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Asking the Right Question

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

One of the most frequent questions I’m getting these days is why I wrote Mad Genius.  The book didn’t start out as what it ended up. But I wrote the book it evolved into, because we need a movement in the world today…

A movement toward critical thinking. And teaching young and aspiring entrepreneurs the value of possibility thinking.

This process is fueled by doing something quite simple, yet quite profound: asking the right questions. The value of doing this cannot be overstated. This process of curious inquiry is vital because…

If you ask the wrong question, the answer is irrelevant.  

I wanted to start that process with my last book, Risky Is the New Safe. When I did the media tour for that book, I felt that most of the interviewers were asking the wrong questions. Here are some examples of wrong questions I was asked, and what I think may be more relevant ones.


Wrong Q: Do you really believe we will have human cloning within the next decade?

Better Q: What is the best defense against a clone army?


Wrong Q: Do I need a mobile app?

Better Q: How can I harness the next generation of the Internet to connect with my customers and prospects?


Wrong Q: With all the social media and mobile apps out now, does my business still need a website?

Better Q: What is the ultimate benefit our company provides to our customers and how do they like to buy it?


Wrong Q: How do I protect my brand?

Better Q: Since it’s virtually impossible to protect a brand in the new space, what are the best ways to harness social media and Web 3.0 to monitor and influence our brand in real time?


Wrong Q: What can I do to make my interruption marketing stand out from the white noise?

Better question: How will we connect with and add value to consumers when there will be seven billion people all programming their own content channel (and want it advertising- and interruption-free)?


Wrong question: How do we reverse the declining sales in our retail division?

Better Qs: Are there any other industries still trying to operate with the same business model in 2016 they were using in 1816? How will we process, deliver, and handle payments for the automatic orders placed by “smart appliances”? What are the best locations for QR Code virtual stores?


Wrong Q: Will I really be able to vacation on the moon in my lifetime?

Better Qs: Who owns the moon? And how does it get divided without the territorial wars it takes to divide earth? Does any earthbound institution have any standing there? What are the effects of reduced gravity on things like weight loss, hair growth, libido, muscle strength, appetite, computing capacity, and plant growth?


Wrong Q: Will I really be able to buy a home on the ocean floor with a coral reef garden and octopi floating by?

Better Q: How will the value of ocean-floor real estate affect the value of oceanfront real estate?


As you can see, when you ask the right questions, they reveal the real opportunities to you.  But to ask the right questions, you can’t stay at the current level of habitual thinking in the world.  You have to think at a higher level than you ever have before.  And that’s why I wrote  Mad Genius!

– RG

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8 thoughts on “Asking the Right Question

  1. EhlviraSchukina says:

    Yes, it is very impotant to ask right questions, because we say “what is your question that answere you will have”!

  2. Sanzhar says:

    Right questioning helps to avoid misleads

  3. Friends, maybe we could all collectively ask: how many different ways can we ask opportunity revealing, and consciousness expanding questions? Questions that elevate our thinking and our perspective, while increasing our current prosperity?

    let’s get into the spirit of what our friend Randy is “pointing toward” – #critical questions that EXPAND our consciousness vs maintaining “status quo” thinking or actually “shrink” our consciousness.

  4. ViktorKunovski says:

    With the same thread and value, might be useful

  5. pandkenterprises says:

    How about this question, Randy – “Where do I hide the bodies of all of the lazy shits that waste my time?”

  6. JenniferHorning says:

    Randy, this is really interesting!  I’ll be reading your book, Mad Genius once I get through my library of other half-finished books! lol.  Thanks for all you do!

  7. denisseeny says:

    MLMgeek Randy_Gage

  8. support10 says:

    i looked into your post, it is very informative post.
    thank you so much for sharing good news…


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