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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

When it comes to the prosperity, or lack of it, you manifest – this will be determined by the vision of your heart.  Now that doesn’t mean idle wishes, but your actual vision.  It may be base, it may be spiritual, it’s likely a mixture of both.
But as James Allen tells us, you will always gravitate toward that which you secretly most love.

Here’s the catch:

Wherever you are now, you will rise, fall, or remain stuck, all decided by where your thoughts are.  You can become as small as your addiction, or as great as your most dominant goal.  And that’s what’s exciting about life!

Of course this is the furthest thing from the mind of the herd…

They speak of luck, fortune, and chance.  Pre-determined destiny, and unstoppable fate.  But that’s because they have no critical thinking skills left.  They have been swallowed up by the matrix, plodding through their daily existence, looking for someone to tell them what to think next.

To them it is most comforting to think that riches, success, and happiness are the result of fate or luck.  Because even though they don’t have these things and never expect to get them – they take solace in the belief that they never had a chance for them.  They can be jealous of the “lucky” few, and absolve themselves of any responsibility for their own lives of quiet desperation.

You don’t have this luxury.  Because you have consciousness.  You must ask the difficult questions.  Think the unthinkable.  Confront your own responsibility.

Which is not an easy thing.  But that is where the breakthroughs are.  So what are these questions?

Why haven’t I found my soul mate?
What am I manifesting health challenges?
Why am I repeating dysfunctional relationships?
What is the reason I am still struggling financially?
Why am I still addicted to some things?
What is the reason I still harbor low self-esteem?
Why am I still arguing for my limitations?

So any of these that you need to answer?


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24 thoughts on “Manifesting Prosperity

  1. Genesta says:

    Hello Randy,

    I woke up this morning realizing I have to get rid of the OLD, and start embracing the NEW.

    I started by cleaning out old useless e-mails, but I will be tackling and getting rid of lots of STUFF! 🙂

  2. SM says:

    We’ve all heard…”Do the same thing over and over and expecting different results” is the defintition of insanity (I guess I must be insane). But I’ve heard over the years that you must change the “thermostat” in your mind. I.E. if you make $50K you’d probably be comfortable making $60K, but that would probably be about it, after that you’d turn on the air conditioning – so to speak and start messing things up until you get back down to $50k ( maybe lower and then turn on the heat. lol.) Anyway, in James Allen’s book and “The Secret” which of course is a rip off of his book “As a man thinketh”, it cautions about what context you “think” and how not wishing for or thinking about “something”, can still Attract it to you – positive or negative. So… does one break that? That’s the part I haven’t seem to have figured out. An example from my own life is around money. I earn an OK income, but not what I define as a good income – I have never earned more than $200K in a year…or I should say I consistently earn just under that, but still have alot of the same money problems as when I made $30K, $40K and $50K, just more problems with more money. I absolutely know that this is some kind of pattern, but like I said, haven’t been able to figure it out.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  3. Richard Avon says:

    Hi SM

    That is because we all tend to live UP to AND BEYOND our income. So as we earn more we spend more on things we didn’t even think about when we had a lower income.

    Bigger car, bigger house, more toys etc.

    What we have to ask ourselves is, do these material things substantially increase our happiness and sense of self worth?

    Do they make it easier for us to live with ourselves or do they perhaps arouse some feelings of guilt that we may be overindulging and perhaps, just perhaps, we don’t really think we actually deserve these extra luxuries. This may then trigger a further round of spending, maybe on credit with money we don’t have but regard as ours thereby storing up problems for the future.

    Charles Dickens said it perfectly when he created the immortal line for Mr Micawber

    ‘Annual Income £20. Annual Expenditure £19 19s 6d. Result Happiness.

    Annual Income £20. Annual Expenditure £20 0s 6d Result

    About five years ago, in retirement we suffered a huge fraud costing us over £100,000 and we were threatened with bankruptcy, loss of home etc.

    We sorted that, stiil have our same home, two cars but NO CREDIT cards!!

    We have NEVER felt so secure financially. We have a mortgage and two small overdaft facilities we NEVER use and now we both have a thriving business which is growing against all the world gloom.

    It was a hard lesson which made us immeasurably stronger but we realised that spending to the hilt does NOT produce happiness and the first secret I feel regarding happiness is simply to learn to Want what you HAVE.

    We now feel WEALTHY.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Chris says:

    Amen to that – I would be really interested in some views on this comment. I know exactly where you’re coming from – I seem to thrive on ‘running out of cash’. If I receive more – thencallenges appear that require more funding. I am re-reading Catherine Ponders excellent ‘Dynamic Laws of Prosperity’. So I am now reciting affirmations and also playing subliminal CD’s to try reprogramme my subconcious. I am on an upward spiral of income so I’ll let you know if I become cash rich as well! Good luck

  5. Chris says:

    Yes Richard – I understand you but for me it’s different. I don’t spend on bigger cars, I create problems with existing ones like blown turbos etc. As soon as I have spare cash, some trauma appears that requires I expend it and more – bit of a bummer I have to say.

  6. Hey SM,

    I had the same problem. I saw Randy Gage at a seminar and he blew my mind. Within eight months I was making about $35k per month. My problem is that I confused attraction and visualization with “live like a rockstar and it will come.” It is true that you have to think big and make decisions with a prosperity conciousness. It is not true that you buy everything and do whatever you want with your money and that makes more money show up. Prosperity is balance. Save some, reward yourself with some, give some away. I found that when I changed what my view of rich was ( from MTV ghetto fabulous ) to my current view of prosperity ( resdiuals, opm, leverage, relationships ) I stopped running out of money and started earning ten times more. A book called “The Richest Man in Babylon” may be a good start.

  7. Ann Feinstein says:

    Randy, got your note about my previous link and comment …

    As you know, David & I and my brother Mark woke up one day last February 08 to a rude awakening when a few unsightly pictures of us showed up on the internet after a national event (Jessica, I know what it feels like Baby!) and we all realized that with David’s gormet cooking, we had all really packed on the pounds … YUCK … ok time for change … got to rally the tribe and set some new ground rules and hold each other accountable. Nothing like a tribal plan & commitment to get the juices flowing …

    My intentions were good at the beginning as I led the tribe down the stairs to the gym and David took responsibility for the cooking and setting a new meal plan … Mark had no choice but to give in to the program and we began to see big time results as 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60+ pounds melted away!

    However, after all the hoopla, I found myself back to procrastinating and rationalizing on all the other things I could be doing early in the morning eventhough Mark & David held their ground and were becoming global “poster boys” with our program!

    I knew I had to come up with something fast to make it FUN for me again and I wanted to stay in the game long-term … what to do?

    So I thought “I need a workout partner who would be willing to get up each morning with me … who would be there every day without any whining, bitching or any stupid excuse that would take me off my plan” … so I looked around and found the perfect solution staring me right in my face right! lol … Check this out:

  8. Jonathan says:


    Thanks for the tip on George Clayson’s book. I also have “As a Man Thinketh” and the other books Randy has recommended including both Ayn Rand’s novels.

    I agree with the others in that breaking the habits and answering the hard questions (see questions in “The Devils Worship” chapter of Hill’s book) are a great way for a breakthrough. CHANGING how we THINK about our thoughts is a major challenge but completely possible. I wear a band on my wrist to constantly remind me to change my thoughts.

    The questions Randy poses, especially those around low self esteem, limiting beliefs and lack of a soul mate are REAL for me.. I also am challenged by developing better critical thinking in favor of changing my habits, leading to change in beliefs. THIS is Ground Zero and must be accomplished!

    I’d love to know how Aaron achieved income of $35K/month too. I’m excited about a new project that’s forging ahead and speaks to several of my passions. Patience is what’s necessary now..

  9. Rachel Henke says:

    Interesting reading. It seems to me that we have the answers in all of those books many of us have read. We know the stuff right?

    The tricky bit is applying the laws consistently and not falling back into lazy thinking and comforting habits I guess.

    The questions Randy asks constitute life-long projects don’t they? We take 3 steps forward and 1 back! Step by step we’ll get there but it is a piece of work.

    When the breakthroughs come they are such a blessing and it’s all worth it.

  10. Gary says:

    Like everyone else I have read the books mentioned plus many, many more. I have sat down and thought about my situation in life and I always end up at the same place.

    I want my life to change. I want to start my own business and quit my job. I am tired of the bills and always getting by but never getting ahead.

    For me to do what I want to do I will need to round up some money and in a few months time will need to make the plunge to full-time business owner and quit my job.

    The problem is dealing with my wife. She does not share the same views that I do about business and taking the chances that an entrepreneur needs to take in order to succeed in business. Especially in this economy. Giving up my so called secure job right now would be just nuts.

    How do you deal with these circumstances and still keep a prosperous outlook, keep your dream alive and not fall back into the herd mentality and just give up?

  11. Mark says:

    Gary, Chris, hi.

    More or less a similar subject, yet here my comments ..

    it seems to me that you do not take yourself as seriously as you do your wife. Allow yourself the space to do what you believe in. If she loves you, she will give you the freedom to do that. If you cuff yourself or allow yourself to be cuffed, that is love’s voice in the background, it’s fear .. – of something. From your side, as well as from your wife. If you feel that that is what it is, then that it is that FOR YOU and you should (for)give yourself the freedom to follow your voice. It might challenge your – as well as your wife’s – inner system and throw some questions up, yet if it is love that is governing the relationship, then it will come out better than it was before. Believe in yourself and believe in your wife. These are often tests, if we can set our ego’s aside for the sake of (unconditional) love ..

    it seems to me, there is some element of self – acceptance, perhaps even self – forgiveness for something, that you are not allowing. Usually not letting go of something has to do with a fear .. of what lies beyond letting go .. what is making you kling to the situation you have ? what is making you fear looking deeper into a process ?.. or are you just fearing fear itself ? .. what is it ?
    Go into persuit of the process by, no matter what comes to the surface, tell yourself (and more importantly feel and mean it): “I honestly love and completely accept myself” .. if you really let it at you, you will need the comfort of these words .. trust in true, free love for yourself and from those around you .. and I am confident, you will find your way ..

    Take care and all the best


  12. Mark says:

    Oops, sorry Gary,
    there was a word missing in my last comment, so here’s the correction:

    … it seems to me that you do not take yourself as seriously as you do your wife. Allow yourself the space to do what you believe in. If she loves you, she will give you the freedom to do that. If you cuff yourself or allow yourself to be cuffed, that is


    love’s voice in the background, it’s fear .. – of something. From your side, as well as from your wife. If you feel that that is what it is, then that it is that FOR YOU and you should (for)give yourself the freedom to follow your voice. It might challenge your – as well as your wife’s – inner system and throw some questions up, yet if it is love that is governing the relationship, then it will come out better than it was before. Believe in yourself and believe in your wife. These are often tests, if we can set our ego’s aside for the sake of (unconditional) love ..

    Regards, Mark

  13. Hi,

    In the same line of the general idea I would like to bring a pair of quotes froma a very famous chinese philosopher:

    “Knowing is not enough, we must apply”

    “Willing is not enough, we must do”

    It says the same… Reading and getting more knowledge makes sense if we manifest something as a result of interiorization…

    The chinese philosopher could be watched in “Enter the Dragon” “Fist of Fury” and some other amazing movies… Bruce Lee

    Regards, Paco Carreño (Spain)

  14. Per Lindvall says:

    It is accepted more and more by the public these days that there is a law of attraction, and that where attention goes, energy flows.

    But there is a lesser known aspect to this.

    When people give their sympathy, respect, worship, or obedience to religious icons, celebrities, political figures, other people and certain events etc., they produce large amounts of energy which can be vacuumed up by certain structures and symbols which are often in close visual view.

    It appears that these ritual contracts don’t last long, and they need to be continually renewed.

    Two other little known spiritual laws are the law of notification and the law of consent. Beings have to post a notice much like when the government posts legal notices in the papers if they want to rule another one, and after that they have to get consent to seal the deal.

    Since people will not willingly give their consent to be ruled, deceptive maneuvers are carried out in order to gain consent.

    So, take a closer look at what you’re actually doing!

  15. Lorena says:

    Soon I”ll grow at the rate you are growing.
    Learning everyday and sure have plenty to learn from you man.
    Will take one action today based on what you wrote here.
    You have all my positive thought.
    great video on social networking as well

  16. Zhannur says:

    Sorry for offtopic
    But what do you think about what they say, the Europe, the government. They say that that the crisis happened because the capitaist economy was not regulated enough by government and such stuff.
    They say that capitalism is being too much free, that financial sphere is unleashed with irresponsable capitalists in the head.

  17. Cindy says:

    I know I still have a few of Randy’s questions to answer. But I think it’s not so much what you “do” as it is who you “be”. One’s intention can be a great driving force. Also an attitude of “getting” to do something instead of “having” to do something. What you resist, persists so if you “do” something grudgingly “in order to” get you to the result, stop. I agree with Randy’s other blogs about the Discipline of Happiness in that whatever you “do” or however you “be”, if it is not in goal of your pursuit of happiness, then it will not bring the results you are “wanting”.

    So I try to run my life in complete surrender of the what makes me feel good. Giving up the ego, to get out of my way and allow good things to happen. In my world, that relates to be completely open to universal guidance, giving up resistance allows the intuition to come through, allows one to be open to and recognize the subtle opportunities that come by. So often the voice of the resistance of others is so loud, the whisper can not be heard or the nudge felt. Discipline, principles, make a commitment and let the “how” show up as inspiration. Even if it’s just the commitment to get off the couch, make it, surrender to it, give up the old and embrace the new. It is refreshing and after this long winter, anything refreshing is welcome here.
    lovepeacejoy, C

  18. Jamie says:

    Hi Randy,

    Great article and AWESOME Go Diamond weekend. I was so at peace, I have no words to define the way I felt. Whatever it was, it felt right.

    Only one thing really holds me back now, or shall I say I’m holding myself back. Your question posed above, “Why am I still addicted to some things?” strikes the cord exactly for me. My addiction is nicotine and more than anything else, my psychological addiction to smoke. It sucks & it’s totally incongruent. I don’t even like it anymore.

    As part of my fitness & wellness goal moving forward I need to kick this dumb habit. I’m suspecting it’s more related to a need to fill some emptiness inside than anything else. Anyway, my quit date is 1st Mac 09. I’m declaring to you publicly so that I will hold myself accountable.

    I know why I got addicted though, it was to numb the loneliness I’ve been feeling since I was 18. But heck that was more than a decade ago and I am so done with it!

    I know you said you used to smoke…if i remember correctly, can you share a little on how you got yourself out of it without killing everyone around you?

    Love you lots for everything that you are. xoxo.

  19. Yes Randy!

    Super words of wisdom!!!


    The definition of luck is…

    When opportunity meets preparation.

    Luck as an acronym is

    L. laboring U. under C. correct K. knowledge

    Keep rockin’ our world Randy!!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!


  20. matthew alan says:

    …you will always gravitate toward that which you secretly most love.

    I admire the freedom of independent business person. I love alcohol. I am drawn to the bar business. I have been for 30 years and never act on it becasue it’s probably not a good thing for me to do.
    …Wherever you are now, you will rise, fall, or remain stuck, all decided by where your thoughts are. You can become as small as your addiction, or as great as your most dominant goal…

    So far I have choosen to remain stuck. I even tried sobriety and was successful for 5 years and still wanted to own a bar business.

    Even writing it sounds crazy.

  21. Brock says:

    Chris try using empowering questions once you have discovered the answers to randys rant above

    Why am I having the best life ever with the woman of my dreams (and describe)?

    Why am I effortlessly creating $40, 000 per month through multiple sources of income and ever increasing? Why do I always have at least $50, 000 in my accounts at any time?

    This directs the unconscious mind to find a solution and the answer shows up in our life when we take inspired action

  22. Brock says:

    Man up and live your dreams and your wife will respect you. She is testing your resolve and courage in the face of adversity

    A great book is David Deida The Way of the superior man.

    Try also “Why am I courageously stepping up to live my dreams and making it happen despite the odds?”

    No need to answer it redirects the unconscious mind and takes our foot off the brake

  23. Mia ~ says:

    well well well well well…..

    So any of these that you need to answer?

    Why haven’t I found my soul mate?
    ~ I guess coz I have been living out old patterns, experiences,
    inability to create new….

    What am I manifesting health challenges?

    ~ my health is mostly good, i refuse to get sick… although i have an issue with letting go, hence some tummy issues

    Why am I repeating dysfunctional relationships?

    ~ same as the first one maybe (actually I am manifesting no relationships to avoid pain/rejection)

    What is the reason I am still struggling financially?
    ~ I never struggle, I survive, I am studying, find it hard to save at the same time, but there is always an abundant flow of $$$ when i need it ~ just wish could manifest a considerable amount

    Why am I still addicted to some things?
    ~ because they serve as band aids… fillers

    What is the reason I still harbor low self-esteem?
    ~ pass

    Why am I still arguing for my limitations?
    ~ Pass

    Where to from here?
    …. mia

  24. Norm says:

    Having a plan or “budget” before going out on a date with my wife or going shopping (especially at the grocery store when I’m hungry for “something”) seems to be my best defense against overspending regrets. No matter how much I can afford to spend, if I go way over, it doesn’t feel so good.
    The other thing I’d do is to have a “slush fund” untouchable for those things that come up unexpectedly. Until that’s in place, I’d be careful about spending all the available cash. Credit cards cause you to spend your future security and sense of well-being. It’s better to be rich in those things than to have the appearance of being rich without them.


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