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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

As most of you know, I’m currently on a sabbatical, wandering the world, following the sun and my creative muse, devoted to an intense period of self-development and personal growth.  The creative energy is electric, and the sequel to Risky Is the New Safe is coming together in ways that are amazing and unexpected.  (And if you’re serious about prosperity, I hope you have already read “Risky” at least twice.) 

My most recent stop was the National Speakers Association Convention in Philadelphia, where I received the Nido Qubein Lifetime Philanthropy Award and was also inducted into the Speaking Hall of Fame.   So it was a charmed week and got me thinking a great deal about what living rich is all about.  I miss you guys a lot and thought this would be a great topic for another postcard.

Here’s my take on what it really takes to live rich:

Go After Amazing

Society wants to beat the amazing out of you. You’re surrounded by people who will give you permission to stay the way you are.  You’ll get lots of advice to play it safe, don’t take chances, and confirm to the way everyone else does things.  Most of those people mean well, but their advice is not going to take you where you want to go.

To live a rich life, you have to challenge yourself and go after BIG dreams.  You have to take risks and be willing to fail, knowing that even in those failures, you will be learning lessons, developing character, and moving closer to your goals.  The guy or gal who attempts to climb the mountain and fails to reach the summit, still lives a richer life than the person who stays home watching it on TV.

Your gift – the ability to be amazing – is still inside you. You just have to decide you’re not willing to settle for mediocrity any more.

Give Selfishly

Ayn Rand is best known for her seminal works, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.  But perhaps her most brilliant work was a collection of essays titled, The Virtue of Selfishness.  Like Rand, I see the word as defining enlightened self-interest.  As I shared with the audience when I received the philanthropy award, I give a great deal to many different causes, but do so for a very selfish reason:  the joy it brings me.

If you see your main purpose in life as serving others, you probably have a very low opinion of yourself, and have worthiness issues that haven’t been resolved.

People who spend their existence worrying solely about the needs of others and not themselves are not noble, benevolent, and spiritual.  They are just crazy.  People who don’t look after their own needs first, really can’t help others in a healthy way.  They can console them, participate in their drama, or enable their co-dependence, but they can’t offer them real, meaningful help.

Want to save the world?  Great, it needs all the help it can get.   Start by making sure your own needs are met first.  Get the money thing out of the way.  Get yourself in a position of strength – and you’ll be amazed how much good you can do.  Once you’re there, give generously.  But don’t do it for guilt, or because someone or something “needs” it more than others.  Do it because you can afford it, doing so makes you feel good, and the cause is deserving of your support.

Exercise Every Day that Ends in ‘Y’

No one lives a prosperous life who doesn’t have good health.  Everything starts from there.  And every day goes better if you begin it with some strenuous cardiovascular exercise to get your blood moving and respiratory system bringing lots of fresh oxygen into your body.  Not only does it help you physically, but you’ll be mentally sharper as well.

When you work out every day, you travel easier, ward off sickness better, and have more sustained energy for the things that matter.  And when you’re in shape, you can reward yourself with that occasional pizza, ice cream, or whatever not-so-healthy treat without bad consequences.

Stand Up for What You Believe In 

Sometimes you will be ignored.  Sometimes you will be ostracized.  And sometimes you change the world.  That’s not overly grandiose:  Every one of us really does have the opportunity to change the world at various times.

There is a tipping point in every movement:  an instant when something resets, and the “establishment” is forced into becoming the underground, because it is no longer acceptable in civil society to move forward at the expense of others.  Groups like the KKK and the Nazis still exist, but they have to operate from darkness, because good people spoke up.

In Philadelphia I had a chance to stand up for something and I did.  If I’m still kicking around twenty years from now, do you think I’ll remember the trophy they gave me, or that I did the right thing?

Speak for those who aren’t able or strong enough to speak for themselves.  There are kids committing suicide because they’re being bullied, people getting killed because they’re non-heterosexuals, young people being exploited in the sex trade, women in Taliban controlled territories who fear death because they want to learn to read, and many others without a voice who need yours.  It may just someone who needs to hear again that you love them.  Be that voice.

Hang Out with Some People Younger than You.

Every generation comes of age with the arrogance that they can do better, and they rebel against the past.  They move things like fashion, music, language and culture forward.  Then they get old and complain when the next generation does it to them.

Find some people 15 or 20 years younger than you are, and soak up their energy.  See the world through the fresh perspective they offer.  It will keep you young.

Hang Out with Some People Older than You.

Not everyone older than you is irrelevant or waiting for death.  There are some amazing people who have seen, done, and experienced things you can only imagine.  They have learned lessons of patience, empathy and understanding.

Find some people 15 or 20 years older than you are, and soak up their sagacity. See the world through the thoughtful perspective they offer.  It will make you wiser.

Spend Less than You Earn.

Real prosperity isn’t about getting more money and things. Real prosperity is a mindset.  That doesn’t mean you have to sell off everything and live as an ascetic.  (Unless you want to.)  That doesn’t mean you have to sell off everything and live as a playboy.  (Unless you want to.)  Prosperity is having the things you need, but knowing also that the desire for more is the universe’s way of forcing you to grow.

It’s hard to feel prosperous when you’re worried about getting evicted or having the power turned off.  That is a result that usually comes from making poor choices ahead of that.  Making the choice to defer pleasures (or sometimes even needs) because you don’t have the money now is what develops your character for true, lasting success.

It’s quite possible that credit cards are the worst invention of the last century.  Many things you buy on credit bring you moderate joy immediately, but great discomfort in the long run.  Build your credit worthiness so you have options when you need them.  But only an idiot buys a plasma TV on payments.

Stop Caring What Other People Think about You

Here in Sydney where I’m writing this, they call it the “tall poppy syndrome.”  Meaning the flowers that rise tallest are the first to get cut.  I can’t think of a more depressing philosophy to live by.

Be bold.  Be different.  Be amazing.  And just know ahead of time that some people will think you’re crazy.  Some will feel jealousy.  Some may even attack you and try to sabotage your efforts.  You can’t live your life for the haters.  They don’t even really hate you.  They hate themselves because they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing, and they direct that frustration at you.  Love them and let them grow.  Just don’t spend too much time with them or you’ll start to think like they do.

If you wanted to climb a mountain, you’d take advice from a mountain climber.  If you want to learn to fly, you seek guidance from a pilot.  So if you want to be rich, stop taking advice from broke people.  And if you want to be happy, stop taking advice from people living lives of quiet (or loud) desperation.

Look for the people who are living the kind of life you want to live and find ways to offer them value.  Those are the only ones you should care what they think about you.  Which leads us to the final thought…

Find Time for the People You Love

That important project at work, the “breaking news,” or slight from your brother-in-law won’t really seem that important when you’re looking back on your life.

Live your life big, out loud, and in color.  Go after it.  Dare for greatness.  Just know that the most important moments will be with the people who matter most to you.  That doesn’t just mean liking their Facebook posts.  Pick up the phone and call.  Send a note or some flowers.  Take time out for a visit.

Find a moment to play catch with your child or have tea with an elderly relative.  Because one day, one of you will be gone.

And when you can look back on memories of joy with the people you love, you have truly lived rich.

– RG

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    In regards to our conversation earlier in the day Randy, your words that evening were the type of memorable moment I was expecting. You captured what a lot of us have been thinking for quite a while – and you artfully said it with poise and grace.

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    Thank you very much Randy for the advice and wisdom you shared with us and we miss you. It really did help me and I made the decision that was necessary for me to be happy in my life. It has been difficult, but I am now experiencing not only a new freedom, but happiness at making a decision that I knew I needed to make the whole time. You have been very kind and helpful in this “darkest” time of my life. I appreciate this kindness tremendously! Thank you again for sharing all of your ideas. They have really helped me. Live Rich!

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    Be bold.  Be different.  Be amazing.  And just know ahead of time that some people will think you’re crazy.  Some will feel jealousy.  Some may even attack you and try to sabotage your efforts.  You can’t live your life for the haters.  They don’t even really hate you.  They hate themselves because they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing, and they direct that frustration at you.  Love them and let them grow.

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    I really cannot wait what your second book is going to be like with your new experiences and insights in it. Unlike many people out there talking what they “think”, you are actually talking from experience and true wisdom earned over the years 🙂
    Most importantly, you continue growing AND sharing YOU along the way. I wish you the very best in your new journey Randy. Much respect 🙂
    Thank you

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    Hey world-traveler,
    I love the sentence and message which is “…..the desire for more is the universe’s way of forcing you to grow.” That´s a new way for me to look at why we go for growth and new things in life.
    BTW: I love credit cards. Their existence allows me to pay online and in case of physical loss of my wallet or purse “their cash” isn´t gone for good, plus CC replace the potential financial loss in terms of abuse. 🙂
    Oh, and note: Germans name the “tall poppy syndrome” as “God is watching closely that the trees won´t grow up (in)to heaven” – 
    Randy, thanks for the postcard! As everyone writes, I line up and say it was good to hear from you, enjoy your life!!!!!!      live rich

    I can´t tell how often I had to “re-enter” this livefire system. More than 5 times for sure….technical problems? (rhetoric Q.)

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    Spotted: Randy Gage in Sydney 😉
     Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!
    Reading Ayn Rand changed me (Meeting/Reading you too of course, and I wouldn’t have read Ayn Rand if it wasn’t for you. So THANK YOU). I still need to read The Virtue of Selfishness though. But since I’ve read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead I see the world and myself in a total different way. I realized that, indeed, selfishness can be a virtue.
    Since then, I also started to get involved and to stand for my beliefs. I know understand what people mean when they say that if you don’t have enemies/people criticizing you, you aren’t living your life.
    And it’s so worth it, because I’m an actual source of inspiration for some people. That feels good! When I was 16, I was ready to die. Now I’m ready to live. I can see the beauty in life, the gift it truly is. And I  need to live it freely. Freedom is like all the elements combined, the water giving life, the fire firing up my spirit, the air keeping me alive, the earth giving me strength.
     I’m working on “Find Time for the People You Love” this year. Finding time is easy because there’s is “never enough” time 😉 so for me, it’s more about TAKING the time. And at first I’d stress over it (Argh I’m wasting my precious time) but then I let go. And I actually can enjoy it. I understand now what they mean by living in the here & now. I can be with someone, taking the time without being aware of the time passing by, and enjoy myself. And I can enjoy it without the distractions (like checking my smartphone for new messages and such ‘vital’ things 😉 )
    And if I don’t feel like it (like going to a diner) I don’t go and I don’t feel guilty. I’m not going to do stuffs anymore out of fear/guilt/… But when I do something (say, helping someone out or attending a diner even if I’m busy) I do it because I want to and I believe it’s more respectful for me AND for the other person. (Much more than doing it ‘because’ it’s what people do)
    Anyway, thanks for checking in and sending us another postcard!
    You know I’ll keep track of your sightings 😉
    And remember people, it’s the international day of Freedom on September 20th.
    Well, Freedom should be celebrated everyday, but think about what Being Free means to You, especially on the 20th of September. #IamFree
    Ps: Congratulations on the award. Well deserved!
    Ps2: I dislike the idea of the trained monkey! but I’m all for a trained hubot (human robot) #riskyisthenewsafe

  68. Mildred M N D says:

    Mega congratulations for your award, you deserve it. And thanks for the inspiring philosophies outlined in the postcard

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    Randy: I am one of the many who waited in line after the NSA banquet to meet you and THANK YOU for your amazing speech and, most importantly, the inspiring stand you took in it. As a member of NSA who happens to also be gay, you said what needed to be said and did so in such an eloquent way. As I mentioned to you that night, I have no idea what it took for you to say what you did that night but I know it took something: courage! On behalf of so many, THANK YOU! As a keynote speaker, I speak on heroism and the courage it takes to be a hero.  You, my friend, are a true hero!  xoxo

  70. jazzzi says:

    MikeDilbeck Hello, I’m from Bulgaria. My name is Mariya  .  Everything that is written here is absolutely true. I really want to get in touch personally   Randy . Do  know you, but can I ask your advice?  …

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    For Randy. Hi Randy. It seems a little silly. Talk like a sheet of paper. But I believe that there will ever connect personally with you. This is one of my dreams. But for you, that’s life so people they respect, appreciate and love  you . You are unique. But I believe you know that. And if you still have some, even a small chance to read my message … I will use this chance. Looking for a way to connect personally with you. I think  you I’ve decided to retire from these so many people in your life. I think I have chosen peace and seclusion. But this is of course only my opinion. I’m from Bulgaria. My name is Mary. Much of course I want to ask you. But now I have only one request. I want to get something personally written by you. not be sent me  from other people. Personal and only you.

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    Hey Randy, 
    We are missing you, but the silence is making your rare message sound even stronger. Thank you for this, it’s got so much wisdom in a few lines, you would think you need a book to say it. But there you are in one post, you write a letter to your follower worth keeping for my son to read it one day. I already live by the rules of greatness, I am just still in a process to build the rich life. Thanks.

  73. Leeloo says:

    arow scroll all the way down and listen to the speech on video….  🙂

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    Hello my name is Randy alekseymne 21god I’m from Russia wanted to express my appreciation to such a good man like you. Not so long ago read a few of your books I liked them very much at the moment apply your knowledge in practice prekranye thank you for the advice that you give lyudem. unfortunately I do not know English (I use online translator), but the general sense of your articles here understand. want to personally at least talk with you by email correspondence, there are some questions that interest me if could you send me a message here aleksey.bystryantsev @’ll look forward to it from you.

  75. PamelaReimersLang says:

    Stop caring what other people think about you is probably the best advice in life.  As human beings we are so *self* centered, rarely are people even focused on us……lol  Great article, thank you!!

  76. arow says:

    Leeloo arow Thanks so much, Leeloo. Captured much, now hoping for a transcript to ‘get it’ all . . . 🙂

  77. Leeloo says:

    arow Leeloo  of course it wasn´t the actual speech which was recorded here for us to join… good luck with your request ….and keep your eyes and ears open to attend at such great events to not miss the extra ordinary 😉

  78. Annieb says:

    Randy, I am so proud for you.  Congratulations on your speech and your award.  Even though I was your big headache, I still love and miss you.

  79. Jamie Loh says:

    I love u rocksta! Congrats again – love this post. Be blessed, will see you soon! Xoxo

  80. PeterGHorrill says:

    Congrats on your award RG!  That’s fantasic, what an honor..  my journey has reflected much of what you wrote.. responses and reactions from others, etc..
    Did you find you were misunderstood a great deal, as people perceive you through their own “filters-of-perception”, it’s obvious not everyone, maybe not many are working at attracting prosperity consciousness, like this group. 
    I find myself subconsciously still a bit entrenched in the “got to gain approval and acceptance programming”  I really dislike it, however I know I evolve beyond it..
    any comments?    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou..
    Peter Horrill,
    Hamilton Canada.

  81. Margaret says:

    Another wonderful postcard from you. 
    Congrats on your award, Randy. You earned it. 
    I’m listening to your acceptance speech with a little tear. I’m so happy for you.
    I miss you too – like so many others. I miss your wise words and innocent little-boy smile. 
    Be safe on your new journey and don’t forget to come back to us. 
    Thank you. 
    Thank you. 
    Thank you.

  82. Anngreat says:

    Hello Randy, thanks for this wonderful postcard. I like your philosophy about life. It helps people like me. Also congratulations on your new award. you deserve it!

  83. KEMIkemi says:

    Hello Mr. Randy, I am so happy to hear from you after a very long brake thank you for this post its filled with the TRUTH. enjoy your leave  I rejoise with you on your award  congratulation, 
    Kemi from Lagos Nigeria

  84. SinghSukhwant says:

    Great Post, love it  & thank you

  85. Great post, Randy! You always make my day and I always read your posts with a big passion! I wish many more people did so, because you really have a magic to change people’s lives! Thank you!

  86. Awesome post as always RG! Mis you much!!! Thanks for the postcard!

  87. Migra says:

    Congratulations on your award and may God bless you for such a beautiful write up once again. I however will want to ask why pro gays do not think we deserve to differ on same sex issues. Marriage is between man and woman, people can do as they please but to force others to accept what is so against nature is not fair. we have rights also and so do our young children. Yea? More over, the Bible speaks against it, so? Please!

  88. Annieb says:

    @Migra I’m not sure what rights are being violated by same sex marriage?  Believe me tolerance and acceptance only help young children.  I hope for our children to live in a world with less oppression and discrimination.   
     Also, if a same sex couple have a young child, then the acceptance of his or hers parent’s marriage will give those children more rights and more confidence.   On the other hand, I don’t think any young children’s rights are being infringed by same sex marriage.
    Instead of pro gay,  let’s look at it as pro humanity which we all should be.

  89. Lynnie Gale says:

    Just read this blog directly after disconnecting with a number of groups and people who I feel are restricting my growth.  My feeling of liberation has been increased by choosing this time to read your blog.  Thanks Randy for continuing to inspire me

  90. Ella says:

    Hi Randy. Great read! As always enlightening. I’m from Sydney & I know you’ve been in Sydney since you’ve switched off from the public lights. I would like to know your thoughts on the Australian politics. The Federal election is in Sept and I’ve no confidence in our politicians. It seems democracy is failing us. There seems to be a big disconnect with the people & the leaders of this country. Also, thanks for introducing me to Ayn Rand. I’m reading Fountainhead at the moment. I’ve read Risky twice & have all your Prosperity series audio & books. Much love to you : )

  91. TommySunday says:

    Thanks Randy, I’m excited about this post. To be a leader, teacher, trainer or  coach,  you must have a personal testimony. You cannot EMPOWER others when you are not Empowered . Get the FREEDOM THAT EMPOWERS so you’ll be able to Empower others to be FREE

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