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Accessing Your Greatness

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Prosperity.

If you attempt greatness through seeking, you are vulnerable to interpretive understanding, the judgments of others, and their conditional approval.

No one can give you your greatness.


You have to access it yourself.  You must go beyond, to the place where a million gurus cannot preach to you, where the gods cannot favor you, and the social media trolls cannot touch you.

You have to go deep within yourself.  You must pass through questioning, perception, and judgment, and go directly to Truth.  You must wash your thoughts of memes, conditioning, and delusion – and simply reside in the basic essence of who you really are.

Earning a million (or a few billion) dollars won’t make you great.  Having your video or Facebook post go viral won’t make you great.  Even having someone famous (or great) declare you as great won’t make you so.

The most exalted sage won’t increase your greatness, nor will the most inspirational book.  Even accomplishing that achievement you worked so hard on will not do the trick.  Your greatness will come when you stand firm, breathe deep, and tap the inherent power you already possess.

Your greatness is unleashed when you simply accept it, and decide to become it.

– RG

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3 thoughts on “Accessing Your Greatness

  1. Tom Holden says:

    Amen, Brother! I can hear Les Brown shouting at me, “You’ve got GREATNESS within you!” I am finally getting to the point where I am ready to say “yes.” Thanks for the reminder and the challenge, Randy.

  2. Rena says:

    Thanks Randy I needed this today

  3. monica gurtu says:

    Thanks Randy! The more I read your posts the more I become self assured that however challenging it may be you never fail till you give up!!


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