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Do It for Jim

By Randy Gage in Success.

So I’m writing this as the Jim Rohn memorial is taking place in California.  I’m sure there is a lot of preening and peacocking, with all the professional speakers there talking about the books they co-authored with Jim, the platforms they shared, etc.   I didn’t go.  I chose to remember Jim in another way… 

Of course memorials are not supposed to be sad, but hopefully a celebration of the life they honor. But Jim’s work wasn’t about that.  Jim’s work was about celebrating your life.

So rather than mourning him, or even celebrating him, I think Jim would want something more.  He would want you to be great.

I can still hear his voice in my head, like he’s standing next to me.  “If you fall down…do a couple push-ups while you’re down there.”

That is the way to celebrate Jim.  Take the lessons he taught you and put them into practice.  Be bold, be proactive, be great.

What’s the great thing you keep promising yourself to do?  Why don’t you start it today?

If you won’t do it for you, do it for Jim.


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26 thoughts on “Do It for Jim

  1. John Clark says:


    You are right on… Jim would want us to move past his death and onto things that would make a positive difference in the lives of others.

    I have been using his quotes lately in my blog postings and I have also been listening to his CD’s a little more recently.

    He was a great man with a great message and we are all fortunate for his being here.

    As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

    John Clark

  2. jdavid says:

    So much wisdom ,he will aways be with us

  3. HnhblF says:

    Mr Rohn is the greatest man I ever have the pleasure to see. We had the honor to spend an entire weekend with him. Great man, great humor, immense charisma.

    As Mr Worre would say Mr Rohn word’s and philosophy are my defining moments in life.

    Thank you Mr Rohn and thank you Mr Gage for helping us being better that we were programmed to be.

  4. Joe says:


  5. Mark Tewart says:

    Thanks so much for your post about Mr. Rohn. Jim was a great influence in my life. I was always amazed at his ability to deliver profound wisdom in such a simple and home spun manner. If we all used just one thing a day that Jim taught, our successes would be assured. God Bless you and thank you Jim.

  6. Melissa says:

    blah, blah. Don’t be a pussy. Go to the memorial!

  7. For all who were touched by Jim Rohn to become the best they can be – would be the best way to honor to him.

  8. Leslie Esperanza Espaillat says:

    Randy, thanks for your acknowledgment of Jim Rohn.

    I agree with your choice to celebrate his life. I met Jim Rohn at a party years ago and attended several seminars. He was a kind and gentle soul. Most importantly, he was a GIANT for the championing of the human spirit with an incredible ability to inspire many to greatness.

    He will always be remembered and celebrated.
    THank YOU Jim Rohn!

  9. douglas says:


    You don’t deal with death so well do you?

    What do you think is waiting for you on the other side?


  10. Angela M.C. D'Alton says:

    So agree with you on this….great post…
    Have a wonderful weekend Randy…love Angie :))

  11. Elly says:

    In my culture the Memorial would definitely have been a celebration. Showing up to it is one way of honouring the person you have loved/respected. Sure there might be a few egos there but so what, you are way above them.

  12. Jim Rohn said and wrote a lot of things, and perhaps he knew a lot more…

    “Very few of us are authorities on the truth. About the closest that any of us can get is what we hope is the truth or what we think is the truth. That’s why the best approach to truth is probably to say, “It seems to me…””

    “Sincerity is not a test of truth. We must not make this mistake: He must be right; he’s so sincere. Because, it is possible to be sincerely wrong. We can only judge truth by truth and sincerity by sincerity.”

    “Find someone who is willing to share the truth with you.”

  13. Natalie says:

    What makes you think dear randy doesn’t deal with death very well?

    That he doesn’t linger on it? That he doesn’t dwell on it? That doesn’t get morose and stop living when people die?

    I don’t know – using the death to propel further greatness now seems a rather lovely way to deal with death – I think!

    How do you deal with death that makes you think you handle it well?

  14. Mr. Rohn was a great speaker and coach. I have read many of his books and have came away a different man. I think because of him I will push forward and if I have too, do a few push-ups along the way. Thanks Jim for all that you have done through speaking, books and materials. Your work impacted my life!

  15. Thanks Gage… Its going to have to start with the push ups or I will have to give you that 5k.. 🙂

    Your Friend,


  16. For those who missed it, Jim Rohn’s memorial was magnificent and the speakers were terrific. I felt no sadness, instead enjoyed a rich evening filled with wisdom, friends and music. It was refreshing to hear Les Brown and Tony Robbins not do their usual thing, but simply paying tribute to a beloved teacher. Touching to see how someone’s spirit can be so present… Jim’s legacy is very much alive. I felt grateful to be part of it.

  17. Fred Riley says:

    I have great respect and confidence in your teachings but in my opinion I think you made a mistake in not being present at the memorial event. Randy may not have the greatest of respect for some of those speaking at the event but he would have been there as a public expression of the love he has for Jim and I think that means a lot

    Many times we make decisions based on personalities and lose sight of the main purpose. Sometimes we make this mistake at family level, many times at group and branch and area level.

    But hell! who am I to judge. Randy has his expressed reasons for not attending and I realise it is no reflection on his respect and love for the man and his life.

    This is just a comment which Randy has called for on this particular event an has nothing to do with the love, respect, and admiration I have for what Randy is doing for the industry and for what his teachings have done for me personally. Thank you.

  18. mojgan says:

    Dear Randy,

    I always try to keep great people like Jim in my mind ,my thought, and act with his words in my life.

    God bless our lovely Jim

    and I pray for your Health, Wealth and Happiness


  19. Randy Gage says:

    Actually I think I deal with death pretty well. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I accept as part of life. Why do you say I don’t deal with it well?


  20. Kathleen Caldwell says:

    I’ve had the blessing of meeting and hearing Jim speak several times and listen to his programs often. The messages that impressed me the most were the one about having only two dollars in his pocket and not even being able to buy girl scout cookies…that experience changed his life/fortune and became a millionaire in a few short years so that he would never miss out on an opportunity again.
    (Sounds like Randy) and the other about never missing an opportunity to see the game, go to the opera, watch the sunset, be with loved ones. In other words, live life everyday, the best and most you can because today is all you hold in your hand but plan and work toward your best future. ( sounds like Randy too).
    I think of Jim as a wise grandfather and Randy like I wise, smart ass brother. I love them both. 🙂

  21. Bernice says:

    Actually I haven’t read or listened to Jim Rohn. I have seen some of his quotes. Maybe I should listen to him… Do you have any recommendations?

  22. Meaza Ridley says:

    The Art of Exceptional Living is the only Jim Rohn work I’ve listened to and it’s done so much to help me move forward. I was so sad when I heard of his passing; he’s one of the best I believe. I would certainly suggest this CD set if you’ve never listened or if you have.

    Thanks Randy for your blog reminding us to move forward in life using what we gain from others in addition to mourning the loss and celebrating the life.

    Love & Light,

  23. Eric Worre says:

    Wayyyyyy less peacocking than I expected. Actually really nice. Their message was the same as yours. Jim would want us all to be great.


  24. Randy Gage says:

    Yes that is a wonderful CD set!


  25. Marty says:

    How to use a Journal and Living an Exceptional Life- Changed my life! Now to keep taking action, learning and moving forward

    Thanks Jim Rohn

    (Secrets of Network Marketing Success Vol 1 and 2- These are good too!)


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