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Breaking the Boundaries of Self Belief

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. He will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him…and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings.

That passage from Henry David Thoreau demonstrates the awesome power of self-belief.  You almost always accomplish the things you think you can, and almost always fail at the things you think you can’t do.  So the journey to success is about strengthening our positive self-beliefs and creating new ones.  (And at the same time, weakening or eliminating negative self-beliefs.)

And you know what?

Almost all of our self-beliefs – positive and negative – are mind viruses.  We simply made them up!

Yes, it’s true you probably can’t levitate or fly.  (Notice I qualify that with the word “probably.”)  But how many amazing and extraordinary things are you really capable of – if you got your limiting beliefs out of the way?

Please share your thoughts, and we’ll pick up there on the next post.  BTW thought I’d start sharing some flavor of the travel now and then, as I go around the world .  So the pic today is some of the bridges of Prague at twilight, where I’m at now.  The one in the middle is the Charles bridge.  And I did the new Prosperity TV show from Bangkok.  That should be posted on the YouTube channel soon.

P.S. to my friends in Japan.  If you’re within 100 miles of any of those problem reactors, please get the Hell out of there.  I realize your government doesn’t want panic, but I don’t think they’re being completely forthcoming and truthful with you.  And assuring people that the wind will blow the radiation out to sea is simply irresponsible.  And for the rest of you, use this as a lesson that you can’t trust governments to take care of your prosperity.


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53 thoughts on “Breaking the Boundaries of Self Belief

  1. Randy, I look forward to your blog everyday for your undeniable wisdom and contrarian viewpoints. Thank you my friend.

    You are so right about the power of our beliefs. Beliefs create our experience.

    Folks, wanna know where our beliefs come from? Well, they aren’t there because they are the truth… they are there because somebody put them there. Beliefs are planted during our formative years.

    The good news is that beliefs can be changed.

    The bad news is, they are so insidious that most people are not aware of their presence.
    It takes some serious introspective work, often with the support of a coach, to surface them. However once they are surfaced, they can be examined.

    Change your beliefs – change your results.


    ps Prague is on my vision board Randy – stunningly beautiful. Thx for the pic!

  2. ari says:

    Great post and great pic. I used to live in Prague, such an amazing, beautiful city

  3. Gabesuarez says:

    Randy. 100% agree! What I need is the antivirus to kill my limiting thuoghts. How long it takes to kill the bad ones? Years? Decades? When do you know that start killing them to increase your confidence? Dificult quetion I think.

  4. Tom Mrak says:

    I reprogram myself everyday. It’s a battle, but it gets easier. Really easy to slip into negativity still.

    My heart goes out to the Japanese people.

    Randy, I happened to see a bit of the news and there was some talking head from the US Nuclear Commission or something with a similar name, talking about how since we beefed up the reactors since 911 nothing like that could happen here.

    It happened in Japan, and Japan is a world innovator. We can’t as a nation get over who someone sleeps with, so I am skeptical.

    What do you think of what is going on in Wisconsin?

    I think the role of government in public affairs needs to lessen. After all, the big bank bailouts and the corporate abuse only happened because the Government gave them that power.

    No offense to the more Socialist in the world, but when will you get a clue that Unionizing everything and giving control to the Government NEVER WORKS!

    Growing up in a household which cared more about Unions than anything else, I will say this:

    If you truly love your children you will help them become Individuals, instead of people who need to cling to a group mindset and not question anything; who use their talents to better themselves and provide value, whatever that may be to the world.

    Be well.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Yes the topic on my next Prosperity TV is raising prosperous kids.


      1. ari says:

        Wasnt that one up a few days ago? I`m sure I saw it

        1. Randy Gage says:

          Yes but it was shaky and bad lighting so I had to redo it.


    2. Annie says:

      I too think it would be interesting to hear what Randy thinks about Wisconsin.

      While I know I have said may socialst things on this blog, I am not. I am a person who holds no political party as my own. I believe capitalism can work, but I also think given the society we live in now, we have to have a fairly good injection of some socialist programs. It is important to remember that we are the government. People are the government. People are not perfect, and wherever there are people trying to make decisions for what is best for everyone, there will be mistakes.

      However, we still need some government, and we still need some social programs. I am not really that well versed on what the Unions have or haven’t done, but I am sure there is some good in there as well.

    3. Annie says:

      PS I agree with your thinking on children. Yes teach your children well. Teach them to think for themselves. Then no matter what economic class they belong to, they will have self power and prosperity.

  5. Tom Mrak says:

    I will say this having known some people who are/grew up in wealthy families. They were quite kind and understanding, and totally unlike the way the media and most people believe rich people are.

    The poor and the middle class want their children to have good jobs, and maybe get a promotion or retire with a good pension.

    The rich want their children to have a good lives and do wonderful things.

  6. Tom Mrak says:

    More observations:

    The rich teach their children that money is a tool and that they must provide value, whatever that may be.

    The poor and middle class are afraid of money, and see it as evil, and demean those who have it as wicked and cruel.

    The rich teach their children that they are important, and they should lead others in some way, and not to surrender themselves to the herd.

    The poor and middle class believe it is best to put their head down and not question what people say, and follow the leader, even if it hurts them and the people they love.

    The rich love culture, and patronize great artists and thinkers,and provide charity to help those in need. More money allows the ability to enable others.

    The poor and middle class think culture and art is for snobs, that anyone who makes more than 50k is making too much, should share everything, the government should care for everyone, and would rather watch “Jersey Shore”.

    1. Annie says:

      Tom, please be careful not to stereotype or pigeonhole anyone. Your thoughts probably come from your experiences and seem valid to you. But remember, people are individuals and as such, they do not always behave in the ways one expects them to always do.

      Mind viruses, (as Randy calls them) are dangerous paticularly when they contain stereotypes, because stereotypes are never the whole truth. Truth is what we should all spread, and then prosperity will be for everyone. Thanks.


      1. Tom Mrak says:

        I apologize, and you are right, I am being overly judgmental based on my experiences.

        I believe Randy is referring to memes when he talks about mind viruses.

        1. Annie says:

          Thanks for the reply, Mark. You are right too, he is referring to memes. 🙂 Also, some memes are positive!


        2. Annie says:

          So sorry I messed up your name Tom!

      2. Victoria Crowley says:


        I like your post!

        It’s the truth 🙂


        1. Annie says:


          It isn’t the whole truth. 🙂 Remember ignorance may be bliss, but knoweledge is power.


  7. Tom Mrak says:

    If wealth enables people to do amazing things, be happy, and benefit others, why is doing awesomeness so evil?

  8. s.c. says:

    Randy…i wanted to ask u one thing – do u actually believe that smb can “put an evil eye” on smb? i was told by a frd that smb put an evil eye on me when things just went soooo f..cking wrong….she said because its all about quantum stuff and when smb send bad energy towards u and u are not protected- then u get hit…looking frd for ur reply…maybe it’s a silly thing but what would u suggest? or it’s another “mind virus”? and we are what we believe? thanks a lot in advance 4 ur reply.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      No I don’t believe that.


      1. s.c. says:

        thank you so much for ur reply!!!! now i have such a relief… enjoy ur travelling and be safe…. i wish all the ppl u meet durig ur trip get there minds clear and kind of re-program their minds again and get rid of the beliefs which there families had imposed to them…and i keep on recommending to everybody ur book on how to become smart healthy and rich abd ur prosperity TV of course! love xxx…p.s: can’t wait to get ur new book!

    2. Gabesuarez says:

      If you believe what someone tells you, it affects you, be sure it will affect you. But if you think it will not affect you, be sure that it will not. It all depends on what you think. Therefore, as Randy says, many things we put into his head since childhood, is what we do as adults today. But the big news is that we can change it if we have the right knowledge! Nothing that anyone says can affect you, if you do not leave to do so. It is therefore important to study and understand how we are and what we affect ourselves. I send you a big hug and love. Gabriel

  9. Thanks Randy – I am in awe of your intellectual generosity, the time you take to freely share what you know to be true.

    It is so easy to focus on our neg. mind-viruses…and to ignore our positive ones!
    Randy, you celebrate all that you have (the “twin” cars, the luxury-travel, etc. etc.) It’s a Big “ALL”! How much did you have when you began celebrating All the Good in Your Life? Did you still have some neg. mind viruses?
    For that matter, do you still have some neg. mind Viruses (NMVs) that occassionally pop up and bite you in the whatsit? Or does one eventually reach a negative-free zone of 100% positive thought-processes? Thanks, Elaine

  10. Annie says:

    As always Randy, I really agree with you about self beliefs. They create how we are in the world for sure. Also, we are responsible for our self beliefs when we are adult. If we were inculcated with deleterious self beliefs, we have to find a way, as difficult as it might be, to rid ourselves of this nonsense.

    But, Randy. Mind Viruses, has a negative connotation in my opinion. Memes, can be good or bad. If you really want a positive position or even an unbiased one, maybe you should consider more carefully your wording.

    Also, you do a pretty good job of injecting us with the mind virus that government is evil. Well of course it is. But, it is also good. Be fair. Be honest. Be positive. Some people will follow wherever you lead please remember this. Just like the government my friend, you too can produce good or evil results. Just think about it, that is all I ask.

    We can look to anyone else for own prosperity, that task is ours alone. Remember always though that we our interdependent beings and we need each other.

    So, I suggest instead of not trusting others, as well as the government, trust your instincts and question everything. If you do this you will Know when someone or something else is not being honost with you, including the government. Then you can decide what is best to do. Because sometimes the government might have something positive to offer you.

    I know Randy you are worried about the Japanese and your friends. I hope for the best for all of them.

    I feel angry Randy that you would take an opportunity around something so devestating, to make a statement about not trusting governments. I found your statement about governments, to be patronizing and not entirely truthful.

    Still, I hope you enjoy yourself in Prauge.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Just got back to my hotel room and learn there is now another fire in building four. Spent fuel rods are probably burning, which is the worst case. This is now six reactors with issues. A complete and total disaster and the government there is acting like this is a minor inconvenience. People are at serious risk if they don’t take charge of their own welfare.


      1. Annie says:

        That is a terrible thing, I agree. Yes, people have to decide what really is the truth and government should not always be trusted.

        That was not my point. You made the point to the “rest of us” that we needed to learn the lesson that governments cannot be trusted to take care of our prosperity. That is a half truth. I feel it was irresponsible, and opportunistic for you to use the tragedy in Japan, as platform for your misguided political beliefs.

        Governments don’t always have our best intrests, or our backs or whatever. But, sometimes they do, and there are many examples to prove either side. Therefore, if you say you can’t trust government for your own prosperity, you are only half right; you are also half wrong.

        Furthermore, telling us adults that this is a lesson we need to learn is patronizing. Plus, you should have worded it differently in my opinion.

        How about: Here is a case in Japan, where the citizen’s need to use their critical thinking skills and their own best judgement, if they wish to save their prosperity.

        If all you say is true, and the Japanese Government has made such terrible judgement and been irresponsible, they will be Judged quite harshly. As for the Japanese citizens may they have courage and strength to do what they need to do.

        Thanks for the pictures of the bridges. I have a special place in my heart for Prague, Brno, and Hodinin.

        1. Randy Gage says:

          I guess I don’t share your optimism about governments! This Japan case is a perfect example. Telling people the radiation is minimal when it is the equivalent of 2,000 chest x-rays an hour, advising people to stay inside and keep the windows closed instead of evacuating, suggesting that these hydrogen explosions are harmless, or that concrete blast walls which are probably 18 feet think are destroyed by the blast but the reactors and cooling rods are okay – these things are criminal.

          The truth won’t really be known probably for 6 or 12 months, when you’ll see scandal and massive resignations from the government and power company.

          The nature of governments is that the party in power does what it can to remain in power. They live in a bubble, believing they know best for everyone. It is completely anti-prosperity. Don’t get lulled by socialist giveaways. Everyone must be productive and responsible for their own prosperity.

          – RG

          1. Annie says:

            When Governments lie, as you are suggesting about Japan, then yes that is criminal. Hey, I thought we were not supposed to watch the news or read the newspaper? How will we ever know? 🙂

            Anyway, I have to say lately, I have relied mostly on CNN for the news about Japan. I understand that the Japanese people have started to lose faith in their governments reporting. Also, the companies that own the reactors could possibly be with holding information from the Japanese government. And, the government of Japan may not have all the answers. For that matter know one may have the answers yet, for it is a tragedy like no one has ever seen before.

            Don’t be so hard on Governments. I am not going to say they never do evil of course they do. I also will not list all the positive things they do and have done, for I am sure you know.

            I am not lulled by socialist giveaways. Thanks for your concern. I will address this however. I was also referring to the ways government has protected it’s citizens. Here in America I can think of several examples. I am sure you can too. If you think this isn’t true, you are not being honest with yourself. And yes, the government has hurt us at times too.

            Socialist giveaways. We may never aggree. I will say this, on a personal level I have to grapple with not being so reliant on others for my well being, but it really has nothing to do with my belief that we must have social safety nets.

            When I was a social worker, I would help families get housing vouchers, so they would not be homeless. These were not people who just didn’t want to work. They were facing many issues including mental illness and substance abuse. Once they received housing from the government, they were able to do much better and be more independent. And yes some of them got to the point where they no longer needed government assistance! Not always the case, I know.

            I would like to know how you get to your theory that socialist giveaways never help and should be eliminated. I don’t think you see the whole picture here.

            I wish I held you optimisim that everyone would be alright if we didn’t have socialist giveaways. I think while they are not perfect, these socialist safety nets serve the greater good and therefore help all of us.

            I want to believe the best of governments because they are us, they are people just like us. That does not mean I turn a blind eye to their wrong doing.

          2. Victoria Crowley says:


            You are right!

            Ex-Soviet Union Citizen

          3. Victoria Crowley says:



            I totally appreciate your message about governments.
            You speak the truth, so keep it coming!

            Something for nothing is the way to poverty.
            Self-reliance is prosperity.


          4. Annie says:

            You two are only half right in my opinion. It is true it is difficult for one group of people to know what is best for everyone. However, we do live in a democracy and we have freedom of speech. Also, not that many people use this privilage, but you can always go and speak your mind when the government is in session. I do not believe our government is without it’s flaws. But, to never trust any government or to think that we never need help from the government is self delusional.

            We need each other. So, I will assume that if you two were Japanese citizens who just lost your home and everything you own, and were in the middle of a nuclear crisis with no other way to get water, necessary to live, you would not take water from any government because you shouldn’t take something for nothing.

            Self-Reliance is also an illusion, think about it.

    2. Victoria Crowley says:


      I am one of those people whom you call black and white. My views and philosophy of life are concrete. Therefore, self-reliance is a must, and not an illusion. I would rather die than to depend on someone else. If I can no longer produce and be self-sufficient, then it would be time for me to leave this world. There are no ifs or buts about it. It’s not “half-true”. It is the way it is. It’s every individual’s RESPONSIBILITY to provide what ever is necessary for that individual’s existence. No one owes anything to anyone. To think otherwise, is to want and being willing to take what rightfully belongs to someone else. Distribution of wealth would be one of them (something for nothing).
      To wait for a handout instead of helping yourself, is a weakness of character and is despicable.
      As for government assistance, look up Libertarian, which I am, and you’ll find the role of the government in a free society. Anything else is Communism, Socialism and Dictatorship, which clearly some of us do not want.


      1. Annie says:

        Victoria, your mind is clearly made up. I understand why you would feel this way. No, I do not understand what it is like to live like you have under communist rule, nor would I want to. I am not a communtist or someone who wishes to see a complete Marxist society.

        I am not black and white. I believe I will never have all the answers, but I will keep asking questions that matter. I will try not to let my emotions rule my intellect and my critical thinking. And, if I do may I always have the wisdom to hear the truth eventually.

        Victoria, I believe we are here to love ourselves and one another, and that is our true work.

        Complete self reliance is true to a point. If you truly believe as you say, that you would rather be dead than dependent, then you will be. Just for moment think of all the things we all rely on others for.


      2. Mim says:

        Victoria and Annie, you both have very interesting perspectives.

        I am not a fan of gov’t or handouts as I have also seen the damage caused. However I don’t like the idea of anarchy. And i do believe there are people unable to care for themselves and not lucky to hove loved ones (eg people with intellectual disability or mental illness). I also feel that, although there are a lot of wealthy companies and individuals who have done a lot of good, there are some who have done evil and need to be kept under some control by a democratically elected gov’t.

        1. Annie says:

          I agree mim.

        2. Victoria Crowley says:


          Although it is NOT my responsibility to care for the truly helpless, if my tax dollars went to them, I would be happy.
          What I despise is the Social system designed to help a collective of laziness breeding laziness and poverty, low morale and desire to lead an undeserving and unproductive life.

          On the subject of good and evil done by the wealthy, I am not sure what you mean by it. But being a Capitalist myself, I want government out of my business.


  11. Jonathan says:

    Great stuff Randy.. I was watching a video by another rising star in personal growth where he was talking about how we know when we have limiting beliefs. He says that anytime you get resistance from someone else it’s a telltale sign you have limiting beliefs. In other words if you encounter someone you need to ‘enroll’ in Who You Are and they go the other way, it’s likely you have limiting beliefs about yourself.

    This goes along with the famous statement, “What you resist, persists”. I wonder how you feel about this?

    Regardless, I LOVE the Thoreau quote and am posting it with all my others. KNOWING we have the potential to Be, Do and Have whatever we want in Life is so powerful. Believing, Trusting and of course Gratitude are the keys.

  12. Joe G says:


    Off topic , however, a cool story. This morning I ordered your Power Prosperity program. I did it with the mindset that I am choosing to prosper you for the value you provide in my life, a feeling of gratitude. I also see it as “circulating” money v spending it. So,I then got a call regarding work I am having done on my BMW and one item is coming in $175 less than originally quoted. Isn’t that cool? Almost all the money I circulated to you has already come back!Imagine the possibilities once I dive into your program. Much appreciation, Joe

    1. Tom Mrak says:

      Which BMW do you own?

      I’d love to own a BMW, Tesla Roadster, Maserati, or an Audi.

      There’s something about the aforementioned cars, they have a soul. I’m sure Randy feels that way about his Vipers.

    2. Randy Gage says:

      That’s the way I planned it! 🙂


  13. Ilka Flood says:

    Hi Randy,

    What a powerful message! WE are responsible what goes on in our minds. Good or bad. We also have the power within us to change the limiting beliefs we might have. Those limiting beliefs that keep us from achieving our full potential. Oftentimes it’s just easier to say “I can’t” than to make the effort and really try. It’s kind of sad!

    Thanks for sharing your insights!


  14. Rodrigo says:

    Breaking limiting beliefs is an exciting topic. I really think there are no limits to human creation. I don’t know how most of today’s technology works, but the fact that airplanes, cell phones and nuclear power plants exist is enough proof of what we are capable of. I’m excited of the years to come!

  15. listened to a frustrating interview today on NPR that featured a nuclear representative. It sounded like a lobbying visit to congress. She didn’t “recognize” the thyroid cancer rates from Chernobyl bc they “were never confirmed by the World Health Organization”. She likened the risk as though everyone got a CAT scan or if we were to ban the airline industry…well there’s risks to getting CAT scans and there’s risk to the radiation from flying, (it’s the cancers that are caused 10-15 years after you nick some genetic material). Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s right, and those with a mindset of prosperity know this better than anybody.

  16. Rocky Bradley says:

    Excellent Randy, You Are a Beacon on Our Coast of Humanity! Rock On Brother and Safe Travels!

    You really are always at the right place at the right Time!!!


  17. Hernán E Jansen says:

    Hey Randy, I have a question. we talk about getting rid of negative and limiting beliefs. But isn’t better not to focus on these beliefs and instead focus on creating strong positive beliefs? Or should I acknowledge the negative ones, aim to eliminate them so to create a vacuum and then put in their places the positive ones? What do you think? I am confused on this matter. I hate my limiting beliefs and I usually find myself trying to have in my mind only positive things because obviusly; I find it hurtful to have negative beliefs going around in my head. But I dont know if I am doing well.
    Thanks for all your teaching!!

    1. Joe G says:

      Hi Hernan-

      In my opinion, hating anything only strengthens what you hate. That’s why the “war” (hate) on drugs and terror have failed so miserably. The first step to overcoming anything is to be aware of the issue, to acknowledge it. Look straight at it, feel it, and declare that it is temporary, and that you are bigger than it,which you are as a devine expression of God. Ask a higher power for help. Sit and feel the limiting belief. Tell it, “this is not who I am. I am a holy child of God, worthy and deserving of all God’s blessings.” Then ask it to leave. Continually immerse yourself in that which gives you power and strength (the right people, books, audio programs) and avoid all that weakens you. Remind yourself frequently that you are an unlimited being, powerful beyond all measure. Right now you’re just pretending that you’re not. So start pretending that you are. Best wishes- Joe

      1. Hernán E Jansen says:

        Thank you. That really gave me a breath of fresh air. I almost cried because I was feeling overwhelmed with all the situation. Your words made me remember that I am a divine person in constant contact with God.
        Thanks again, and thank you Randy for creating this space for all of us to learn and grow!

      2. Randy Gage says:

        Love your take on this. I wouldn’t add anything.


  18. Justin says:

    Good looking out Randy to our Japanese friends in the middle of turmoil.

    Is it possible to remove belief’s all together?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I don’t think so. We always have beliefs about things.


  19. Nuclear power represents the white light energy of God-Mind, but it is too powerful to exist in Physical Reality without destroying it. This is why it was part of the Global Ritual of the Illuminati in 1945.

    People want to be God so they create instead of being the vehicle through which God creates. The “New Age” even taught people to say “I AM God.” This is incorrect. You are like the wave upon the ocean. You contain all the same elements of the ocean, but you are not the ocean. You are wrapped up in things. This is your distraction and imprisonment.

    You can bring to your Self all that you need simply by remembering your own Internal Connection to All That Is.

  20. Wade Campbell says:

    I am glad you said probably … I have read and herd people say when they where kids on a trampoline they found them selfs floating quite high above the trampoline and in some cases moving where they wanted to go… when the told parents or an adult of it they where scoffed at and said you where dreaming that is impossible …. Interesting Hey??


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