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Living from Your Core

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Living a life of peace and harmony comes from living within, not from without.  We have gratifications we live for, but those feed the external.  The higher spiritual state comes from living from your core.

Self-control and discipline are the mechanisms that allow you to emanate from your pure core.  The more you practice this self-control, the less swayed you will be by passion and grief.  As we talked in the recent posts on temptation, simply restraining passions is just the initial step.  That won’t take you to peace.  That comes from purification where your base natures are transmuted into intellectual and spiritual energy.  For more on this, read the chapter on sexual transmutation in “Think and Grow Rich.”

When you purify this lower nature you become strong and temptations lose their power over you.  This purification comes through thoughtful analysis, meditation and holy aspiration.  At this stage you let go of these desires and temptations and they lose their power over you.

Live from the outside and you drift lower and lower.  Get in touch with your core and you rise higher and higher.  We don’t like self-discipline because it seems painful at the start.  But stay true to it, and that is where peace and harmony can be found.

I hope you are holding positive thoughts and prayers for our brothers and sisters in Japan.  Please donate what you can to the relief efforts.  I’m about to leave Bangkok and heading to Prague.  I’ll check in from there.


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27 thoughts on “Living from Your Core

  1. David Wood says:

    Hey Randy,

    You can delete this link if you don’t think it relates, but today I just wrote a post on this very subject, and I think you’ll find it fascinating:

    I think that discipline is the only road to prosperity, happiness, and fulfillment in life. I always love reading your stuff man. Thanks.

    -David Wood

  2. Randy Gage says:

    Yes probably too much marketing there that would alienate some readers, but an interesting message.


    1. David Wood says:

      Lol. I suppose that’s true – it’s kind of funny, but I haven’t really changed my blog design since I put it up over a year ago.

      With how much money I’ve made from that stupid thing and how much traffic it gets, I really should throw a few thousand dollars at it and do a design revamp 🙂 Just been focused on other things.

      I like your blog design, it’s really slick – I showed it to a web-designer friend of mine as an example of a brilliant site for another (non blog related) project I’m working on.


      1. David Wood says:

        hey randy, been messing around with the blog design a bit, let me know if you like it bit better.

  3. Rocky Bradley says:

    Hey Randy!!!
    Excellent, As AlwayZ;o) One feels this came from the True Heart, How ’bout we create a new vocab and leave out/replace such words we’ve been taught like Fear, Hate, Regret, Doubt, Guilt and the list goes on and on….with new words… or better yet the true feelings within! It would make it alot easier for many, also those who are tired of this Habitrail they call Life, and btw if it’s a Rat Race like they’ve told us, wouldn’t the Winner be the Biggest Rat? Is that a Fame to Claim?

    I choose Not!!!

    Rock On Young Man!

    Cya, Shine

  4. Jack Foley says:

    Great Post Randy,,

    When u live from ur core, u live in a state of inspirtaion, when u live from the outside of ur core, u live in a state of desperation..

  5. Alison says:


    This message was divine timing for me. It has been quite some time since I have read Think and Grow Rich; in particular this chapter. I am going back to re-read and re-read this portion every day this week.

  6. Gabesuarez says:

    Yes sometimes is painfull. We you know that you must change. The fight is inside.
    As a proverb says: The man who beat another is stronger, the man who conquers himself is mighty.
    Another says, Without faith, you can lose the game when it’s almost won.
    I have prayed for our brothers and sisters in Japan, in these difficult hours. Let’s keep doing it. Randy thanks for making mention of them in your message of prosperity. Hugs

  7. Ann Sado says:

    Randy, Where are you holding your meeting in Prague? I have some very good friends there. Can you give me the exact date and details so I can let some of my Zonta Club friends know? Thank you very much,
    Ann Sado

    P.S. I was able to connect with my relatives in Aomori and know their safety. That made my day last night! Then, seeing “Amazing Grace” on screen, this blog really expresses what the main character in the film had to go through to abolish slave trade in England. You really need high principles and perseverance!

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Ann you can find that on your team site.


  8. Very interesting post Randy. You’ve got me thinking.

    I worry when we associate words like “purify” when discussing sexual energy. The suggestion is that sexual energy is not pure – just when we are learning to overcome the guilt complex deeply engrained by previous generations.

    Sexual energy is the energy of individual creation, and it is both pure and powerful.

    I agree that it can overpower and be mis-used. The answer is not to suppress it, or express it. But just “allow” it to be, and consciously direct it.

    Just as a certain energy in the body can be called either “fear” or “excitement”, so too can “sexual” energy be called “creative” or “achievement” energy. Imagine what could be accomplished with this flow of energy directed towards a goal.

    The point is, sexual energy should be considered a welcome energy in the body. And we can in any given moment choose how to direct it.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Agree with you totally.


  9. Randy,
    Living from your core is divine guidance and life is so much simpler.

    Thanks for the message and keeping people aware that there is so much more if we just tap into that internal energy.


  10. Annie says:

    You are talking about sublimation right? Using sexual energy for creativity and spiritual enlightenment? That is a good thing to do, and it helps yourself and the world. Yes, it requires discipline.

    Sexual sublimation is how I like to write, especially when I write songs. It is quite literally a force of nature. 🙂

    However, it seems a bit puritanical to say sex is a part of our lower nature and should be purified. Are you saying that? I don’t know, maybe not. I hope not. I suppose in some circumstances it could be, but certainly not all.

    We have lots of negativity, shame and guilt around sex, particularly in this country. Let’s celebrate sex too! I am going to go read “Sex Without Guilt”, by Albert Ellis, and “Women on Top” by Nancy Friday. Then I am going to write something. 🙂

    We women are sex goddesses, we just can’t help it. I think women probably need to hear this post less than men. I think women, just use sexual energy in positive ways naturally. We use it when we work, when we raise our children, in how we love our friends. Women need to channel their sex energy more into having great sex. And, men need to see women, all women as sexual beings and not sexual objects for their own personal satisfaction.

    I’m starting to not like the direction some of these posts are taking. I feel women are being shamed. I’m not sure I can fully explain that, but it is how I feel.

    I do think it is nice for men and women to have positive sexual experiences, and use their energy to create. Viva la Passion!

    1. Randy Gage says:

      No I’m not saying that. I would agree with Deborah above.


      1. Annie says:

        Okay, I didn’t think so. That living from the core to me, seems difficult to do everyday. What about most of the time, and when we slip up, we just enjoy and forgive ourselves. Then we can live from our core better the next day.

        Speaking of living in the core. You are in Vaclav Havel land. If it is still there, and you are so inclined, have a cup of coffee for me at the Cafe Slavia. And if you do, pretend you are a writer friend of Vaclav’s, and you are conspiring together how to rid Czech people of Communist rule. And, if I got to be there, I would pretend to be Olga, the actress. Thanks.

        PS If you are not with others, and you are pretending, keep the talking to yourself to a minimum. I find this way you don’t distress the people around you so much.

  11. Hi Randy,

    As within, so without.

    Live from your core and you are less concerned or affected by circumstances. The truth comes from your core and with improved listening skills life becomes infinitely more simple as outward living complexities dissolve.

    Thanks for sharing!


  12. Mary-Ellen says:

    One of the most distinquished of psychiatrists, Dr. Carl Jung says in his book, Modern Man In Search For A Soul, pg. 264,” diring the past 30 years, people from all the civilized countries of the earth have consulted me. I have treated many hundreds of patients. Among all my patients in the second half of life, that is to say, over thirty five, there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life. It is safe to say that everyone of them fell ill because he had lost that which the living religions of every age have given to their followers, and none of them has been really healed who did not regain his religious outlook.
    I believe faith is one of the forces by which men live, and the total absence of it means collapse.

  13. Justin says:

    It’s true that self-discipline is the road to freedom even though it would seem that the opposite is true.

  14. Lene Jytte Hansen says:

    I agree it is good with self-controll and discipline, and good comes from that. But don’t we always live from within? It’s just a difference if we are controlled by the negative or in controll of the positive, wich requires your awareness of what is there.


  15. Dariusz says:

    Hi Randy.
    I have been following your articles and videos for some time and I find your knowledge and experience very useful. Great job, thank you!

    Pity you do not write in Polish (I write from Poland) – those messages should be definitely available for my folks im our native language 🙂

    Do you agree to translate some of your articles and forward them to Polish folks?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Yes please spread the word! Thanks, RG

      1. Jacalyn says:

        You’ve really irmpeessd me with that answer!


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