Media Releases

Media Releases
Millionaire Messiah Debunks Politics, Religion and Society as Impediments and Reveals How Prosperity Begins in the Mind
In his new book, WHY YOU’RE DUMB, SICK, AND BROKE…AND HOW TO GET SMART, WELL, AND RICH (Wiley; $24.95 hardcover/$31.99 Canada; October 13, 2006), Gage, a popular speaker and success coach, shares his own story of triumph over a strangling web of negative beliefs and behaviors and offers a contrarian’s philosophy as well as game plan for defeating the negative beliefs in your own head and in the world at large working to keep you down. In this practical, yet inspirational book, Gage takes on the institutions that hold individuals back, revealing the worst in organized religion, dysfunctional families, and a culture of victim and entitlement mentality which continues to hijack so many lives, keeping people dumb, sick and broke.
Oct 13, 2006, 16:54

Media Releases
MP3 Training Resources For The Technology Lover

(Wichita, KS) You've seen them. They are everywhere. They are young and hip. They've got a camera cell-phone. They text message lunch date confirmations. They schedule you into their PDA. They "read books" by listening to them--but not on the typical CD--they've got a cool, slim, pocket sized IPOD. They are the people who are always on-the-go. And they manage their lives neatly in little gadgets. They are the techno lover. And if you want their attention and business, you had better find a way to appeal to their technology driven world.

Sep 7, 2004, 10:48

Media Releases
Breakthrough to the Prosperity that is Your Birthright!
(Hollywood, FL) – While many people struggle financially, feel hopeless, unfulfilled and unhappy--self-made multi-millionaire and professional author, Randy Gage is living the life of his dreams and experiencing all the joys of true prosperity. However, Gage recognized a real need to help people escape their life of desperation and has written a series of books called The Prosperity Series, to teach others the secrets and mindset necessary to manifesting health, wealth and total abundance in life.
May 12, 2004, 15:29

Media Releases
Does National TV Turnoff week do anything to actually solve the real TV problem?
MIAMI, FL--This week (April 19-25) is National TV Turnoff week. People are encouraged to turn off the tv for seven days to order to promote richer, healthier and more connected lives, and spend more time with their families and communities. The premise of this week is that we are supposed to realize how much we don't need to live in front of the TV, and never want to watch it again, or only in small doses. It sounds like a great idea. But does one week really save us from the real issue behind TV . . . the years of subconcious programming that have been foisted upon us?
Apr 20, 2004, 08:30

Media Releases
New Resource for Network Marketers Gives Them The Psychological Advantage in Building Their Business
Menlo Park, CA – There are hundreds of network marketing, mlm and home-based businesses operating around the world. And every year thousands of people join the ranks of the self-employed seeking a better career opportunity and life. But yet for every person who makes it big in the industry, another person drops out almost as soon as they join. So what makes one person a huge success in the business, receiving a hefty check each month, while others drop out like flies or go broke trying to be successful?
Apr 19, 2004, 10:25

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