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Choosing to Change

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Okay you’re carrying around a little too much weight.  You can choose to change.  You snapped at someone and said something you regret.  You can make a resolution to become a better person the next time.  You’ve been timid and playing small.  You can decide to step into your greatness. 

Your past never has to equal your future.  That is only in the case of people who let life “happen” to them.  When you take responsibility for your own life, you get to create the life you want, and become the person you were meant to be.

Remember, every minute is a new minute.  You can choose to change.

– RG

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14 thoughts on “Choosing to Change

  1. LeneJytteHansen says:

    LOVE it!!!! And shared 🙂

  2. million dollar says:

    For things to change, you have to change

  3. LucindaRoses says:

    Thank you!

  4. Sanjay sharma says:

    million dollar  truly said ,            by the way i love your name

  5. Jonathan1 says:

    Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. Living IN the possibility through CHOICE.. “We do not attract that which we want, but that which we ARE”.. Thanks so much Randy.. great post!

  6. On average our life has 420 million minutes. Enough  to make a difference , and to short to wait until tomorrow. Great. Thanks.

  7. jimbarber says:

    “You can choose to change.”
    Not only ‘can’, but MUST! The only way to get a different tomorrow is to think and act differently today!

  8. LindaCovello says:

    Awesome!!! The best part of this for me is where you say that each minute is a new one. Truly living in the moment. I love this!

  9. Alice Ferreira says:

    Thank you Randy.

  10. Mostofa Kamal says:

    So nice randy.its true.

  11. PeterGHorrill says:

    Yes, yes, yes, we only compete with ourselves, not a person or circumstance!

  12. Edward D Devero says:

    All you really have is the moment you have now. You can optimize every decision you make. Today I made the choice of ” If man made it, don’t eat it ” . I already feel much better at the end of the day probably from eliminating breads from my diet and substitute bread carbs with those from apples, bananas, and a varied assortment of raw veggies.

  13. Annieb says:

    Randy- I love this post.  🙂


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