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Most People

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Prosperity, Success.

Try anything new or different and you’re likely to be told that most people don’t do that.  Good.

Remember this…

Most people are not very happy.  Most people are not very healthy.  And most people are broke.

So why would you want to be like most people?

– RG

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Darren Taylor
Darren Taylor

@Pablo Right on!! Hows life treating you? Or a better question could be.... How are you treating life?

Alan Bryant
Alan Bryant

There is a multitude of people who are "dream takers" and always "that won't work".


Yeah.. that's a major BOOM!! Be like most people? ... never have.. never WANT to be!

Dyno Dave
Dyno Dave

So True.


God Bless You Randy!



So True Randy!  As it's stated in "The Secret", the biggest problem with society today is "Conformity".  If 95% of the population is failing to achieve their dreams, failing to be truly happy, failing to be the best they can be... it's because they're accepting what THEY ARE rather than striving for what THEY CAN BE.  

Marita Liepina
Marita Liepina

Well,  there is no reason to be like most people .... no one reason...


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