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Are You Up for Being Great?

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Prosperity.

I was in town Sunday, so got to stop by Unity on the Bay for the service from Reverend Chris Jackson.  As usual, Chris was rockin’ and the music was sublime.  

Once of the songs the congregation sang was “How Great is Our God.”  It’s a beautiful song, but I feel that many singing it might have been missing the spiritual truth behind it.  Namely that God (and it doesn’t matter to me what name you call it, whether God, Allah, Spirit, universe or anything else) is great only because of what He/It can do through YOU.

It’s not about God being great.  It is about you honoring your God by being the greatest you can be.  This time of economic meltdown/spectacular opportunity is our chance to accept our divine heritage, spiritual possibilities, and tap into our amazing potential.

The danger of singing songs like this – and what I believe is the greatest disservice most organized religions are fostering today – is the perception of God as potentate or despot to be feared.  I think this fearful perception of a God as judgmental, vengeful, and punitive is where the fundamentalists have lost the plot.

To paraphrase Voltaire, if God didn’t exist, we would need to invent one.  The whole point of tapping into a higher source (whatever we label it) is to become greater ourselves.  Greater not to pound our chest, but because to do anything less is a sin against our creator.

Stepping into your true potential is the real journey of enlightenment.

To manifest true prosperity requires that you stop seeing yourself as a recipient, and instead claim your place as a co-creator with God. (Or for the fundamentalists, to stop viewing yourself as a sorry sinner, worthless worm, or unworthy subject and begin to understand that you are meant to be great.)

Want to honor your God?  It doesn’t come from prostrating yourself before him, but from stepping into the greatness you are capable of.  Recognizing your potential and then demonstrating it.

You up for that?


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38 thoughts on “Are You Up for Being Great?

  1. Bonny Brown NZ says:

    Love it…absolutely empowering spiritual view and so articulately said.
    Thank you Randy x

  2. Ulli LImpitlaw says:

    Randy, for me this is one of the most powerful posts you have ever made. Straight to the heart. Explaining the stuff that I could not put into words. Thank you, thank you.

  3. I am up for that… Thanks Randy!

  4. Jim Story says:

    Wow that is one of the most enlightening posts you have written. I was recently thinking that I am always repeating mantras and affirmations (as well as denials) and yet I catch myself envisioning disaster in the future. This is not what God wants.

    Stop seeing myself as a recipient and becoming a co creator. To me that means I have to step up to the plate and get out of the bleachers. I have to be abundance and prosperity and see myself performing the work, passion, etc in my life. Wouldn’t this make a great subject. How do we co create with God?

    Thanks for another thought provoking subject.

    Jim Story
    PS. We have to get you up to Unity of Delray Beach sometime. We are a little traditional but a great message.

  5. John Clark says:


    Great post! How true it is…

    We are all extensions and expressions of God, and the more we do with the God given talents the better.

    When we desire things and then create something of positive value to others in order to get what we desire, then we are truly co-creating with God.

    Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

    John Clark

  6. Joe Gregory says:

    Great post, Randy. “A Course in Miracles” reminds us (Lesson 191), “I am the Holy Son of God Himself.” So I choose to think, feel and act from this Truth, co-creating with God. If we truly know that we are the “Holy Son of God Himself,” how could we ever worry about anything? How could we feel anything but love and peace, regardless of what’s happening? Truly all things are possible from this consciousness. Easier said then done in this human experience but something I am “holding” as I go about my day.

  7. Krisna says:

    Thanks again Randy! Always on top of what we need to hear (or read). I’m up for that!

  8. Saachi says:

    “…because to do anything less is a sin against our creator.”
    “It is about you honoring your God by being the greatest you can be. This time of economic meltdown/spectacular opportunity is our chance to accept our divine heritage, spiritual possibilities, and tap into our amazing potential.”

    Randy, thanks for reminding me of my great potentials that are dynamites!! Thanks for uplifting my spirit today. Our potentials are something that we all should keep in mind at all times. It’s that easy to drift away from the right thoughts sometimes. Hug hugs ::: -saachi

  9. Oleg says:

    Yes, we are up…
    Thanks Randy for understanding you better!

  10. wayne says:

    Are you up for being great? Yes I am….

    Your post has come at a time for me when I am in that exact enquiry.

    Looking back I see that I get into relationships to avoid tackling head on being great / following my purpose and dreams.

    I realise my biggest fear is fear of being noticed as an individual in the world – avoiding vunerability. I hide in realtionships to protect this. I also avoid at all costs owning who I am and what I can contribute to make this planet a better place – you have talked about this before in some of your older posts.

    Randy there are may young men and women growing up in my country, in my opinion, who are denined within the family, for what ever reason, unconditional love and granted full self expression. There are may impacts that manifest from this – suicide, rage, domestic violence, underage drinking resulting in many youth deaths. I am not yet in a position to make a differnce to everyone but I can make that diffence to someone. That’s my purpose, that’s what I am striving for.

    Thanks Randy you are a great mentor. Our paths will cross and when they do I will come over and introduce myself.

    Wayne Taylor.

  11. Saachi says:


    I reread your post above again after I began to think about what you wrote today and came back to write some more. Hope you don’t mind. I agree..God can do the great things through us.. through me. It’s awesome, when we really sink that in deep in our hearts. That really is.

    Yes, it’s a sin not to acknowledge our potentials and not to let him live out so big through us, isn’t it, and not honoring Him by being the best we can be. I agree. The difficulties/obstacles or this time of economic meltdown for many people could well be the very things that God can use to promote us, letting us see our amazing potentials. I believe that.

    “….most organized religions are fostering today – is the perception of God as potentate or despot to be feared. I think this fearful perception of a God as judgmental, vengeful, and punitive is where the fundamentalists have lost the plot.”

    I know what you’re saying here. There are people who do believe in God but they tend to behave within their set behavioral patterns/boundaries, thinking that’s the only way, (cozuld judge them later), not letting themselves live free/to the fullest. They can still live out being themselves and still believe in God dynamically. My belief is that God is so powerful/sovereign and yet he is so forgiving and loves us so unconditionally. I don’t seem to have any fear about God coz He is the one who created us and knows us all and live within us as a part of us within our being. He is our Abba/Daddy. God loves us/me so much thus I can translate that love flowing from me… but this does not mean that I’m perfect. I am not. I simply know how to love and what love is.

    [To do anything less is a sin against our creator.]
    Staying in the comfort zone would never help us grow to the fullest and wanting to stay there is like saying to God, ‘I don’t trust your divine power within me..coz I feel I’m greater than you.’ We have to always be aware minute-by-minute as to where our mind is at – whether it being in alignment with our belief or it allowing itself to go with the flow. It’s a constant effort or awareness (well, perhaps the word ‘effort’ is not the right word, coz when we really have true faith in the divine power and wisdom, there should be any strife or efforts to be made… it should be natural and effortless). I’m learning to be in constant awareness, as I sometimes catch myself letting my mind drift away. I’m not perfect by any means… 🙂

    [Stepping into your true potential is the real journey of enlightenment.]
    This is nice.. I mean, I love this expression, Randy, and it is really true. I must confess that today I was sort of allowing my humanness to half dominate my spirituality and feeling comfortable being that way. Thanks for waking me up and making me aware of my mind being in the process of being drifted away a little…today… Thank you for being there for us and for me. I love you, Randy. Hope you had a great weekend. May God bless you everyday. Love and hugs:: -saachi

  12. how2befree says:

    I don’t know if I agree 100% with You, but I am definitely up for it. As always whether I agree 100% or not I always love reading your post.

  13. Great post, Randy. I love it. I feel… i am up for that. Thanks.

  14. Angela Neylin D'Alton says:

    I love this post Randy…a simple but very empowering message..I’m definitely up for it…..Angie 🙂

  15. Kathleen Caldwell says:

    I really appreciate one technique that I’ve learned for correcting negative/lack thinking or actions without beating myself up and moving ahead more quickly. I’m sure you’ve heard of it… I can’t spell or remember exactly the Hawaiian name… Hopono ono or something like it… but it goes; (directed to the Creator)

    I’m sorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you
    I love you

    Which can be said for ourselves or for others benefit (intercessory prayer). no bashing, just move on and do better.

  16. Olks says:

    I´m up with all my soul,
    Thank you very much for your message
    Best regards

  17. maria says:

    Hi Randy!! Love, Bliss, Compliments for you my dear guru!!
    See I was wondering here that this thing of personnal growth, spirituallity, universal changes etecetera etecetera are very serious ones that we tend to take them very lightly.

    See, the Holly Spirit, or whatever you wanna call it, the divine spark within my soul just said this: The evil instinct can change the whole world in just one second.

    So, conclusion, we’re asleep.
    It’s awesome to count on people like you because I know we’re aheading for the exact same thing.
    When we talk about money we don’t talk about being egotistical audacious or megalomnic, we just love abundance and prosperity.

    see, we just have to take these things very seriously because it only takes 1 person and 1 split second to ruin it all.

    the majority has its mouth carefully wrapped –

    Speak your voice and gather all your friends for this because this season is gonna be tremendously an opportunity for elimininating the things we don’t like and that hurt mankind.

    and again,


    PS: Hope you understand me as well as this quest.

  18. Matt says:

    Loved this post Randy. This post really hit home for me. It reminded of a time a couple years ago when I was really lost and on relentless spiritual search. I was raised Catholic and programmed with fear of God and preached separation. I was listening to the “Conversations with God” cd set from Neil Donald Walsch when I finally got it and I made a dramatic shift. He stated that separateness is an illusion and that “I am God” but not “The God”. The realization of those few phrases lifted me greatly and began the repair of my life.

    This led to the further realization that I think would make a great blog topic for you. I finally realized that I need not look outside of myself to a separate “God” to tell me what my purpose in life is. My purpose in life is what “I” decide it is. This was incredibly empowering for me and allowed me to begin the process of co-creating with God. No longer did I have to fuss and wonder if I was doing “what HE wanted me to do.” I could relax and pursue my desires without worry and second guessing.

    Thanks for providing such an amazing forum.

  19. Randy Gage says:

    Yes, your mantra for today is “I am that I am.”


  20. Donna says:

    Right on, Randy!

  21. Jose Lopez says:

    Great distinction!

    I end all my personal development and prosperity workshop paraphrasing Michelangelo’s words, “You life is the gift of God to you. What you do with it, is your gift to God … and to all of us, you fellow human beings”.

    Thanks for taking me to UOTB. I felt back home for a fe minutes!

  22. jane says:

    What if your greatest is mineute (excuse the spelling) compared to others and therefore others view you as a slacker?

  23. Be all that you already are, which is far beyond what most people imagine.

    You are obviously more than your body, but also more than a soul.

    You are a simultaneously multidimensional being.

    You are not a human being.

    You are glitching in to THIS physical reality as a human being with a small part of who and what you are.

    If you see angels and ascended masters etc. it is really a part of you that you are projecting as something else because you have lost touch with your own magnificence

    You can tap in to all your existences, and they do affect each other.

    In fact, you are God, and so is everyone else. That’s the 97% “junk” DNA that is common between all species.

    Now, not even God is perfect, and we are here to correct it as well.

    “Don’t you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?”
    Corinthians 3:16

    “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”
    John 14:12, KJV

    God experiences itself through us.

    What the “controllers” do in this solar system in this reality, lifestream or particular frequency, is really a fly on an elephant’s back. Don’t blow it out of proportions. That’s what they want.

    Read “Decoding Your Life” by Janet Swerdlow. Actually quoted in People Magazine recently (by Erykah Badu).

  24. Bernice says:

    “Want to honor your God? It doesn’t come from prostrating yourself before him, but from stepping into the greatness you are capable of. Recognizing your potential and then demonstrating it. You up for that?”

    Yes… I am up for that. I am figuring out my life purpose… I think that is really recognizing my potential.

    To help figure it out, I am reading “The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose” by Janet Bray Attwood & Curtis Attwood.

    In their book, Janet & Curtis say that “You are unique. You have unique gifts that no one but you can give. You have those gifts because you have a special role to play in the world that requires giving those gifts…your passions are the loves of your life.”

    The authors say they both got sidetracked several times and some people stay off track their entire lives. “‘The Passion Test’ provides the simplest, clearest way to get started on knowing what you want- by getting clear on who you are…you’ll be surprised to discover what is really important to you.”

    I’ve been sidetracked most of my life… successful in a career that wasn’t who I really am.

    In “The Passion Test”, they say that in a survey of 100 of the most influential, financially successful individuals in the US had one thing in common…” The survey found that these powerful successful people had totally fulfilled the 5 things that they felt were most necessary for their ideal life.”

    Now I am figuring out what is really most important to me and my life purpose… so that I can honor God.

  25. Edward Devero says:

    Not having had a religious upbringing, I was always amazed and bewildered at the foothold that organized religion has on people. The Bible is being intrepreted for them by their local pastor. All cultures since the dawn of time had some sort of religion simply because they can’t accept the idea of mortality and wanted to minimize the vicissitudes of mother nature – vis a vis – we’ll get together and sacrifice some livestock on the hopes that we’ll have a decent harvest this time around. To me that is the basis of all religions. Those harvesting days are long over and there is no need to feel as though we are helpless beings without any control of our own destiny. It would be a great step for many people to take full accountability and put a plan together to get on the road to prosperity.

  26. S. Logan says:

    You are so correct. Many people have taught by organized religion to fear God, which is needed but not as society knows fear. The fear society teaches us is; I dont want to mess up; b/c I’ll be scolded or repremanded, so I’ll just stay in my safe box.

    Lately, I have increased reading self-help literature with a spiritual emphasis. One of the principles discussed is that God designed us to be co-creators and be our greatest as he works through us. Jesus even says in the New Testament that we are to be greater than him.

    The aforementioned topics are not professesd in church much and upon reading it’s even hard for me to swallow because of the former. Maybe many church heads don’t want to many “chiefs” and preaching mostly not all but mostly “fear of God” sermons allows many to remain as “less threatening” Indians.

    In the end it is all a diservice because soo many believers go through life scared and never fufill their potential.

  27. Denise Usinger says:

    The most conscious people can appear as the most egotistical because they have NO FEAR or INSECURITY about THEMSELVES. This is because they have no need of approval or validation from others. This is because they have awakened to their true SELF!

  28. edward devero says:

    Now that’s a good comment. I think Jesus originally taught that – become your true self ! I gotta get a copy of the gospel of St. Thomas one of these days.

  29. Awesome empowering post Randy.

  30. Jane Gunn says:

    Well said Randy – and I love that you identify this time as one of spectacular opportunity which it most certainly is!

  31. Sue McDonald says:

    Woh this is an awesome, post – so clear and well written

    I look forward to reading more of your posts
    Excellent work


  32. Joanna Glade says:

    We sing that song in my church and I don’t think that most of the people get it Love your explanation.

    Thanks, Randy
    Joanna :o)

  33. Dexter says:

    I agree Randy that to honor God is to live our lives as great as we possibly can.

    I must point out though that God Himself is GREAT.
    Who can create the Universe but Him. He created the world and all of nature. How great is our God!
    He is worthy and as we worship Him, we are saying “You are great God!” You are The Mighty God, you are the I am that I am. There is none like you.
    I hope you are not missing this point my friend. To reverence Him, is not to say you are unworthy, but to say God you are my Lord.
    It is when He is Lord of your life, that you CAN do all things through Him.

    Blessings to you,


  34. Kristine says:

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  35. Mary-Ellen says:

    I thank all of you for your input and hope you have enjoyed mine. I’m signing off. I wish you all the best in your search for success, happiness and prosperity.

  36. Roland Bonay says:

    “…step into the greatness you are capable of.”

    I like that. It’s like we all have a pair of magical shoes that were designed just for us. All we need to do is step into them and they’ll take us wherever we want to go…if we let them.

  37. Chews4Health says:

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