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Is Desire Good or Bad?

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

a/k/a Zen and the Art of Manifestation Maintenance

I just watched a moving holiday video from a charity I support (which will remain nameless).   It was gripping, emotional, and absolutely filled with negative memes.  While I love that charity and what they are trying to accomplish, I can’t promote that video because it’s so riddled with subliminal programming about lack and limitation.

Asceticism tells us the secret to happiness is reducing our desires.  And I’ve written often about the hypocritical and damaging programming of many organized religions on the subjects of money and material things.  I have a Buddhist text I’m reading right now, and one of the aphorisms in it reads, “How bitter life is when we have desires!  Our demands on others will bring us endless misery.”


Just take a minute and really process that statement.  The Marxist-Leninist connotations of this are simply mind-blowing.  (And if you believe Communism is actually prosperous for the masses, you’re reading the wrong blog.)  A little later in the text (written by a highly-esteemed Buddhist nun) it says, “If we can reduce our desires, there is nothing really worth getting upset about.”

Well that’s true.  Of course it would also mean there is nothing really worth getting passionate about either.  My take on all this:  Sometimes it’s good to get upset and some things are worth getting upset about – just as some things deserve getting passionate about them.

My self-imposed sabbatical has been liberating and illuminating for me is so many ways.  And a perfect environment to study the role of money and material things in happiness and meaning.

It is frequently said that the first step on the path to Buddhism is to lesson our desires and be content with what we have.  And I believe any philosophy of gratitude for what you possess will certainly take you closer to prosperity.  Unless you carry it to extreme and believe that happiness comes from a linear path of downgrading your desires.  The journey down that path usually leads only to mediocrity.

You will see a similar arc in service to others: To willingly undergo hardship or sacrifice for the sake of helping others is love and compassion in action.  To do it all the time is dysfunctional – and likely the symptom of larger, unaddressed worthiness issues.

Please.  Have compassion and be generous.  And make sure you include yourself in that.  Because if I have learned anything after studying prosperity for 25 years, it is this:

The single biggest threat to your success you will ever face, is thinking small. 

As I reflect on my life (thus far), I’ve experienced many things that have brought me great happiness.  Simple sunsets, walks on the beach or gazing at the stars can bring you peace, harmony and joy.  So can the joy of firing up a sports car engine, being front row at an amazing concert, or watching one of those sunsets from the balcony of an ocean front suite in Tahiti or Fiji.  Think big and don’t just limit yourself to the free things, or forsake all the material things.

There is much to be said for discontent and dissatisfaction…

When properly channeled those emotions drive us to have more, do more and especially, become more.

The sabbatical is right for me because I reached a place in my life where I was beginning to feel my things owned me, instead of the other way around.  That’s why I felt the need to uproot, start with a blank canvas and begin writing a new chapter in my life.

But make no mistake:  I’m certainly not living as an ascetic.  I’m building a new home, surrounding myself with beautiful works of art, and collecting many new and exquisite things.  But those things don’t define me or own me; they simply bring more joy, harmony and prosperity into my life.

The holiday season is not about Black Friday sales, buying HD televisions, and going into debt.  I hope you celebrate it in a style and custom that brings yet more abundance into your life.  Spend some time with family and friends who bring joy into your life.  Support Toys for Tots or similar charities that provide help to the less fortunate.  Make a call, send an email, or pay a personal visit to someone who needs it.  Think who you know who might be “orphaned” this time of year and invite them to a gathering.

In addition, please give yourself permission to celebrate the material things that enhance the lives of you and yours… 

As you look towards the New Year, kick start your ambition, set some big goals, and develop more desires.  If those desires are congruent with your purpose in life, they will take you closer to prosperity, not further away from it.

A person with a generous heart lives a blessed life and celebrates every day as a holiday.  And a person with a dream in their heart is striving for something more, and thus truly living each day as a holiday as well.

And that is my holiday wish for you!


Randy Gage is the author of nine international bestsellers, including, Why You’re DUMB, SICK & BROKE, and How to Get SMART, HEALTHY and RICH!  When he’s not fighting the forces of evil, or locked in his lonely writer’s garret, you’ll probably find him playing third base on a softball field somewhere.

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74 thoughts on “Is Desire Good or Bad?

  1. Bob_Ishida says:

    Hi Randy! Thank you for the post. I really am happy what I have and do and be. Also I am very happy to have desires which make me grow and prosperous. Have another prosperous year of 2014!

  2. lynnhuber says:

    Great post Randy!  I am kick starting my ambition, setting some big goals, and developing more desires!  Merry Christmas to you my friend!

  3. Joe Lee says:

    Desire brings upon improvement. When one no longer desire, he no longer feels, no longer passionate about life. It may seem like a paradox. To be contented with what we have yet desire to be better. Actually it’s not a paradox, because we humans are complicated beings. We can have mixed emotions, happy and upset at the same time. 
    In fact having the desire to be better can raise the whole of humanity to a new level. Imagine if our ancestors are not driven by desire, many technologies wouldn’t happen.

  4. iceburner says:

    The way, the path, the get EVERYTHING you want, is want what you got. Once upon a time, nearly every fabulous wonderful ‘thing’ I had arrived and left quickly. The best times were short and exhilarating.  When I wondered what all the other ‘stuff’ that never seemed to disappear was about I was told I kept it around by not wanting it, by resisting it in some way.  Appreciation, gratitude and joy for all of it, seems to ‘disappear’ all of it only for it to be replaced by more and better.  I live a really great life getting better all the time.  Thanks for making your life work!! Thanks for being on point.

  5. ryan303fitness says:

    Desire is what creates life. Desire is what impells the life blood of the universe to flow through us and express the passion of our magnificent creator… no desire, no universe. Resistance and lack of faith are what we want to diminish, not the fuel of creation aka desire. Thanks randy!!

  6. LarryHochman says:

    It’s very simple, if we didn’t have desire…if we were perfectly peaceful and content, there would be no need to be alive in human form. We could simply jump back into source. Personally, I have some things to do. Desire is cool. So is this article. So are you, Randy!  🙂

  7. mrskarmakomodia says:

    I have been  frustrated lately,…My son is so entrenched in a negative lifestyle that I had to walk away and just leave him to be Mr. Negativity incorporated.. He is attracted to the negative and I am NOT.  We are not compatible. So my DESIRE to have a healthy relationship with my son has caused me natural grief.   I am a sharpshooter when it comes to the DELETE button..But it’s hard on the heart to be ruthless with your own son,  And don’t be thinking I want your pity. As if. 

    SORROW is Not abnormal nor something one should” PROSPERITY THINK AWAY” and neither is true compassion..  We do need to rid ourselves of wallowing in pity parties and  manipulative tactics to make others feel guilty. But there are some true concerns I have about the DENIAL of hardships that people actually suffer that can and should be addressed..

     I also have a really difficult time wrapping my head around the MEME that I somehow desired my son to become a JUNKIE.  That is another MEME that I refuse to swallow.. 
    Is desire a bad thing? It can be..Depends on your desires. Don’t get me wrong. I am a FAN OF RANDY’S approach to life.  i have desires galore and I have been making big and little dreams happens since I was a kid…
    Lose the losers, the whiners, the dirt bags, the users, move on and GET Happy..
    But let’s not forget that there are people who suffer due to ignorance and negligence.  Is it wrong to want everyone to have a decent life.?  I DESIRE THAT.  But my idea of what is  a great life may not be the same as others. I don’t camp and I don’t want  a yacht..  
     Maybe Rand can start a MOVIE company that creates MEMELESS FILMS..   Problem is . People are full of memes. Did you ever notice that the word MEME..  IS TWO ME’S… Crammed together.  Something to ponder eh?

  8. ryan303fitness says:

    your son may be your greatest teacher. Maybe not. Our reactions to life are ours to direct. “The end of all wisdom is love, love, love.” Ramana maharshi.
    Give give give… then give some more. The sun never says to earth, you owe me 😉

  9. RG, to start with I would correct you on your Buddhism — You can’t simply take one translated line and paraphrase it to signify the quintessence of the whole philosophy.  Not fair. First of all the primary goal of Buddhism is enlightenment. So trying to connect that to ‘prosperity’ mindset is comparing sheep with goats.
    However, you might want to know that the world’s oldest philosophy is Hinduism. You might be surprised to know that the core essence of Hinduism is to lead a life filled with joy and playfulness. Just like the universe is actually a playful existence, human life should imbibe the traits. Krishna reflects the traits of joyous and playful existence.
    The word for ‘lack’ in Sanskrit is ‘Abhaav’ . The opposite of it is ‘bhaav’, which translates to ‘intention’.  The whole of Hindu philosophy revolves around this ‘bhaav’. Our universe as the image of what we consciously intend. Desires are good. Greed is bad ( sorry Mr Douglas). Hinduism has the goddess of prosperity and abundance. Not sure there is a similar example anywhere.

  10. mrskarmakomodia It can be INCREDIBLY hard to see your loved ones do things that do not match your ideals. But hey- This is your problem, not his. Why do you want your son to conform to your ideas? I know, maybe he is doing the absolute evil things with his life. So what– You can’t control it. Besides, just like you had a chance to make mistakes and see through them, your son DESERVES the right to make his own mistakes and rise above them. It’s his battle, I am afraid, and your part is to be there when he needs you. You can’t intervene or advice unsolicited.
    I have heard the saying and I love it when I look at my small kids- ‘The biggest gift a parent can give to his children is the freedom to live their life they way they want to.’ I am afraid, at times they live a life that’s just not right.
    DOn’t worry…it causes negative vibes between you two. Loving unconditionally is a hard thing to do.


  11. Randy_Gage says:

    BobBurg Mad love, brother.

  12. Boycie says:

    May the force be with you always

  13. mikeandliz2003 says:

    In a world in which common sense has long since departed, it’s refreshing to know that some remnants still exist …

  14. Olena Sambul says:

    many desires detached from reality. one desire keeps in focus. most importantly – keep positive and calm, and to be the focus of the goal. then reality exceeds expectations.

  15. Great remark, Randy! As you said in many previous messages: Money doesn’t buy happiness, neither does poverty! 🙂

  16. Leeloo says:

    It was great to hear from you, ….wishing you happy Holidays, Randy!

    if the lines of the Buddhism would have stated to not have too many wishes at once but rather put them in a row and work on all of them one after the other, their message would be clearer (to me) and maybe even more adjustable to life in the 21st century –

  17. Lea Sedan says:

    doesn’t buy happiness, neither does poverty! :)”
    Generally one who has a dollar wants
    two even if he has scads of money
    it isn’t enough to some persons
    I prefer to live life of creative desire,
    which gives the meaning to
    the life. Creative desire gives the
    motivation to act toward a
    meaningful goal ,and makes the life

  18. Turiya says:

    Dear Randy, I am not an expert on Buddhism, but to my understanding, their aim is to prepare for life after this one, for Nirvana. The Nirvana is understood to be the top bliss ever achieved and greatest material joy, happiness, achievement (you name it) cannot even compare to it.
    If you desire something material, you are unhappy, because you do not have. When you get the thing, you fear you might lose it. And when you actually lose it, there is a misery again. Thus Buddha says: “The only effort of any intelligent person in this world ought to be to know something, which cannot be destroyed by death.“
    Now, if Nirvana exists (who knows) and if being free from desires brings you there, then giving up material things/desires is the most noble goal of all, isn´t it? And most selfish one as well.
    After all, you yourself state: “Sometimes you must say ‘no’ to the good stuff, so that later you can say ‘yes’ to the best stuff!”

  19. Turiya says:

    Dear Randy, I am not an expert on Buddhism, but to my understanding, their
    aim is to prepare for life after this one, for Nirvana. The Nirvana is
    understood to be the top bliss ever achieved and greatest material joy, happiness,
    achievement (you name it) cannot even compare to it.
    If you desire something material, you are unhappy, because you do not
    have. When you get the thing, you fear you might lose it. And when you actually
    lose it, there is a misery again. Thus Buddha says: “The only effort of any
    intelligent person in this world ought to be to know something, which cannot be
    destroyed by death.“
    Now, if Nirvana exists (who knows) and if being free from desires brings you there,
    then giving up material things/desires is the most noble goal of all, isn´t it?
    And most selfish one as well.
    After all, you yourself state: “Sometimes you must say ‘no’ to the
    good stuff, so that later you can say ‘yes’ to the best stuff!”

  20. Hello Randy,
    The single biggest threat to your success you will ever face, is thinking small. 

    I think the wish inside everybody is big – but only for seconds or a part of it. Through the thinking we make it small. Try to prolongate the seconds into minutes and look what happens.
    I wish Merry Christmas 
    Rainer Proksch

  21. Jonathan1 says:

    I’m sure we’ve all read “Think and Grow Rich” and Hill emphasizes that desire is one of the KEY elements we MUST incorporate in order to ‘grow rich’. And then there’s over doing things. As you came to realize yourself, collecting more and more and more doesn’t make you happy; in fact as you’ve so astutely stated, you become a slave to ‘more’. Gratitude is our connection to power (Wallace Wattles) and being grateful for EVERY blade of grass, a sunny day, the roof over our heads, family, friends, love, Joy and possibility is where our focus must be. And the highest and best good we can achieve begins with US individually. I agree completely that being in service, when our own needs may not have been met yet is unproductive. Having recently read “Anthem” again, it became crystal clear we MUST put our own happiness FIRST. And for the record, my dream grows all the time..I AM THE DREAM. Thanks Randy.. as always very profound even if I don’t agree with verse and phrase 🙂

  22. million dollar says:

    Great to hear from you again Randy !

    I also start with a blank canvas in my life. 2014 is going to be my year.
    Think big !

  23. Cindy O'Connell says:

    I do understand what those spiritual teachings are trying to do, but I agree, they unfortunately keep us thinking that being less, being small, means we are better people and more spiritual. However, is it not God who designed us and also designed us to have desire? Without desire, the human race would have died a long time ago. Desire was placed inside of us by God, and to deny that is just crazy. To harness greed, worship of money and things, is a wise thing, and should be practiced by both rich AND poor, but I want to be one who lives with desire and passion. Otherwise, I would never have found Kurt 🙂

  24. Randy_Gage says:

    @TuriyaYes there are many who interpret Buddhism this way, sacrificing happiness in this life on the bet that there is a better deal in the afterlife.  And I consider that is even more crazy and dysfunctional. 


  25. Randy_Gage says:

    Hersh BhardwajI agree Hersh, I am not trying to take one phrase and paraphrase it to signify the quintessence of the whole Buddhist philosophy.  What I am doing is highlighting incongruities in the way that philosophy is presented by many – and the dangerous subliminal messages those interpretations contain.  
    And yes, I am quite familiar with Hinduism.  I applaud those who believe the core essence to be a life filled with joy, but in actually,
    Hinduism is a wide mix of many philosophical points of
    view, originating from Vaishnavism, Shaktism. Shaivism,
    and other mystical superstitions, as opposed to a common set of beliefs among its
    one billion followers.

  26. Marian Buštík says:

    Prosperita je pozitivní a plná hojnosti. Ano mnohé charity a nadace jsou opravdu prošpikovené nedostatkem, zlobou, a negativními slovy.

  27. Anonymrockstar says:

    It`s simple. Money is result of giving value to other people. More given value = more money (for pleasure or giving away). If someone does not want to benefit to society he is A-hole. Period.

  28. SELO says:

    Randy_GageHersh Bhardwaj — That exactly is what makes Hinduism a better religion than anything; the freedom to interpret the Universe through your ———– tinted glass. There cannot be an absolute view of anything. Everything that we perceive will  be relative to our  limited knowledge, experiences, perceptions and so and so forth; which is absolutely right from ones point of view. But the view from the other side need not be the same – something similar to the five blind men who ‘saw” the elephant– each one is right in his own way and yet the Elephant– the Universe– is much more than that ‘seen’ by them. 

    Hinduism allows one to interpret ‘IT” in ones one way, “as opposed to a common set of beliefs among its
    one billion followers”. Great

  29. SELO says:

    Buddhism is not about eschewing desires. 
    It is a lot about compassion. It is therefore wrong to compare it with something as mundane as ‘owning’ stuff esp. money. As you have highlighted in many places.. happiness is not about owning stuff, the title may be with you… for a limited period of time, but then you keep moving on without getting stuck with that ‘Title’. 

    Having Compassion– for all including you,  would be a better way of interpreting Buddhism rather than eschewing desire completely.

  30. Bitrus Diffa says:

    It’s good but don’t be selfish, prideful or malicious.

  31. maryellen514 says:

    I hit the send button before I could finish my grocery story, so if anyone is interested, here’s the end.
    So I give this mom the money and told her that I could see that she was in a place where I had been. I told her that I believed God put me in that place at that time to bless her. I wished her a blessed holiday season. She could not even speak as I continued down the isle. You don’t get to do things like that unless you have more than enough. You can’t be a blessing to others if your barns are not full. So I guess the moral of my story is, Embrace money, use your God given talent and put it to work. Don’t wait until you are senile before you use your mind and talents to passionately become the person God so uniquely made you to be. Don’t buy the crap about settling. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it. And don’t point fingers, especially the middle one, at the guy driving the Bentley. We all have a choice to make each and every day and I believe that we all make up our minds to be as happy or as miserable as we choose to be.

  32. Bashir Mahmud says:

    It is good to have desire who are those that said it’s not good, comments are coming later am about to sleep.

  33. HomebizTrainer says:

    Great to hear from you as always.  Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. “Gratitude is the only assurance for abundance.”

  34. maryellen514 says:

    Thanks Mr. Home Biz. I would agree with your quote and if you will allow me to add to it, ” It’s in the ability to humble ourselves, that we find gratitude and gratitude in it’s purest form is about love, and love in it’s truest form is knowing God. When you understand how much God loves you, it’s the beginning of the transformation. If you get quiet and look around, you can see God in everything. From that perspective, nothing is threatening, nothing is lacking, and abundance is there. It all starts with the seeds we choose to sow.

  35. maryellen514 says:

    You know, I’ve been reflecting on my life, reading this blog on ” Is desire good or bad”. The only way I think this question can truly be answered is by asking ourselves what desire means to us. Desire for me, used to mean, having all the things I thought would bring me happiness. Then, once you get all those things that you jump through a million different hoops to get, you ask yourself, “is this all there is?”. You wake up one day, surrounded by people who text you to go to Maryland for Crabcakes in their private jets, after you so excitedly agree, and fumble through your closet of Armani, thinking that if you don’t look just right, they might kick you out of the club. Then you reflect on how crappy the crab cakes were, how ungentlemanly the company was, and how lonely you still felt after it all. Then if you are one of the blessed ones, you start questioning everything. You start to understand that you are exactly where you are because it was exactly what you wanted.
    Not looking to depress anyone, it’s been a great ride but ultimately you learn from all your life experiences. The relationships that were all wrong, the time that was wasted, and you at some point, come to the end of yourself. That’s where the miracles happen. When you get out of the way and realize that desires are God given emotions. It’s what the desire is, that steers the ship. If our hearts are not true, the passion will only lead to destruction. It will just be one more lesson to learn. One more tragedy to overcome. But…… If our hearts are sincere, and our love is genuine, then the passion that evolves from that will only be good….because it ultimately will lead to a place where we can say….. Thank you God,

  36. PeterGHorrill says:

    Prosperity consciousness relates we should become the “master” of our divine desires rather than the “slave” of desires, nest-ce pas?

  37. angels510 says:

    Reading “Is Desire Good or Bad?” via Randy_Gage

  38. Pooja Basu says:

    Desire is beautiful, the root of all energy, the root of all ultimate manifestation. Like electricity it can be used in any direction – to cook a meal that sustains life or to end a human life in an electric chair!

  39. Lea Sedan says:

    one who isa “slave” of his
    he can’t control and manage them
    like an addicted to drugs

  40. PeterGHorrill says:

    Lea SedanIf you are NOT currently a slave to your desires, you would have manifested Unlimited prosperity such as Randy Gage has done..
    and you could manifest whatever you want
    “at will”  and writing a blog like RG’s Prosperity blog ~ I’m talking about a much deeper knowledge & understanding of “original being & divine mind”, and the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

  41. Lea Sedan says:

    PeterGHorrillLea Sedan
    ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve- Napoleon Hill . i like anyone else, could  manifest whatever i want “at will,it’s depend on what   and how much,time mony and so on, which i am willing to invest and dedict for getting  my dreams to ecome reality.When someone has a motivation to act toward a goal,anything is posible.The sky is the limit.

  42. PeterGHorrill says:

    Lea SedanPeterGHorrill Study these two books by Charles Filmore: Prosperity & The Twelve Powers of Man
    These books are crucial to your understanding of your “prosperity powers” and manifesting your dreams.
    The only lack is the “lack of appropriation”.. understand “appropriation”, that is the key.

    if manifesting is dependant on , (quoting you)  and how much,time mony and so on..
    it’s not manifesting “at will”

  43. Lea Sedan says:

    PeterGHorrillLea Sedan
    Thank you for your advice.Tt’s always good to learn something new and interesting 
    I am looking for these books in the internent and Amazon.

  44. PeterGHorrill says:

    Lea SedanPeterGHorrillYour very welcome Lea!   There a recent link to the twelve powers book, on my twitter  posts. you’re welcome to follow me on twitter peterghorrill

    I bought both books for under 5$ a ebooks through amazon for example.. such an amazing wealth of knowledge!  ` A GOLD MINE!

    I consider these both (any books by Charles Fillmore) as equall to “As A Man Thinketh”, (by James Allen) which you got to get for your library!
    What you don’t know about the law of Prosperity, you can really gain much in lack of understanding from all these books, as well of course from Randy Gage’s Prosperity cd’s & books. 🙂

  45. Sanjay sharma says:

    Happy Holidays mr Gage

  46. Sanjay sharma says:

    Watling for pics of your new Home

  47. HomebizTrainer says:

    maryellen514 I believe in a loving god that is omni present and all knowing.  Due to my programming of a judgemental god from a very young age it took many years to get to the understanding of an all loving god.  Thanks for sharing.

  48. maryellen514 says:

    HomebizTrainermaryellen514 Me too. I had so much religious babble and tradition and sin consciousness shoved down my throat, it’s a wonder I was able to study the bible and educate myself on the truth. I too believe in an Omni present and all knowing God. And yes I believe by faith in the unseen but I have also experienced so many beautiful manifestations along the way that have made me fully aware of God. I may be alone, but I’m never alone. I feel the presence of God always with me.

  49. DeeAirey says:

    I loved the article xx

  50. Lea Sedan says:

    PeterGHorrillLea Sedan
    Thank you very much. i read the book “As A Man Thinketh”, (by James Allen).becaus Randy Gage recomwnded on it in his blog,It’s excellent book.

  51. Annieb says:

    Randy, I like how you answered the question you posed.  This is what I got from the post, that desire is good it helps us to grow, and live a better life.  Desire is only bad if it enslaves us.  I think Buddhist principle is about living in the present, and when we do that we are better able to understand our desires, and work towards the ones that will bring us the most good.
    I don’t hate what I believe communist theory to be, because I view communist theory as a way to also save ourselves.  It is also selfish to be communist, in my opinion (selfish in the Ayn Rand manner) because by raising up the masses to a higher form of living benefits us all.  I don’t think it behooves any of us though to try to be the same or for everyone to have the same. I believe in benefitting from effort and talent.
    Having said that, no communist county before now and those currently existing actually practice true communism, just as we here in America don’t practice true democracy.  Anyway, I have learned so much from you and your blog, not that I am a communist, but I still definitely have socialist leanings.  🙂

  52. dennijordanrealtor says:

    Excellent blog Randy. There are a lot of mind viruses out there and we have to really discern who we allow to give us information. I am becoming more and more of a critical thinker as I get older.

  53. I understand the word desire translates as “of the father” 

  54. PeterGHorrill says:

    Really intrigueing, healthy conversation happening here!  Totally appreciative of this platform RG..

    we need more conversations like this throughout the world.  It reminds me of an affirmation: (which begins) Jesus Christ is now here, raising me up to HIS consciousness of the omnipresent God substance, and my prosperity is assured.. (etc) ref: Prosperity by Charles Fillmore

  55. PeterGHorrill says:

    Matt Shorty Wells Interesting to know, thanks!

  56. PeterGHorrill says:

    Lea Sedan I’m very happy I could provide info that’s conduscive to you attracting “prosperity consciousness”.. 
    kudos to you for having the interest and energy to self evolve and “self direct” on the right path!

  57. leslieespaillat says:

    An example that comes to mind about desire is Mother Teresa. She was a Superstar Marketing whiz who made her dreams come true. She knew it took lots of greens (and I’m not talking about vegetables) to accomplish her desire to help others. She left a legacy because of desire.

  58. Lea Sedan says:

    PeterGHorrillLea Sedan
    Nice to hear from yoy.
    This post is full of comments,i think Randy Gage  will be contents,pleased to read all of them.

  59. souravghosh says:

    Yes! This question confused me for a long time. Being born and brought up in a religious middle class Indian family, wanting more has always been discouraged. Most of the religious texts suggested to let go of all desires. But I found it strange that the God portrayed in these texts didn’t seem to let go all kinds of desires. I’m glad then I got right guidance from different people, who taught me the real Indian spiritual philosophy – to be a ‘Rajarshi’ which means being Raja (King) in your outer world and Rishi ( saint) in your inner world. I could relate to this philosophy observing most successful people on earth. 
    I kept learning more about prosperity when I started following people like Randy sir. Now I can feel in my heart that true success is being abundant in every areas of our lives. Letting go of all desires to get peace seems like taking the easier path or staying in the comfort zone. What’s the point in living that life without any aim or goal or passion? Is that living or just existing?

  60. souravghosh says:

    leslieespaillat You reminded me one of her amazing lines “If you want to help the poor, first make sure you are not one of them.” 🙂

  61. souravghosh says:

    dennijordanrealtor Right you are! As Richard Bach said in his book “Hypnotizing Maria” – everyone is trying to hypnotize us every single moment in our lives. And whom we allow to hypnotize us, program our mind determines the quality of our lives.

  62. souravghosh says:

    Sanjay sharma Yes! Me too 🙂

  63. souravghosh says:

    You are right Poojadi. Your example reminded me of what Bob Proctor said in the movie ‘The Secret’. Btw what do you think of common perception of ‘desire’ in our country? Don’t you think our religions have brainwashed people into believing there is something spiritual in being poor? 
    [ P.S. I was checking your Facebook profile. Found that you are a writer! That’s great. Can I get connected & have some tips on writing and book publishing? Only if it’s okay with you. Btw beautiful Christmas pic 🙂 ]

  64. souravghosh says:

    Randy_Gage Greatest gambling ever. Wish people wake up from this brainwashing one day.

  65. Lea Sedan says:

    are a ‘Rajarshi’ which means being Raja (King) in your outer world and Rishi (
    saint) in your inner world
    Oliver’s wrote a book about natural selling, which was a best seller book.In
    this book there is a good saying like this,God wants youbeing rich and prosperous,it means that you
    all of you are allowed to desire to be prosperous persons

  66. Sanzhar says:

    Hello Dear Randy!
    All this time i was thinking particularly about this topic. And i would like to share some of my ideas with every interested person. First, Desire – is an engine of your dream or highest form of it. That something which drives you and at the time, something which strengthens you; Second – ca be desire bad? Yes, if your dreams (i`m sorry) will be unrealistic comparing to your current possiblities. And if you will keep “dreaming”  like this, you may hurt your soul and that my friends may lead you to long depression or self-delusion. Third – how to put yourself in a flow? I think it`s simple, there`s always a starting point in your life, no need to spend long hours on how to find it. Just radically change the way you used to think about prosperity and your place in this life, quote from this topic: THINK BIG AND ONLY BIG!!!!! For GOD sake, precious life is given to us, to take and try so much ways, methods of how to become RICH, financially independent and etc. IMHO, to think Small – is a Sin no better than poverty. I mean, to think low is a resign from GOD gave opportunities. So be more active and probably most biggest challenge is to find will and courage within yourself to implement positive innovations in your life! 
    And i truly wish to all of you – INFINITE PROSPERITY BOTH MENTAL AND MATERIALISTIC!!! 
    Talking about abundance, i highly recommend to read or listen Jacque Fresco`s books and interviews. I`m pretty sure, you`ll gonna like it! For me most interesting was – resource based economy and future views on that issue. For example, when you pick a fruit from a tree, it doesn`t demand any payment from you. And as a major hope – one day when science will create an apparatus like “Replicator” from Star Trek, that day will be an End of the scarcity!
    Just think of it!!!!! :))
    p.s. your friend Sanzhar
    and ughh …. sorry for my english )))

  67. Benjamin Wakeman says:

    I don’t think you’re taking the word to it’s fullest depths. Desire causes many, many problems in the world. To love, to wish, and to want are not the same as to desire. Desire can push a person to insanity, it induces jealousy, anger, and unhappiness. 
    You speak of buddhism, Marx, and Lenin, yet nothing about the Bible, where desire is talked about a great deal. (I hold no affiliations)
    I believe you can enjoy your possessions without desire, therefor I don’t understand your point. I like my art, limited edition vinyl, books, comics, my TV, computer, but have they all come to me from desire? I could say I need them, but that would be false, I really enjoy them, learn, and have fun with them.
    Desire creeps in when someone’s neighbour’s car is bigger, or that woman has a certain handbag you don’t. Desire is not about wanting to be happy, and not to have to need anything, desire is about what you can’t have. For me it’s about feeling you have less than others, and deserve more.
    So you say desire is good, I disagree respectfully, but would argue that our understanding of the word is somewhat different. I understood (maybe wrongly) that you put passion and desire together. I ‘see’ what you mean, they sometimes go together, they can both be as damaging as they are pleasing, but I wouldn’t mistake them both as similar.
    Desire can eat away at a person. This is the desire I talk about. I should shut up now!

  68. Richard says:

    Well said Randy Gage. As I have always told my students that “When a well know yoga guru says: when the mind sheds it desires, it finds the sweetness of peace and bliss,” which I find as a typical eastern Yoga attitude that is blindly accepted as truth from their guru or from ancient Yoga and Buddhist texts. In my case I have proven over a lifetime that desire is good, it has been the engine for change in my life and I have proven over and over that desire is even more advantageous when I am not attached to the outcome.

  69. John Williams says:

    I don’t hate what I believe communist theory to be, because I view
    communist theory as a way to also save ourselves.  It is also selfish to
    be communist, in my opinion (selfish in the Ayn Rand manner) because by
    raising up the masses to a higher form of living benefits us all.  I
    don’t think it behooves any of us though to try to be the same or for
    everyone to have the same. I believe in benefitting from effort and

  70. Andy Hardy says:

    I think the wish inside everybody is big – but only for seconds or a
    part of it. Through the thinking we make it small. Try to prolongate the
    seconds into minutes and look what happens.

  71. Dmorts says:

    Hi Benjamin, you seem to be only looking at the negative aspects of desire. Desire is part of the creative process which is “desire, belief and expectation’. We are creative beings and the process begins with desire. As we have seen there are those that will abuse it but that does not mean it is all bad and something we should avoid.

  72. Jolly B says:

    I either believe and/or have heard it said, that this use of the word “desire” being considered in a detrimental sense would really be more accurately termed “expectations” in our connotative understanding of the word.


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