1 says:

    With focus on spirituality and the Universe, I find it MOST productive to be present rather than look back or forward. That said, the word that is the platform for the new  year is “BELIEVE”. Without belief in what’s possible, it’s difficult to achieve most anything. I truly BELIEVE that the path I’ve set out upon will exceed my dreams as the dream itself expands! It’s about changing the world one step at a time! The adjoining word I focus on is ACTION, since without it, we cannot manifest what we intend. BELIEVE…ACTION..  and of course…BOOM!!!   
    Happy New Year Randy and all in this great community we call the Universe!

  26. Aly Piper says:

    Thanks Randy,
    Happy New You, Happy New Me, Happy New everyone, and Happy Failings to One and All for 2014.
    Aly Piper.
    New Zealand.

  27. Colette Rogers says:

    Love it Randy. Will do this!

  28. Mojtaba Arani says:


  29. pandkenterprises says:

    Thanks alot, Randy!  I did what you said regarding the burning bowl.  I wrote down on pieces of paper all of the bullshit that is in religious teachings and the flame was so big it burnt my house down…you will be hearing from my attorney.
    By the way, my new phrase for 2014 is stopspankingit.  It has nothing to do with failure or success; I just want to get my eyesight back.

  30. Diana Bogoeva says:

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  31. Mim says:

    Great!  now read 2 excellent posts to start me thinking about the new year (the other was re-reading…

    And I’m happy to say you’re the third person to wish me spectacular failures for 2014. Looking forward to hearing about yours in due course 🙂

  32. Sounds great, Randy! New You is much better than New Year 🙂 Thanks for advises and wisdom!

  33. zhannetka says:

    Dear Randy, Happy New Us in 2014! I can’t help saying WOW while reading your thoughts. Thanks a lot. I will follow your advises.

  34. Росица Рачева says:

    … 🙂

  35. Heysel says:

    Bingo, certain words in a certain time. Thanks !!

  36. Bijan Najafi says:

    I’m From Iran & Happy new year

  37. SELO says:

    That was a beauty…one word to describe my NEW Me— SHARPSHOOTER…WOW!!.
    I want me to focus intensely on my goals like a Sharpshooter.
    Thanks Randy… But for you, I dont know what I would have made of myself.

  38. BillCortright says:

    ThankYou Randy 2014 word VICTORY

  39. Lovemetoo says:

    Dear Randy. What a huge relief to find your blog again after two years. Like a sculpture in the fucking universe( sorry, I watched too many action movies lately) your words stand as a signature.OH YES!
    And what about me? Still poor but so much richer then last time I red here. Still rash but oh so much more of a hero! It used to take me month and years to be able to be myself again after a fall. Now it takes at most two days. Wow, what a victory! My big big question used to be Why? (Why is this always happening, why do I have such a rude family, why am I such a fool etc) Today I have no question at all. Instead I live my life happily. I know what I want and I have a dream. Before, I had no clue at all. Why? Because I did not even know who I was! My life was a mess of influences from everywhere, old wouns and hatred against people who had humiliated me (and they were MANY, almost everyone I ever met had somehow destroyed my life :))…poor me.
    Today I am happy. I can see that in some sense I have wasted 40 years where i could have done so much. But…I can also see that whatever next step i Choose towards my dream, I will have strength and courage enough to raise after two days. Which means I dare to fail! Which means I will be happy on my journey, which means I CAN DO IT!
     If you had asked me two years ago when I red your blog everyday with the thoughts in my head WHY am I so a non-person, I would never have said I CAN DO IT!
    My advice? ump ahead. With the intention to FIND YOURSELF. Ask the universe to help you find yourself. Maybe you will wake up two years later and see THIS IS ME.
     Wow. Thanks Randy, it is always a pleasure to be around!!!

  40. aazi says:

    thank you so much 🙂


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