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Disrupting Disruption

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success.

The Top 7 Disruptive Trends to Get in Front of for 2013

In my last book, Risky Is the New Safe, we explored some of the cataclysmic changes we are approaching – the challenges they will cause – and then the lucrative opportunities that will be created by them.  Of course a big driver of many of these is the speed with which technology is advancing.

Many professions are already being, or about to be disrupted by these changes.  So what’s on the immediate horizon and how can you protect yourself against – and hopefully profit from – changes that may impact your sector?

Here’s my predictions on the seven most disruptive trends we’re likely to see, that will impact business and marketing the most in 2013:

7) Shopping Goes Virtual

Retail is all about location, location, location.  And the possibility of virtual QR stores at subway stations, bus stops, parking garages and anywhere else people with smart phones congregate, offers the opportunity for someone to make a big splash.  Look for someone to jump in big in 2013 to get first mover advantage in locking up the prime real estate – virtual malls.

6) The Printer Strikes Back

Here in the US, we’re just starting to see a renaissance in manufacturing.  But the development of 3-D printing is a recipe for cataclysmic upheaval in the manufacturing sector, with the impact cascading down into distribution, fulfillment and other support industries.

5) TabletMania 

Tablets are hot right now and getting hotter.  That means the demand for content to consume on them heats up as well.  Look for a big spike in eBooks, and eMagazines and other publications that are now easy on the eyes to read on tablets.  The publishing industry is the poster child for needing reinvention.  Someone clever could jump in with a satellite newspaper (perhaps offered for free), designed specifically for tablets.  Who from the broadcast networks, cable networks, or Internet created content space will make a big splash with video programming for tablets in 2013?

4) Mobile Wallets

Electronic wallets will eventually replace credit cards, debit cards, currencies, and even banks.   Whoever gets a leg up in 2013 gets a big head start.  Does a credit card or banking company let go of their bias and jump into the game?  Does eBay or PayPal lock it down?  Or does a new player swoop in for the kill?

3) “I Want my Streaming TV”

Perhaps the biggest fight in the next decade will be the epic battle over who controls streaming video.  But the winner of that war may be decided by who controls the TV platform now. Google TV is in the ring, Samsung is about to enter, and Apple looks like it’s about to join the fray.  Will Netflix, Amazon and others join the bloodbath?  There will be lots of ripples in lots of industries as this shakes out.

2) UnSocial Media

Social media and Web 3.0 will completely and unequivocally blow up branding forever.  Look for a shake out in the New Year.  Bad companies will lament “consumer activism” as irate customers expose their glaring weaknesses.  Savvy companies will learn better how to use social media to connect with their tribe and monitor their brand real time.

1) Mobile App-ocalypse

Mobile apps and the cloud will change marketing more than direct mail, newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet combined.  Look for some serious breakouts from a few savvy marketers who harness the power of mobile apps in the year ahead.  Everyone’s talking about Big Data.  But I expect consumers to turn the tables and we’ll see apps coming out which put the advantage back on consumers.   They will use apps which use data against companies – to get better selection and lower prices.

Eve of Disruption…

If you had the opportunity to jump into that DeLorean with Marty McFly and set the date for any time in the future you could travel to – this would be that time.

The exponentially increasing speed of change, combined with processing capabilities and capacity of technology will make chaos the new calm.

In the areas of marketing, management, and leadership – there will be more disruptive change in the next ten years than occurred in the last thousand.  In other areas like genetic engineering, cloning, and artificial intelligence – there will be more disruptive change in the next ten years than occurred in the last billion.  Really.

The entrepreneurs and companies that help people cope with these cataclysmic changes will become the wealthiest on the planet.    And perhaps a few other planets.

And it all gets started in 2013.  Buckle up baby, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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Change has gone from arithmetic to geometric to exponential in my lifetime.  The question is:  who's willing to do what it takes to stay on the leading edge?

Fred Lacey
Fred Lacey

Great insights! I'm excited about the opportunities.

Thanks Randy!



My Mobile app is in project.

I will let you see first.




I wanted to write a book review, of this ~ your new book, that was that exciting..and I'm still going to give it a go. Man, this blog post is as good as your book content!  How do I learn how to think like that RG?  Sincerely, how DID you learn how to think like that? WOWWWWWWW!   I'm tweeting this Rock Opera to my followers again. *Spellbound* in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada..    


Totally agree with 3-D printing. HUGE.

Israel Garcia
Israel Garcia

Hi Randy.

Clearly, the world will be transformed with new developments, in fact I think we're a little behind in technology, we should. Following the changes will arise in many niche markets which may do business.


Thanks Randy for opening our eyes.

I send a greeting from Spain.


4: I always wished that my favourite CreditCard Company could be my bank as well!! I even thought about writing a letter to ask them to think of realistic opportunities....


3: you´re well informed!!!


I'm a big fan of "Big Data" and "Open Data", but not in the sense that most people are talking about it  right now (by the time a term becomes mainstream you better start thinking about how to zig cause they're all zagging). The ability to leverage data of all sizes openly and cheaply is going to upend everything we know. The disruption in apps and content you mention will mostly be data driven: smart apps that help individuals from consumer shopping as you mentioned to the "quantified self". Also, "Data journalism" will create trustworthy and niche focused news channels (and enormous opportunity for people to become trusted media sources in their own niche).


People need to start thinking about they're own 'data exhaust' and how to harness that for their own entrepreneurial benefit. Meaning, everything you do now is being captured and measured by someone (app developers, online stores, google searches, social networks, etc.), the people that figure out how to leverage their own data for their own good will be disruptive gazillionaires. 


Well, it will be really interesting to see how all of that progresses.  I hope earth becomes a better place for all of the new technology.  Although, I sometimes wonder if we are really that advanced at all.  How about a time when we can telepathically type.  No need to learn keyboarding. We wouldn't necessarily need to speak either!  Randy, you might enjoy this book I am reading "Forbidden Science".  Anyway, I like the juxtaposition of laying out for us all of these new technologies, and then ending your post with a line from an old Bette Davis movie.


RG I see tablets everywhere I go and I have traveled quite a bit in the last 20 months. Well all I have done is traveled ;) Laos Bali hell everywhere. That trend pops out at me as these countries continue to adopt at a breakneck page.


You need to vision to be a visionary so hopping on this advice makes real sense.


Thanks for sharing as always!


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