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Having Faith in the Good

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

When you face challenges, adversity and difficulties, you will always prevail, if you will refuse to yield.   It’s worth stating this upfront because many people believe that the odds are stacked against them and a prosperous life is a long shot or even an impossibility.  But that is not the case…

That opinion comes because of a core underlying belief that the universe is inherently evil.  But there is no inherent and permanent evil in the world.  Infinite Intelligence is good, all the time.  And it is only when we turn away from Infinite Intelligence that the road becomes rocky.

We like to perceive evil, because that takes the responsibility for our own destiny off our shoulders.  The person who wants to become healthy, happy and abundant must have no doubt that the universe is inherently good.

This realization can be difficult, especially if you have allowed the many lack-centered mind viruses to infect your subconscious mind.  At first you must believe it, and that belief adhered to, until it ripens into realization and knowing.

The sorrows of life can be great; I get that.  When we bury a young loved one, suffer a broken heart, or experience a betrayal, it can certainly seem like the universe is indeed dark.  But sometimes we need the dark to appreciate the light.  And dark is not evil, it’s just dark.

The passions and conflicting thoughts of human nature in their ungoverned state can be overwhelming.   Your thoughts don’t organize and direct themselves.  You must choose to be a critical thinker and supervise the process.  When you do this, your thoughts become obedient servants, to lead you to the life you wish to live and allow you to tap into the natural order of the universe, which is inherently good.

When you stand face to face with truth, you will understand that every challenge is a stepping-stone to build the character that allows you to ultimately triumph.  This has been decreed by every sage, saint and savior the world has ever known.  It is the process when you graduate from student to master…

You are not meant to be the whipping boy and suffer interminably.  The sorrows of life can be great, but they can be fathomed out, conquered, and used for greater good.   When we accept these lessons for what they truly are, we graduate from pupil to scholar, and manifest the health, happiness and abundance we desire.

Evil is a mind virus.  For you to become strong, serene, and at peace, you must have no doubt that the universe is ruled by an Infinite Intelligence that is good.  Your sufferings will reduce greatly when you simply accept them as the disciplinary lessons they are.  You transcend them and arrive at a place of peace.

This is accomplished by faith.  Faith is the dawn before the new day.  Without faith there can be no attainment of strength, no permanent security.

Please check in with your thoughts below.  And next post we’ll continue the discussion looking at the issues of what causes people to believe in evil.


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51 thoughts on “Having Faith in the Good

  1. Roy Naim says:

    At the darkest time, that is when a bit of light shines the brightest.

    As a Jew, before the Passover holiday, we check the house using a candle (and other artificial lights like flashlights for safety concerns), in a dark room looking for bread. One of the metaphors of this is a reminder that at times things may be dark, but KNOW, that the little light that is left, is stronger during the dark times.

    As a person who volunteered for organizations that helps kids with cancer and other illnesses since the age of 19, I have attended way too many funerals so far and I am 27 now. Funerals of kids. Sometime of their parents. Tears after tears. At times days of depression. But together with my friends, we mourn, and we swear we will do better and make the next kid happier. We bounce back because we have a mission.

    And at times I see others after a funeral, just give up. I don’t blame them, but it is a choice. It is about seeing what is ahead, allow the event to fire you up.

    And then in the business world, the same applies. Are we watching people succeed and say how come I am not doing that? Or are we saying “OK, that is how they did it. Let me go do it as well”.

    Let your small victories be largely celebrated.

  2. Dennis Barnett says:

    the Universe is not inherently evil, but evil does exist in the world. It has no power over us unless we choose to give our power away. When we give our power away we deny the truth of who we are. When we deny that truth we open ourselves to disempowerment.

  3. Kay says:

    Right on time. I swear, for the past few months, every time I think something, my pastor preaches about it and then you blog about it. So I’m getting a double dose of goodness! God must really want to get this message out. Thanks again! We all need the affirmation. 🙂

  4. Jack says:

    We can not arrive until we have the character, when we arrive at peace, and the realization that the universe is good, only then does our journey as a master truly begin. Another thought provoking post! Thanks RG

  5. Hi Randy,
    I have been following your blog for quite some time now and have a question.

    How actually do you clean the mind viruses?..I mean what is the practical way. What process, what ritual..what?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      It’s a process of doing the critical thinking to discover what they are, the incorrect premise they are based on, and then re-programming yourself with positive beliefs. You would definitely find my book, “Why You’re DUMB, SICK, & BROKE…
      and How to Get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH!” helpful here.


    2. Roy Naim says:

      If I may chime in here and really just confirm what Randy said, as a person who was overweight for a huge chunk of my life, I can tell you that until you re-program yourself, until you get in tune with your body, no amount of diets or exercises will give you lasting change.

      It really must come from within. From the unconscious. It is paying attention to our internal talk and learning to change it. It is not will power alone but imagination that will help us reprogram ourselves.

      And when I came to that realization of getting in tune with myself, listening to how I talk to myself, that is when, together with the right food and exercise, I created lasting change.

      I see you wrote a post about meditation, though I haven’t done it (I do more hypnosis), it is about reprogramming our mind and changing a bit of what goes on in there.

      1. Annie says:

        Hey Roy, I always like what you have to say. What do you think about what to do with the difficult emotions the negative internal talk brings about? Do you think one should honor them in some way? Feel them and set them free?

        1. Roy Naim says:

          Hey Anne, thank you SO much for the kind words. I surely appreciate it.

          As a rule in my life (and one of the foundation of NLP and coaching), that every behavior, good or bad, has a positive intention. Somehow, some way, our behaviors, whether they are feelings or actions, are serving us.

          A smoker may smoke because it relaxes him. Or perhaps it is a social thing. Or maybe it wakens her up. Whatever the reason, the smoking serves the body.

          A person who wants to lose weight may be fearful of doing so. Why? Because if it is an emotional habit, they have the belief that the food will help the emotion. The body wants that help. So we must address what the body truly want and how to give it what it needs. (SIDE NOTE: Just read of a guy who puts a ? mark on his fridge to remind him if he is eating because he is truly hungry or perhaps there’s another emotion).

          So in a way, yes, recognize the thoughts and the emotion that goes on in my opinion. Recognize them. The body doesn’t like to be ignored. Externally or internally. After you recognize them, and see the positive intention of it, address it by either giving ti something else or perhaps changing the belief (showing it that it has no need to be blank)…

          Affirmation may work and I believe it works for many. But I believe we should internalize it more and say it in our head as well (besides verbalizing it). Why? Because the negative talks often don’t come out of our mouth but rather stays in our head. So to “fight” it, we need to say the affirmation in our mind louder than the negative one.

          Sometime it is about feeling them and setting them free by giving ourselves some love and peace. Looking in the mirror helps too. To actually see yourself giving it.

          And one last thing on topic of negative talk, if you find yourself saying them to yourself, bring over a friend and say them outloud to them. And then have your friend act as the other you, insulted. You will see how “silly” it sounds to talk bad about yourself. You wouldn’t do so to others, why do so to yourself?

          1. Annie says:

            Thank you Roy. That was great, some really good suggestions as well. I bet that will really help us all out!


          2. Roy Naim says:

            Thank you ANNIE!!!

            And I am sorry for misspelling your name. My bad.

            And I am glad I was able to serve.

          3. Annie says:

            Roy your perfect. Anne is actually my given name, and Annie is the name most everyone calls me. My sister Emily started it by calling me banannie when I was a little. She was always confusing me with bananas.:)

            Thanks again for the post, that was perfect too!

          4. Roy Naim says:

            I appreciate that Anne/Annie/Banannie 8).

            I am glad I can be helpful and of service to you and to all those who read it.

            Be awesome and see you around here or else where on the interweb, or perhaps, even better, in person one day.

  6. wole Adeniji says:

    …without FAITH it is impossible to please GOD.

  7. Brian J. Canadi says:


    I’m not sure I agree with you about the universe being inherently good. I believe it to be neutral and that we get to choose whether to “live in the light or go to the dark” side. The opportunities for excelling in either always abound, it is whether we see and act on them that makes it look like we are lucky or born under a dark cloud….
    Maybe that’s too simplified but that’s how I know it to be.
    We are the architects of our lives. Most people just don’t have a plan to follow or try to skimp on the fittings.

    Have an awesome one, I plan to!

    1. Rodrigo says:

      Thanks for sharing, I agree with you!

  8. Jean says:

    Great post. Thanks, Randy.

    Came along just when I needed it


  9. Annie says:

    Randy, do you think you could define your terms? For instance, I am not sure if you are using the universe, God, and infinite intelligence interchangeably. Is God and the Universe and infinite intelligence all the same thing to you or do you see God as a part of the universe?

    Anyway, I think we all have God within us and humans as a creation are good not evil. I don’t know about the universe. If God is the universe or if God is a part of the universe, oh I don’t know either way, I think there is for sure evil, light and dark to the universe.

    How do you see the difference between dark and evil? I don’t find that very clear either. I think evil destroys. Evil is real. That surely doesn’t mean one should see the universe as evil though.

    It is impratical and dangerous not to believe that evil exists, it does. You have to protect yourself from it, and protect yourself from doing it.

    Freud talks about eros and thanatos. Eros is the creative force in the world and thanatos is the destructive force, he even called it a death wish, I think(thanatos that is). Anyway, I think he frames both of these concepts in a neutral way.

    If your thinking people have a death wish or believe in themselves as inherently evil then I would agree that is a mind virus, then it is just the same as always negative programming from childhood. I always thought my Catholic church was pretty bad about that with its’ original sin and all. Yuck, I hate that, I refused to have my son baptised as a baby because I just couldn’t imagine an innocent little infant carrying some major sin. I made everyone on both sides of the family angry, that was terrible. Have you ever had a bunch of Irish and Italian Catholics mad at you? Really terrible, I will tell you that much.
    Plus, it is a sexist concept because Eve was the one who gave in to temptation. It puts the impetus of evil on women. Hmpf.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I call Infinite Intelligence what many would call God.


      1. Annie says:

        Okay Obie-Wan Kenobi the universe is inherently good. I think dark and evil are the same thing though. (even in “Star Wars”)

        Looking at evil as a mind virus is okay too, as long as a person doesn’t deny its’ existance.

        The pain you talk about the dark causing is real, and if it is easier to get through, knowing that good is always the victor, than yeah that’s a great way to look at the universe.

    2. Haribon says:

      Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, The Void, The Unified Field,Consciousness, etc are all manifestation of the Universal Aspect of God. Everyone believes on this no exception, including the Evil. This is correct. But this is also half correct.

      Understanding the Personal Aspect of God will complete the equation. Only through understanding the two aspects of God will finally settle the confusion that everyone has at the back of his mind.

  10. Hi RG,

    Everything is God so everything is inherently good.

    If we focus on the appearance of evil it means we are choosing to ignore the God inherent. Many choose to concentrate on apparently evil situations. This does no good for it perpetuates the situation. As more people move their attention to these circumstances they help to continue to create these circumstances.

    Our thoughts are our thoughts. We own them. So we can release them at a moment’s notice and replace with goodness.

    As for moments of sorrow the universe only knows the best and quickest way for us to grow. Because of strong attachments we suffer, we experience sorrow, but know the universe closes old doors and opens news ones simultaneously. You can lose something without gaining something wonderful, and in truth the only reason why we feel loss is attachment, for we are connected to everything.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Randy. Have a powerful day!


  11. Rishkin says:

    yes, that’s what helped me before and is supporting me now: Faith without any doubt, with no evidence or logic to “back it up”. My most illogical expectations and dreams came tru when I had faith. I got to choose whether to believe into Good or Bad, and I chose the first one.

  12. Jonathan says:

    As Eleanor Roosevelt wrote many years ago..

    “..He who loses money loses much..He who loses friends loses more.. He who loses Faith, loses all..”

    I have your statement, “Be the Thinker of Your Thoughts” pasted everywhere I frequently look. And in keeping with this, I maintain a close monitoring of ALL thoughts. When one arises that is not consistent with Abundant thinking, I quickly dispense with it.

    And like Wattles says in SOGR, “The key is holding the thought, The Truth, in SPITE of all appearances”. Obviously this is about maintaining Faith in your purpose, vision and mission while maintaining an a deep sense of gratitude.

    Thanks Randy!

  13. kathleen Caldwell says:

    this post will be forwarded to my entire team and required “wall poster” material.
    thanks,Randy, for everything!

  14. KimbraLee says:

    I know for me, some of the greatest gifts I have ever received have come as a result of surviving hard times in my life. There’s a saying that goes “In order for oysters to make pearls, they have to eat a lot of dirt. “ I’m pretty sure we’ve all spent time with heavy hearts and muddy mouths … this is Earth. But there is nothing quite like waking up one day, facing a new challenge, and not only realizing you’ve got what it takes to get through it, but having the faith to know that you will make this part of your story work for you in some meaningful way instead of being defeated by it.

    You become the person you want to share with the world by experiencing a little bit of all of it – pain, joy, and everything in between – and then having enough courage to take who you’ve become in the process and put yourself out there – strong but vulnerable, wise but imperfect – grateful to follow those ahead of you and willing to lead those right behind you.

    And I think that’s what it’s all about.


    1. Joe G says:

      Well said, KimbraLee. We create challenges to overcome them, not succumb to them. And we tend to judge things as good or bad but do we really know? To judge anything accurately, we would need all data, past, present, and future. So I KNOW everything’s for the best (notice I didn’t say “good”), regardless of my opinion about it.

  15. Victoria Crowley says:

    I understand that when bad things happen, the emotion of pain can be overwhelming. Our world turns upside-down and we enter the state of confusion. Not being able to think because of the emotional block, we may see that what’s happening to us is anything but good. And that would make sense, because as we know it, good does not hurt.
    But once time passes, and we look back at the unpleasant circumstances, we’ll see that without them, we would not be who we are and where we are today.
    And this brings me to a conclusion that everything in life happens for a reason. From every experience we learn, and perhaps become a better person. That is, if we carefully analyzed our actions and choices, e.g., ask not only why you attracted the circumstance, but also, why you were attracted to it.
    Now, if we choose not to take responsibility for our actions, and instead find comfort in self-pity believing that we are victims of fate, then life on Earth will be a dark and evil place of our own creation.

  16. OK, this is not woo-woo stuff.

    It’s a matter of conscious knowledge, perception and perspective.

    Even the “evil” ones know Universal Law, and they play and use that. It’s the only thing that works anyway. However, it basically only gets “evil” from ignorance of the affected.

    You need to prosper and protect yourself by knowing those same laws.

    Knowing that you are of God, you still have to also know color, tone and archetype, including astrology (with 13 signs) and numerology in order to always stay on top of things. This is kindergarten stuff, but when you forget about the basics, you easily get manipulated and sidetracked, even if you have a strong and steadfast mind-pattern.

    Learn here and now, or God will have to call you back in again.

  17. Hilary Moore says:

    I cant help think of the commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Often we get things way out of balance. Suffering is from separation (especially when it comes to passion about people or things,) and separation comes from the fact that we loose sight of the light and find ourselves in the dark.

  18. Karen Marrow says:


    I do believe the Universe is good. I also believe we have contrast to good for if there were never a contrast, how would we know what good was.

    Great post, Randy!


  19. Venetta says:

    Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God’s love present in his heart.
    Did Einstein kid school a professor on God

  20. Petya says:

    Thank you Randy!

    I’ve been struggling with the the victim mode these days and I’ve come to realize that it results from an overwhelming sense of helplessness and complete lack of faith in my own abilities to handle the situation. This in turn makes them look bigger than they are (because I make myself smaller) and therefore — a threat to me. So they turn evil.

    Looking forward to your next post:)

  21. jack foley says:

    Hi Randy,

    You provide such value my friend

    I love this…

    “Faith is the dawn before the new day”

    From experience it is something that people really lack “Faith”

    When you have this, you 100% believe that it is only a matter of time until you become “the person u want to be”

  22. Eve says:

    How do we know the universe is inherently good? My answer:

    Because I am. I know my inherent nature is good. And I have looked straight into the eyes of evil and found it’s origin. Evil or a milder form of discord comes from feeling separated from who you truly are. Who you truly are connects you with the inherent nature…or first desire of creation which is from love and desires to explore and share. Desire isn’t evil…it only becomes evil when it forgets who it’s working for. It’s created form or it’s origin.

    Evil thinks it needs to experience energy in the form of taking it because it has forgotten that it has a right to it in the first place when it returns to it’s true nature.

    There is created evil in the universe and the potential for created evil within to confuse and misdirect our desires and reactions. To protect from it we connect strongly with our core which radiates light and love giving us an atmosphere of protection, guidance and if we listen; abundance.

    I believe this but when challenges happen it’s still difficult not to let it magnify parts of myself that still live in fear. So I admit it…and then get back to the parts that I want to consciously create with.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I love your take on this.


      1. Eve says:

        thank you Randy 🙂

  23. Colton says:

    Hey Randy,

    Quick question, and this might be from my mind viruses, but is human nature evil? Are we naturally sinful creatures? I am a Christian, and for me I believe moral ethics are given to us in two forms. One being the natural instinct/conscience, and the other being from the Bible. I believe we know what good is based off of the character of God. Anything I believe that misses the mark of God’s will is a sin I believe. So my question is do you believe we as human beings are born into a sinful nature or if not that, where does the evil we commit come from? Sorry if the way I worded this at all made it seem like a trapping question, honestly I’m just seeking knowledge and trying to be a critical thinker.


    1. Randy Gage says:

      No if you follow my work you’ll see I don;t believe in original sin, but original blessing. Original sin is one of the most destructive mind viruses disseminated by the church ever.


  24. Dan says:

    yes infinite intelligence is all good. if everything is a subset of it, then why would it be bad? why would it want to harm itself? unless that part is ‘cancerous’ and affecting the whole ‘body’.

    infinite intelligence is programmed for growth. it is programmed for expansion. expansion lies at its core. for expansion to occur, could must prevail. evil is concerned with destruction. not witrh expansion. as we look at the world, we will see expansion in everything: population, techniology etc.

    the universe feeds us and everything. why would it be bad. the universe has so much joy and beauty, why would it be bad? we are infants in mother natures garden, why would she want to harm us. the universe wants to protect us and see us prosper like a mother wants the children to prosper. but we must allign with the universes will of good. we must be kind and supportiuve to things and people just as the universe is. if we are bad, the universe will send our bad any quickly back to us with interest. everything in the universe is alive and knowledgable, therefore we cannot hide from ourselves or anything. the universe is alive with thought energy…….creating based on our individual and collective thoughts. the universe is good and fair, because if your thoughts are bad, it wont make the whole world bad, it will just make your world bad. and vice versa

  25. Keith S. Aul says:

    As Randy says “accept them as the disciplinary lessons they are.” Long ago I disliked failures, obstacles, etc. because of the pain I associated them with. Only in hindsight I could see the lessons that were being taught. Difficult times can make us stronger or weaker. Its the “choice” we make that brings us the strength need to propel us further in life.

  26. Gabesuarez says:

    Randy I wanna say thanks. Thanks for htis worlds. What we need is to control our thoughts. And I wna t to say something. God said: “I have thoughts of peace and not of evil”. Thats what we need to think. Why it is so difficult to have 51% good thougths some times and only the bad ones are in our mind?

  27. Annie says:

    Randy, this is an interesting discussion. I am not sure I entirely understood your post, but I keep thinking about evil as a mind virus.

    All the other posts were great and helped me come to this conclusion. Intrinsic evil that comes from humans, I think is emotions that we are afraid of. Frightening emotions that we ingnore, because they are difficult to feel and honor. Emotions like hate, jelousy, fear, and pain, if we do not give them a voice and try to understand them and deal with them, we may commit evil acts from those feelings taking control without our true selves in control.

    It made me think of this play I did a scene from in acting class “Aunt Dan and Lemon”, strange name, huh? But, anyway the playwright equated the character killing roaches out of fear was the same as Hitler killing the Jewish people. The playwright was saying out of fear we do evil things. I think this is true. Hitler got the German people to kill the Jewish people out of fear. A fear that may also have arisen from Jelousy of the Jewish people.

    Hitler killed Jewish people when he was half jewish because of his childhood pain that arose from his grandmother on the non Jewish side speaking terribly about the Jewish people. He probably felt that half of him was bad and needed to be destroyed. Clearly he had some personality disorder and instead decided to kill all the Jewish people instead of getting rid of his own irrational beliefs. Alice Miller, wrote about this in one of her books, maybe “Drama of the Gifted Child” or “The Truth will Set You Free”.

    Anyway, I digress, but if I am to think as evil as a mind virus, I would say that it starts with not feeling worthy, loveable, or capable again. Evil comes from the mind viruse that there isn’t enough love, or we the person are not enough, or we are incapable. Because all of those lack thoughts (as you like to say), prevent us from feeling strong enough to deal with the pain of facing some of those inevitable dark emotions. Even thought truly we are, we just don’t know it. Fortunately, when some are in the dark night of the soul they find their strengh they didn’t know they had. Others might hurt themselves or others. Yet, still there is hope.

    I even think not feeling worthy or loveable, and capable causes us to feel those dark emotions more often. So yes, dealing directly with the dark and giving it a name and facing the truth will eliminate evil from within us. And it behooves us always to have empathy for evil and to protect ourselves against it.

    Sometimes, we have to be strong in dealing with evil from without and face it without hate. Anger is okay if not used aggressively, anger sheilds us and protects us sometimes. As does fear, so I am not saying these emotions are evil, only if we do not handle them constructively.

    Yes, I know I need to work on walking my talk, that’s why I am so into empathy.:)

    Poor Anakin Skywalker if only he had befriended you.

  28. Rodrigo says:

    Perhaps things are not “good” or “bad” but they only exist. Does anyone enjoy painting, music or something artistic? For instance, I like to draw and when I’m very focused my internal words just stop and I lose my sense of time, but at the same time my sense of awareness increases. Maybe the world “just is” and we are the ones who attach labels to it. But who knows? maybe Randy is right. This is a very mysterious world after all.

  29. Patrick Ray says:

    That was a great post, Randy. Well written, depth without being gaudy, and good fundamental truths expressed. Nicely done.

    I’m all about avoiding judgmental thinking. It invites blame and I find blame very disempowering. Judgments also don’t serve a persons highest and greatest good. They’re right up there with complaining, another way to tear down your own productivity and feelings of well-being. Plus, nobody likes to listen to people bitching. We’ve all got our challenges in life but focusing on them doesn’t help. Focusing on solutions is the key.

    I sensed a touch of taoism in there, too. As a quasi-taoist myself, I liked your ideas about dark not being bad, it’s just dark. I totally agree. I’m a believer in embracing your inner weirdness (some may call it a dark side). Everybody has those components in their persona, acceptance is a strong step towards unconditionally loving yourself. And Love is one of the most empowering things there is.

    As always, a fantastic thought provoking post. Respect & Gratitude.

    Thanks to everybody else for sharing their thoughts. This is a great blog not only because Randy is cool but because of the folks he attracts. Gratitude to all of you.

    May there be joy in your heart and laughter in your soul.

  30. Daryl Mooney says:

    Ahh! Great Post. I love how we humans attempt to discribe how the uninverse works.Occult science says that evil and good are just a few degrees different. LOL. Good and evil. God and the Devil. The great opposites or really all one. We as people choose to do good or evil. All kinds of evil thoughts cross are minds especially when angry but if we relax, be still and let it pass we get back to the good.Others follow through on evil thoughts and take evil actions. Yes I agree obstacles and challenges are for our growth. We are born to overcome. We are winners and champions when we see it that way.Is there evil in the world? Of course there is if you think not you are a space case. How we deal with it is up to us. Slavery, The Holocaust, assasinations of special beings, Government control are all manifestations of people doing evil. But hey Gandhi said evil may sometimes look like its winning but when a good man dies his energy helps make the world rotate. Thank God there is a Good God thats above it all. Love is Good I mean God!!

  31. Kevin Cox says:

    this post should definitely be put into “most popular Posts” on the right side of the page.

    You painted a pretty picture in the 3rd to last paragraph.

    With Respect,

  32. steve meyer says:

    the TRUTH about Infinite Intelligence, and its existence:

    Steve Meyer
    “The Stairway to Heaven Manuscript” Creator


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