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Changing Your Consciousness

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Previously I stated that consciousness cannot be changed instantly, and must go through a process.  Some of you have expressed concern that I was affirming something negative, which could cause people to take longer than need be to change.  So what do you think about that?

As for me, I don’t know.  I don’t think anyone does.  But I have my theory.  And you may not like it.

I do believe it is a process that takes time.  I don’t believe people can have an instant insight that will immediately counteract their many years of conditioning and programming.  I would love to believe that you could change your mindset instantly.  But I can’t.


Because it took me years to change mine.  And I see it working as a gradual process in the people I coach.  And because the data-sphere, organized religion, the government and society are so all pervasive, suffocating and omnipresent in their constant barrage of negative programming.  We are talking about core beliefs created at three and four years old, reinforced sometimes for decades.

So is it all bad news?  No I think there is good.  Check in with what you think.  Then we’ll pick up there on the next post.



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38 thoughts on “Changing Your Consciousness

  1. Jeff Korhan says:

    Key is changing those worn out patterns of conditioning. Yes, that takes time – maybe a lifetime….maybe more!

  2. Connie says:

    No doubt, it takes time! Some things take more time than others but it is certainly time well spent.

  3. Phil says:

    Believe it can be changed in an instant!
    There It is done.

  4. Terre says:

    years ago I read Hubbard’s organizational thesis indicating that the way we respond is linked to a meme(total readers’ digest version, please!) and if one can release that stored info, weaken that and strengthen with positive replacement then change is effected. well we hang on to all that crap with a vengance! conceptually you can change on an instant command like from the hypnotist’s suggestion and a snap waking you from the suggestive state. becoming aware of what triggers the memory and subsequent response behaviour is the difficult component to put in place, always keep vigilant awareness and always respond in the newly selected behaviour. it would seem to take time, yes, and desire, and effort, and training, and a loud snap! Break the habit! 😉

  5. traxylee says:

    I agree with you with qualifications.
    A. I have changed in a love/ religion situation and that change was immediate and spontaneous. Done. No regression.
    B. Other HABITS are different. Methodical actions not motivated out of passion or morality are more viral; have broader scope. I would liken it to a bad relationship… “It is not the leaving that is the hardest, it is the staying gone.” I submit the unconscious patterns of relationships, work ethic, working out, etc are more mudane and have to consistently be re-programmed.

    I agree w another poster. Bill Britt either taught it and/or made it up… Cap the Negative, Increase the Positive. The negative is diluted continually until it is not effective. (? Can we ever delete completely negative programming?) Whatever bad habit we want to conquer … because, yes, it is a battle… we must make a goal and systematically dismantle it, while reconstructing a positve thought process.

    As for me, Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, MD, FICS, was an invaluable tool. It is a spectacular study of the human mind.

    Best Wishes.

  6. Dale Rekus says:

    Most probably a gradual process due to conscious change usually taking so long to modify ingrained habits and our reluctance to part with the safety of the familiar.
    Exception would be if someone goes through what I would term a reverse traumatic situation (a traumatic one would be falling off a ladder and fearing heights from that point on).
    A reverse traumatic situation might be where someone who is living a shabby life and narrowly misses being killed in a horrific accident and, because of that incident, realizes how important they are and decides to (and actually does) instantly live life in a better way for themselves.

  7. traxylee says:

    And the Battleground of the Mind by Joyce Meyer is the other book, representing the Christian aspect of breakthrough of negative thought patterns. Genius, regardless of your persuasion.
    Currently re-reading now, actually. Gotta evaluate to go to the next level!

  8. kennup says:

    Excellent Post Randy! Thanks. You’re right about media and government raining down negativity on us. We have to be vigilant about what we decide to let penetrate the filters of our mind. I read a short book yesterday called The Magic Story. The book proposed that we have a plus entity and a minus entity in our psyche. The plus entity is always striving, achieving, becoming, while the minus entity is always defeated, mediocre, and void of vision. Whichever part of us that we give power to is what dominates us and creates our circumstances in life. I say create a loving and not just a living, not just an existence.

  9. dominique dock says:

    There seems to be two sides to all our minds, and depending where we intend to go , we will pay attention and direct our intention in one or the other direction. We will always need to pay attention to where we let our mind go, and I remember your idea about memes, that you need to keep on leash.

    Have discovered a tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that allows to break patterns and free you from the painful, negative habits. It is using ancient wisdom of ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture, and the yet to translate into medicine, quantum physics (mass is energy )
    The word energy (chi) was already used 5000 years ago to explain the symptoms of illness in the person.

    Have to dig in deeper so I can give you a clear view of where this can bring us.
    By the way, loved your first interview with Eric Worre, in NMPRO series.

  10. Kathleen Casey says:

    Well one does hear about instant enlightenment, however even in those cases the personality often still needs continued clearing, which some very well known teachers and sages have demonstrated.
    The persistent day to day witnessing one’s thoughts, feelings, actions etc. was and continues to be an acquired skill, at least for me. Being able to see the truth about one’s patterns and habits and being aware, at the point of choice, instead of behaving mechanically is the only way I know to truly change.
    I also do very shamanic sound and energy work which affects cell memory and can effect significant change, but that change must be supported by a day to day practice. Objective Self-Observation is , for me, base camp no matter what other practices and modalities I am also using.
    I don’t think it’s negative to suggest that human consciousness requires time and effort to evolve. Stretching ourselves mentally,emotionally,physically is part of the joy of being human.

  11. Graeme says:

    Change is a natural process. In nature things move gradually. Its not a negative remark (to say it takes time). Its just a remark.

  12. ari says:


    What is your definition of consciousness?

    I ask because many of us use such terms on a regular basis but do we really understand what they are? I would be interested to know your views.

    What would you say is the difference between mindset, self-image and consciousness?

    Are they essentially different ways of saying the same thing?
    I would say consciousness encompasses mindset and self image but has a greater spiritual element involved.

    I think its possible for consciousness to change instantly but it would probably require a huge, dramatic experience or challenge to create such an instant change. I think, realistically it is a gradual change that happens over a period of time, it requires effort and consistent action together with a desire for change.


  13. Natasa says:

    I’ve experienced this definitely gradual process. And when I worked hard to resist the flow, I had to stay alert and keep working on it continually or I was easily dragged back into the previous state, because the media and the average environment are forcing such an intensive programming. Many times I lost the battle and had to start all over again…

    … BUT all the years of struggling are almost forgotten and the above written is no longer truth for me today, since, like Dominique, I learned EFT (just a couple of weeks ago). For our hectic time the accelerated achievement of our personal plans, regarding the topic discussed today, is a God given gift. It’s dumb-proof-easy to learn it and it works. Gary Craig did willing people a Big favour.

  14. Joel Cansler says:

    I happen to somewhat disagree with you on this one Randy. I say this because I personally counteracted many years of conditioning and programming in a very short amount of time by practicing a daily discipline I invented. I do it every morning the instant I awaken – and I call it transcendsory co-creation. It’s actually very simple to do. It involves going beyond your five senses in a meditative state – and then leapfrogging “belief” and going directly into “knowingness”. You see, when you really analyze your beliefs with a microscope you’ll find the field is actually shrewn with doubts. And to make a long story short, whatever you absolutely know to be true for you, (beyond merely tagging it as a wishy-washy possible belief), the universe will create for you.

  15. Olga says:

    I agree whole heartedly with your comment, I’ve seen it in my own life as well. Change is a process of letting go, and growth. while one may be able to cut down one tree within our consciouness, there is still the forest to deal with, and that is done one tree at a time, sometimes you may be able to do two, but imagine trying to tackle the whole forest at once.

  16. Wayne says:

    2 Corinthians 3:17-18 even the word of God says “Glory to Glory” – a process and not a crisis.

    follow us at

    Blessings Randy

  17. Claudia says:

    Oh I agree on that one – change is a process. But a process which you can successfully undergo.

  18. JoeNLuz says:

    The Student asks the Teacher, “Master, how many lifetimes will I have to Live to achieve Enlightenment?” The Teacher replies, “Do you see the leaves on that Tree, that many Lifetimes.” The Student replies with Joy and Excitement, “Oh Master, only that Few Lifetimes? How Wonderful!” …. Namaste

  19. Fame Coach says:

    I too echo Randy’s remarks with regard to coaching and ones level of consciousness. I rarely see a client shift immediately to a higher level of being and doing. It can happen from time to time, but it takes exceptional person to do the extraordinary and as far as I am concerned it borders on a miracle. When it is all said and done change is a process that may take days, weeks, months, even years depending on many factors. If our behaviors are deeply embedded within someone you can be sure it will take time to work though limiting beliefs and reframe their beliefs so they are healthy and productive. I don’t always agree with Randy, but this is one time I stand firmly beside him. Shift happens, but it takes a process to make it happen.

  20. Neil Clements says:

    Hi Randy

    I have been studying prosperity for about 4 years now…alot of my research done with the help of your literature. My Prosperity is definitely, and has been, a PROCESS. I think the comments made about you affirming negative statements by suggesting this is a process are the result of drive through service and microwave oven mentality….NOW NOW NOW….having said that when action need to be taken that will lead to your ultimate prosperity….NOW…is the time to take that action….but, too, these actions and their result are all part of the ON GOING PROCESS….

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to move my own prosperity process FORWARD…..RIGHT NOW.

  21. Pat says:

    Great food for thought! Personally I believe it takes time. Can’t wait for tomorrows article!

  22. Norm says:

    I agree with you, Randy. Change for the better does take time. There is no use denying reality. However, the person who does recognize that negativity (or defeatism ) is an undesirable mindset is way ahead of what he would be otherwise. Negativity is death in disguise. So, the way to combat it is on a daily basis of being aware of how we are perceiving things. There is a positive side to everything.
    A quote I heard online last night by a man named Bill Coyle: ” I never let my success determine my attitude, but I let my attitude determine my success.”
    Or, as the Apostle Paul said, “I discipline (teach) my body and keep it under control…” Same goes for the mind.

  23. Darlene says:

    Hi Randy,

    I think instant breakthroughs are possible – I point to Tony Robbins – by getting people to GET THERE and get their – A-HA! Moment, they CAN break free of their patterns immediately. But unless you are working with a million dollar a day person like yourself – it probably does take the average Joe a while.

  24. Breindel says:

    I don’t think it’s such a negative that it can’t happen overnight. I don’t think Randy is saying it will take years until you have any success in this department. I think if applying new thoughts and actions behind new thoughts, one can see a change in a couple of weeks, months, and consistently even more over the years. Sounds good to me!

  25. I’ll have to agree to disagree. Consciousness according to the Webster’s Dictionary: is the quality or state of being aware of something within oneself. This you can change within a moment. I’ll use my own story to prove a point, For 6 years I was caught up in being the best drug addict and alcoholic I could be. One day, during that “quiet moment” we’ve discussed in one of Randy’s previous posts,I had a moment of clarity. I decided that I didn’t want drugs and alcohol in my life anymore and I quit. During those 6 years I never really hit bottom like so many other people do. I was never arrested nor was I ever homeless but my life at that time was best sung by The Eagles “Life In The Fast Lane”. So when that moment of higher consciousness came I changed to course of the previous 6 years of my life within a nonosecond. And if I can do it, you can do it too!

    Create A Great Day

  26. Nothing happens over night – we are in a world that strives for instant everything from coffee to food and people want their success to be the same – Success is out there, but you have to go get it – People are looking for good , but there is so much negative that seems to get the mind first so many stop looking.

    The success – starts in your own mind before you even leave the house in the morning – how are you starting your day?

  27. Jacki Harmon says:

    I find it takes as long as you believe it will take!

  28. Steve sapato says:

    Change is what we BELIEVE it to be. As you have read, some say they have changed instantly! WHo am I to argue with them? Others, like myself, know change for us is a process. It comes with time and that time varies with what we have or want to change. But change only comes as a result of two things, the DESIRE to change or a forced change attributable to circumstance. Life changing happenings and events. People have changed through schooling even when they didn’t want or know they were changing. We change with THREE THINGS! THe people we associate with, the information via reading that we allow into our minds and the informations we listen to.

  29. How did we go from Randy’s statement “consciousness cannot be changed instantly” to simply talking about change? Was this a conscious or unconscious decision?

  30. Certify U. says:

    “Consciousness: the having of perceptions, thoughts and feelings; awareness. The term is impossible to define except in terms that are unintelligible without a grasp of what consciousness means… quote by Stuart Sutherland, ‘Consciousness’, International Dictionary of Psychology’, 1995.

    Based on that definition of consciousness – I believe it can be changed intantly. Now a mind-set, which I feel is a completely different thing, I don’t think that can be changed in an instant, that is a process that will take time.

  31. Well, simply put… If you have been bathing in s***t all your life, it might take time for you not to stink after only one clean bath!

    It took me 5 years to become a 51%+ positive guy and believe in my dreams for real. Should have been easier or faster, I don’t know and I don’t care. What matters at the end of the day it’s the experience I lived.

    Adrian Bolosin

  32. Jack Bresler says:

    This discussion reminds me of a quote I met this week (sorry, don’t remember who deserves the credit): “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…”

    So, basically, it’s a question of what you, the individual, is confronted with. Is it an elephant? or is it a cherry? If it’s an elephant, the process required will include lots of indigestion. If it’s a cherry – then it’s a snap.

    G-d, in his infinite wisdom, can be depended upon to provide the cherry for desert – after the elephant.

    MY long answer:

    I join those who have focused on the meaning of consciousness. All of the modern definitions, as well as the ancient spiritual traditions, are in termed so that the change can be made instantaneously. But, that does not necessarily effect a change in BEHAVIOR/ACTION – which is ultimately what we are after.

    Spiritually, we can convert in a snap – just by changing the INTENTION of our thought process, which we can access RELATIVELY easily. However, this is a first step in a process thru which we can review our behavior and so doing, modify the HABITS that we have developed over the years.

  33. Jose Lopez says:

    Right on! It’s a process.
    I do believe “instant transformation” is a posibility, and we can find isolated cases in human history. But for the most part, I do believe for most of us, it’s a process. To think and/or to teach the contrary, I believe, will be adding on to the “instant gratification” mentality so popular in the data-sphere. There are not shorcuts in life. Changing our conciusness is a process, and a very wonderful and powerful one! Instead of looking to cut corners, lets enjoy the process.

  34. Christian says:

    Yeah, it’s easy to sell books and stuff when you’re saying that you can get instant results, but you don’t seem to be the kind of guy that does stuff just to make money. You seem to tell it like it is. Success takes work. It’s worth it, but it takes time and a lot of work to develop yourself.

  35. I agree because for me also it is a process of ever increasing insights to my own behaviour and thoughts. The behaviour and thoughts are steering my life while the driver (me) is doing his best to be vigilant about new prospects and taking action where needed.

    Sometimes I win at this sometimes I don’t. The objective is to have more successes over my own restrictions. For the most part its a zig zag affair. Watch out people I’m on the road 🙂

  36. Helen says:

    Randy I am totally in agree with you… it is a processs.. but the fact is that when you are inthe process,with a constant effort … aparently nothing hapen and one day… sudenly… you are iluminated… both things are true… it is a process and the moment is so difernet , is so great ..that you live that like a big difference,,, many people dont know that to have that eternal moment… take all life…

  37. Carmen says:

    I’m having some interesting experiences travelling at the moment. I’m currently in the Czech Republic visiting relatives, (I’ve heritage like yours Randy!), and I’m struggling to deal with their ‘glass if half empty’ view of life. My auntie, probably partly through programming from her mother, speaks of potential disasters, yesterdays misfortunes and must say “‘be careful” I reckon about 50 times a day. Do doubt she’s not aware of it. It’s also interesting to note the choices she makes and the life she leads as a result. I’ve had to take a break from her this evening so I spent half an hour speaking to someone positive on Skype and am now reading some empowering newsletters like yours Randy to get myself charged up again. Anyway, all of this has me asking myself what things I’m thinking that had me attract staying with my relatives in the first place. There must be some kind of vibrational match with them for me to be here, even if it is for the first time in 18 years! That’s something I will ponder over this evening. Thankfully I have a prosperous host at my next destination, someone with a successful business who owns numerous Ferraris. I can’t wait to get there and spend time with them.

  38. Stuart says:

    It takes a while to integrate all new knowledge and feelings in your mind, so it will always be a while before the way that you react to things changes. As a result it takes a while for your world to change too.


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