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Finding Opportunity

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Many people are looking for a great opportunity.   The reason many don’t find it, is because they don’t recognize it – because so many opportunities are disguised as a problem or challenge. 

Every once in a great while you’ll have a golden opportunity that screams opportunity.  But most of the opportunities (and usually the most lucrative ones) are the ones that come from solving problems, overcoming challenges, or otherwise remedying a situation that makes it better for others.

In Risky Is the New Safe I suggested that in the new economy, the most sought after currency in the world will be ideas.  I believe we’re there now.  Want to get wealthy?  Look for problems, challenges and obstacles.  Then nurture the idea that could solve them.


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Debbie L
Debbie L

I hear what your're saying. Being a nurse all my life, I seem to be "stunted" when it comes to business ideas, new ventures....Feel I don't know where to begin, or then how to proceed.

Mel Laurence
Mel Laurence

People can miss out on real estate opportunities because they keep chasing the 'perfect' property. Guess what? The perfect property doesn't exist. You'll always find problems in a property if you look hard enough. And besides. Imperfections can be used to help negotiate a bargain buying price!


Great advice.

I do disagree with the idea of "the new economy".

The world is always evolving, and "the new economy" has always existed.

People want to feel secure, so they lie to themselves about the safety and security of what they do and leave everything to random chance.

Both are ideas- ever seen a dog worry about safety and security?


IF you can see problems as stepping stones, opportunities continually flow your way. Thanks RG!


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