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Lying to Yourself

Want to get really uncomfortable?  Well, let’s do it anyway.  :)  Last post we talked about discovering people’s true intentions by their actions, instead of their words.

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You are Amazing!

I have a very important self-development and personal growth message for you today.  This one is specifically for YOU…

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Asking the Right Question

One of the ways government is so good at programming and controlling people is by getting them to ask the wrong question.  And when you ask the wrong question – the answer doesn’t matter!

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What You Accept

I did a service at Unity once titled, “What Will You Let God Give You?”  The theme was worthiness and how much of your prosperity is determined by what you think you deserve. 

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Just Be You!

One of the highest values you can bring to any relationship is to simply be real.  Real relationships are built on truth and trust. 

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The Power of Self Esteem

“You really don’t care what people think about you,” one of my Mastermind members practically shrieked one day.

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When Is It Wrong to be Right?

If you’re reasonably smart, and a critical thinker, you can win every argument.  I once went ten years without ever losing an argument.  And my ex’s can all testify to that.  What might have something to do with why they’re ex’s…

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Dealing with Negative People

Last post we talked about habits, and which ones you may want to change, in order to change who you are.  We also acknowledged that our habits come from the thoughts we give precedence to.

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The Value of Being Busy

We’ve talked a lot about self-discipline in the past.  Let’s look specifically at industry, or activity.

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Your Self-Portrait

Ask the average person what their strengths are and they might offer up one.  Ask them what their weaknesses, defects or flaws are, and they probably give you a laundry list.

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