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Chasing the Challenge

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Prosperity, Success.

The secret to creating wealth is solving problems.  When you solve problems for people, they will joyfully, lovingly, gratefully crawl naked over broken glass and throw money at you.  Because truth is, most people don’t want money – they want the things they can trade money for.

Everything I wrote in Risky Is the New Safe goes back to this premise: uncertainly, upheaval and disruption will create the greatest challenges humankind has ever faced – and those challenges will offer the greatest opportunities humankind has ever witnessed.

How will couples deal with virtual reality sex?  How will families deal with clones?  What happens when artificial intelligence surpasses all of acquired human intelligence?  How will we deal with computer consciousness?  Who owns the moon?

In the next 15 years we will be facing the most perplexing questions that humankind has ever confronted.  Most people want to run from challenges like this.  Savvy people will chase after them.  Because prosperity is created by solving problems.  And the people who ask – and can answer those questions – will be the most prosperous people in the world!

- RG

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Joe Lee
Joe Lee

The more challenges we solve the more money we have. And most people don't like to solve problems. They prefer someone else to solve it for them. That's why entrepreneurs who solve problems for many people are generating huge income for themselves. 

Mark Matteson
Mark Matteson

I have read other books by Randy. He is a Thought Leader. Mark Matteson Author of Freedom from Fear

Edward D Devero
Edward D Devero

Ha ha! Gratefully crawl naked over broken glass. Classic.



How will couples deal with virtual reality sex? 

*** It will make them emotionally free again, i am sure it´ll help letting go of themsleves and get back to normal. Why? I had sex with a guy who DID NOT breathe all of the time until the end (!!), and it was quite long, and it was any time we had sex. So, how locked-up can one be to surpress feelings/emotions during sex? I guess this stuff is necessary to come out...


What happens when artificial intelligence surpasses all of acquired human intelligence?

*** lucky are those kids & teenagers who have no parents.....


How will we deal with computer consciousness?

*** curiously! 


Who owns the moon?

*** the one who starts saying out loud it´s him/her!! As usual. ;)


I like this post. more?  (no book yet....)


Maybe, Randy Gage will be the lucky owner of the Moon in 15 years. Since I planted that seed how about a free trip when you build the first moon resort RG lol.


15 years huh? Still has a lot of time to do some critical thinking. Thank you for the insight Randy. Have a blessed day! 


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