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Check Your Premise

If you ask the wrong question – the answer doesn’t matter.

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Good Morning Vietnam!

It’s 8:44 am.  I’ve done 40 minutes of cardio, read some morning self-development, walked to the market to get fresh fruit for breakfast, showered, written two blogs (okay this one isn’t done exactly right now as I as typing), and my email box is empty.  And I celebrated one of the 25,000 sunrises we talked about yesterday!

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On the treadmill this morning, there was a commercial for financial planning and they said something about the average person having 25,000 days.  Obviously based on average life expectancy, it got me thinking…

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The Power of Peaceful Thinking

Building on one sentence from the Book of Proverbs, chapter 23 verse 7, James Allen wrote at least five profound books, expanding and expounding upon those ten words.  

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Acting on Principle

We’ve talked about compromising, the bigger issue, living by a congruent philosophy, and acting on principle.  Which almost no one in the herd does today.

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No Principles, No Philosophy

Well compromise is a good thing right?  I mean all reasonable people compromise now and then.

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The Murderer Set Free

I promised to give you my take on how the scenario of a killer going free because of an illegal search would play out in today’s world.  Boy would the memes be flying.  

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You Can’t Have It Both Ways

“One doesn’t need to be so black/white about it.”  So someone wrote in response to the recent posts on having a congruent philosophy.   Whenever you hear words like that, you can tell exactly where the conversation is going.

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Do You Have a Prosperity Philosophy?

After 28 hours of travel, I’m back in my Sydney digs.  The cooler temperature is a nice relief.  BTW, I flew two legs on Emirates Airlines in their private suites.  I took some video for the next Prosperity TV clip, so look for that next week.  Now let’s get back to our discussion from last week on living by a congruent philosophy.  

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Living Life by a Coherent Philosophy

One of the secrets to happiness in life is having a coherent philosophy to live by.  Most people think they do.  Unfortunately what they think is a rational philosophy is actually a conflicting group of incongruent ideas. 

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