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How to Have an Amazing Week

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success.

So it’s 11 am on Monday and my in-box is empty!  Cardio is done, self-development is done and I’ve had a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit.  Any bets that I’m going to have an amazing week?

Of course I will.  So how about you?

How do you become successful and productive?  We can get a clue in a line from James Allen:  The intellect must be trained to comprehend the principles of virtue, and understand all that is involved in their practice. 

What a fascinating statement!  I know what that means for me.  What does that mean for you?



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14 thoughts on “How to Have an Amazing Week

  1. Kristen says:

    I got it! You move into my house and just kind of hang around to motivate me all day long!! That must be what it means!! 🙂

  2. Gregory says:

    From my perch, it reminds us to learn fully the value or rewards of practicing virtue in our everyday lives. As the Author of “As a man Thinketh” he might have also pointed out Kristen, if he were alive and reading Randy’s post, that even while you may have made your comment in jest, it might reveal a vice or dependency mindset that someone else should be present in order for you to begin…. Just saying, lovingly, I might add. 😉 ~g~

  3. Bodie Big Fish says:

    The intellect must be trained to comprehend the principles of virtue, and understand all that is involved in their practice.

    Meaning to me come from these two values:
    1- Do the right thing, Every time. Even when it’s not popular
    2- Character is what you do when no one is looking

  4. Richard Bony says:

    Hi Randy,
    It’s kind of amazing to see in James Allen thought your own idea that we are attracted to people and things that are vibrating at the same spiritual level as we. I am a real danger to myself when I fail to consciouly impose upon my mind the principles of harmony and order.

  5. vinny s says:

    To understand what is important or a priority, but more importantly, why.

  6. Marketa says:

    Dear Randy,

    is evening here… morning running done, morning coach done, fresh fruit breakfast, plan for day done… And everything I wanted done.

    And what does James Allen´s statement mean for me?

    Do what my heart says, whether it seems sometimes so that the brain says no. Doing the right thing, I feel my whole existence.
    Fulfills my purpose here.


  7. Jonathan says:

    In many ways I would have to agree with Marketa.. I’ve recently been listening to a program from another profound Spirit that reminds us that we are NOT our mind or body, but instead, Our Heart. The Heart IS the center of our being and is also where Source resides. The mind had been trained by the beliefs we hold while the Heart is pure.

    And if we live in our Heart daily, we will always be virtuous to ourselves and others. And what better way to live than to be virtuous? Through being Grateful and living with Love, we live a life of virtue, abundance and Joy!

  8. Wesley Anderson says:

    Excellent — I just woke up! I mean…um just teasing. Will call ya in a few and give you some work to do Obi-Wan!

  9. Your secret is no kids! 😉 I could do all that by 11 am too, if not for the minions…

    No dog piling, I LOVE my kids. They just provide unique challenges to my scheduling. 🙂

  10. Per Lindvall says:

    “Janine puts more passion into one draw of the bow than most people put into their entire lives!”

  11. rita says:

    …simply means: i have to read the whole book!!

  12. Pierre Leyssac says:

    What an interesting open ended question!

    Taking the principle of Self Esteem from last week, heres one of the things this means for me: Newer Sell Out on Your Own Power.
    Giving up my preoccupation with reflecting others, which was part of taking some of the responsibillity off of them. I can see that then the fun begins. It’s with self esteem that the real impact on others is made accessible.

    Love and Respect – Pierre Leyssac, cph

  13. The Best luck can build, go to bed early, wake up early, physical excersices 4 times per day plus a healthy food during the day with 1 gallon minimum of water.
    That give you the mental power and internal energy to do whatever you want…tested 100%!


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