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Building Your Tribe…

Don’t work to build more followers and fans.  Work to perfect your craft. 

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Be a Professional

I got an email from a colleague recently.  He suggested we should collaborate on something together. And that will never happen…

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Be Strong

Yesterday, on Patriots Day, the Boston Marathon turned to tragedy.  An event that brings people from all over the world together, turned into a catastrophe.   At the time I’m writing this, we don’t know exactly what happened and who was responsible.  But it serves to underscore an important truth…

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Finding Opportunity

Many people are looking for a great opportunity.   The reason many don’t find it, is because they don’t recognize it – because so many opportunities are disguised as a problem or challenge. 

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Being Great

You can get the job done.  You can meet the criteria.  You can honor the commitment.  Or you can be great.

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Opportunity Knocking…

Everywhere people are waiting for opportunity to knock.  And it seems like a lot of them are expecting opportunity to actually kick their door in. 

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Invest Rationally

A friend emailed to ask my opinion of an investment he’s considering.   Right away I knew he was in trouble, because he was talking about how the technology could make the world a better place, how it could undermine the evil oil companies, it was a good cause, etc.  Nothing about fiscal criteria. 

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Unlearning to Learn

Most people think of me as a teacher.  But while my work appears to be teaching, the truth is, it’s mostly not about learning new things – as it is about unlearning old things.

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Seeking the Sacred

The columns on organized religion and faith started a profound and fascinating discussion.   And raise the interesting question – what is the role of faith in a rational, healthy society?

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Your Own Lane

Biggest mistake I see people make toward success is worrying what others are doing.   It’s not about comparing yourself to competitors.  It’s about being the very best you can be yourself.

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