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How Influential are You – And the Role of Influence in Your Life

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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that a huge part of manifesting prosperity in your life has to do with how much influence you have.  Your influence impacts the way you handle conflicts, express yourself, and really understand the feelings of others.  You can have deeper communications and develop better relationships.

Influence is your ability to co-create the universe…

To know that because you lived, the world was in some small part better because of you.  And the really fun part is that you are better because of you.  And today is a great day for you and your influence…

That’s because Bob Burg and John David Mann’s new book, The Go-Giver Influencer is released today.  In these highly polarized times (Have you seen your Facebook feed lately?), the two thought it might be helpful to explore a Go-Giver approach to Influence — and specifically about the role influence plays in our capacity for empathy, civil discourse, and the ability to see the perspectives of others.

At its heart, The Go-Giver Influencer is a story about what it takes to bridge differences, to settle disputes, de-fang conflicts, and find common ground where there appear to be only irreconcilably polarized positions.  It’s also priceless wisdom on how to negotiate business deals.

But here’s the most important part…

It is also about what it takes to be the kind of person whom others come to trust, a person to whom others look for sound guidance, clear judgment, and, in times of challenge, evenhanded wisdom.

I read the galley proof and it’s Bob and John’s best book yet. I’m personally enthusiastic about the dent it’s going to make in the universe.  It can really help you a great deal.  So grab a couple copies today.  You can find it here.

Then come back later and let everyone know what you think!


P.S.  And for you guys who read the earlier books in the series, you know what being a Go-Giver really means.  So please use the share buttons above and spread the word for Bob and John.

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  1. Jim Scheip says:

    Thanks for all your continuous help, Randy.


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