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When Religion is Deadly

Sorry to have been absent for a few days, but I’ve been reflecting on this post, and wanted to make sure I could write it without emotional distractions, and bring up some of the serious issues we face.  The events of the recent Boston Marathon bombings drive home yet again how harmful and dangerous religious beliefs can be.  This applies both to those that hold them, and unfortunately – also and especially to those who don’t.

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Unlearning to Learn

Most people think of me as a teacher.  But while my work appears to be teaching, the truth is, it’s mostly not about learning new things – as it is about unlearning old things.

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Seeking the Sacred

The columns on organized religion and faith started a profound and fascinating discussion.   And raise the interesting question – what is the role of faith in a rational, healthy society?

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Respecting Beliefs

There’s a lot of talk these days about respecting beliefs.  Particularly in the posts I wrote about organized religion, many chastised me, suggesting it was disrespectful of me, because I was not respecting people’s beliefs.  They suggest that since beliefs are so personal and important to people, they should be off limits from discussion. 

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When Faith is Evil

Last night I posted an observation on my Facebook Fan Page that after 20 years of working with people to reach success – I can conclusively state – by a very wide margin – that fear of success holds back a lot more people than fear of failure ever did.

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Prosperity for All

Today is a historic day in the United States of America.  The Supreme Court will hear opening arguments on California’s Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriages.   Certain elements of the Republican Party are painting the debate as a “Gay rights” issue or “States’ rights” issue.  But it is neither – and to make either case is a morally bankrupt argument. 

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Protecting Yourself Against Memes

Quite the kerfuffle from the last post on how organized religion brainwashes people in ways that lead to self-sabotage and destructive behavior.   Lots of comments from people who think I’m out to get religion, or failing to recognize the many good things many religions do.  Those are really not the issues.

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The Greatest Success Breakthrough

Millions of people strive for success, happiness and prosperity.  And these are many parts of that equation.  But here is the single biggest breakthrough in the process…

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Check Your Premise

If you ask the wrong question – the answer doesn’t matter.

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Whose God is Real Anyway?

What a fascinating discussion so far on the underlying programming we can get infected with.  And usually aren’t even aware of.  Last post we looked at the role of parenting.  Today, let’s look at another group of integrated mind viruses:  religious beliefs.

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