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Believing in Belief

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

It happens time after time again.  People who believe they’re going to accomplish something actually do it.  People who don’t think they have a chance, don’t.

This isn’t a coincidence and it’s not a case of some people being more “realistic “ than others…

We like to justify and say things like, “No really, that worked for him because X, but it could never work for me because Y.”  If you rationalize to yourself why you don’t have a chance, then you can’t feel bad when you don’t succeed.   But then you never experience that joyful exhilaration of accomplishing something epic.

If you don’t have people around you who support you and empower you to reach farther, correct that as soon as you can.  But here’s the secret to doing that…

Believe in yourself before you ask anyone else to.


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Joe Lee
Joe Lee

I hanged around with a group of entrepreneurs whom I thought can support me initially. Yes, they do in terms of resources, but soon I realize they are all talks and no actions. They had weekly meetings, but never really get anything done. 

Beside mixing with like-minded people, also hang around with action takers. 




The picture on the post reminds me of guerrilla gardening. 


Absolutely to the degree we believe that we can't we won't and to the degree we think we can we will....


This is so great Randy.. And what's interesting is that one Sunday when reading the SF Chronicle (which I rarely do), I happened across a big ad for Macy's during the holiday season with the word "Believe" scrolled across it. And it hit me like a ton of bricks.. That night I woke up running the "I Believe" mantra and something shifted for me.. So yes, we MUST BELIEVE in Who We Are and what's possible. If we don't who will? 



Personal Development gurus, or would-be-gurus, have been preaching the You Gotta Believe In Yourself gospel for years.  I know, because I've heard 'em.  It's true.....and it is 99% useless.  The only useful aspect of this gospel is that it has irritated me so much that I decided, "since no one is telling me HOW to change my beliefs about myself, I gotta figure out that HOW for myself."  So - after many years of torturous research, I finally figured out HOW to change my beliefs:

Choose a belief that I want to make mine own, such as, "I believe that I can succeed." Begin repeating that belief to myself, even tho I don't actually think it is true.  Clear out or brush off the old belief - after about 10,000 times of getting that treatment, the old belief will give up the ghost, and one will be left with: Belief in Myself!! 

EFT helps.

Hypnosis helps.

Persistance is CRUCIAL.

That's how.

 It's only taken me 15 years. Fifteen years: that's 10 years of figuring out how, and 5 years of doing it, over and over and over and over and over and over and...and here I am!  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I CAN SUCCEED. Yay!



 Good metaphor, it IS like exercise!  Mental/emotional exercise to develop rock-solid muscles, yes we can!!  And then....we have to use our rock-solid muscles for some Real Work in the world.  Real-work muscles are so much more attractive than body-builder muscles, gotta' love those firefighters and construction workers - tee hee!  I'm in the process of constructing my Networking Business, and my Law of Attraction Training business, and my novel.  Lots of work, but us strong people can do that!  Go us.


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