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21 Things Every Prosperous Person Should Know

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

As most of you know, I’m currently on a sabbatical (details here), wandering the world, working on me, and writing the sequel to Risky Is the New Safe. 

I promised to drop you a postcard from time to time when I had something important for you to think about.  All I ask is that if you find them helpful, please share them, since I’m dark on social media for my sabbatical.  So may I present, for your dining and dancing pleasure…

The 21 Things Every Prosperous Person Should Know…

1) Money at its very essence is energy – and all energy can be attracted or repelled.

2) Money doesn’t buy happiness.  But poverty doesn’t either.

3) Michael J Fox is back on TV.

4) Bills are simply invoices for blessings you’ve already received.  Treat them accordingly

5) Jonny Lang has a new album out.

6) Prosperity is created by solving problems or adding value.

7) You must be willing to let go of who you have been, to become who you are meant to be.

8) You don’t really have a money shortage, only an idea shortage.

9) The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.

10) Larry Winget has a new book out.  There’s a good chance you’ll hate it.  Which is why you need to read it.

11) When you get negative people out of your life, the negative things in your life happen a lot less frequently

12) Vengeance must walk out before love can walk in.

13) The universe won’t give you your next assignment until you’re overqualified for your current one.

14) Get your body strong and you’ll strengthen your mind in the process.

15) You haven’t failed until you give up.

16) There is no random.  Your career and your life are the results of the thoughts you give precedence to.

17) You can’t read a Robin Sharma book without becoming a better person.

18) You can be a victim, or you can be a victor, but you can’t be both.

19) The larger the challenge, the greater the opportunity.

20) Reality TV is fake.

21) Sometimes the universe is teaching you a lesson.  Sometimes the universe is using you to teach a lesson.  Either way, be a vessel.

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50 thoughts on “21 Things Every Prosperous Person Should Know

  1. Hi RG,
    Good to see you! All vibe with me. 21 stand out. I set the intent to resolve any deep-seated anger issues by observing my angry energies instead of acting upon them. Last week in Kathmandu a beggar bit me on the arm when asking for money for food. I guess he wanted to get right to the meat 😉 Anyway, I laughed, thought it was funny, handled it well. Next moment. Good deal.
    Then, for a few days this past week I felt a bit low energy. All good because I refrained from acting out in anger in any moment. Discipline. Cool
    This goes on for 2 days. I am quiet. A bit down but observing. One night I am heading past the spot where the begging dude hangs. I am totally non-resistant. Put my head down when he starts asking…..then he jumps right in front of me. Last second. I barely get out of the way, then bump into him pretty hard. Keep head down. Still OK. I hear him cursing and screaming at me. Still OK. Then my girlfriend yells at me because she thinks he might attack us.
    Anger comes out. I say I could kill him with a punch lol…..and I could considering the size/strength difference….then, I watch what just happened, feel guilty, let it go, and release. After a few hours I am back to me.
    I was being taught a lesson, then, after supposedly handling my anger, the Universe showed me I have some work to do, and no doubt used me to teach myself and those around me a lesson. Wonderful experience.
    Enjoy your travels RG!

  2. napadavid says:

    Randy.. Breaking Bad finale tomorrow night.. checked it out yet?? Best series ever..

  3. Antonio Kirk says:

    Thanks for the TRUTH Randy!!
    Always keeping your advice near my everyday thoughts as I move toward Platinum. Blessing to hear from you

  4. mikeandliz2003 says:

    Thanks Randy – succinct as always …

  5. Thanks, very useful. The essence of the  analysis of what is and to  plan what will be.

  6. Karina says:

    love your postcards 🙂 sending you love too! still remember how I met you first time in the Almaty airport! stay blessed and come for a chat to Dubai – you are on a sabbatical, I can invite 🙂

  7. Hi Randy,
    I remember you said before “Bills are simply invoices for blessings you’ve already received. Treat them accordingly.” and this is great reminder today.
    I think many people complain about paying the rent, the phone, the food bill when as you remind us they have had the blessings of a roof over their head, a phone to connect with friends and the opportunity to eat without searching for food. 
    It is as always about perspective.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom,

  8. Leeloo says:

    Randy – hey, 
    N° 19 is exactly what the universe sends out to many and  right now – to me. N° 21 just adds up to it…. Thanks for mentioning between 21 things. I hope it serves you as well these days! Have a great trip, enjoy the mind unfolding education you choose and keep on spotting the sun when it plays hide & seek with the horizon, it´s all yours in those moments.

  9. Koos says:

    Hi Randy,
    nice post  but I wonder what you are learning form your sabbatical. Maybe next time you can write to us about the wrestling you are going through to find your new milestone for the years to come.
    IN the mean time, stay cool and have great days,

  10. bobburg says:

    BRILLIANT post!!!!!

  11. MorningCoach says:

    Love it Randy – as always rocking it – love the list…. and I agree reality TV is fake…. LOL

  12. JuneStoyer says:

    Love this! Thanks, Randy! xo

  13. #22)  Randy Gage isn’t just a thought-leader.  He’s a genius with clear vision for our benefit.

  14. GoforNo says:

    Great post yet again. I like the counter-intuitive stuff… i.e. bills! I happily paid the couple thousand it cost me out of pocket for my emergency appendix removal. 😉 The alternative … not as good.

  15. BroVic says:

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

  16. azimazman4 says:

    GoforNo I miss Randy Gage, he’s a great mentor..

  17. Dr Dorothy says:

    Funny, touching, and right on!  So you.

  18. GoforNo says:

    azimazman4 He’ll be back 😉

  19. HomebizTrainer says:

    Great stuff! I’m also a huge Michael J. Fox fan.

  20. azimazman4 says:

    GoforNo He will 🙂

  21. BroVic says:

    OK. It’s a postcard…. Thanks a lot, RG!

  22. Jonathan1 says:

    Great stuff Randy as usual and thanks for the tip about  Jonny Lang’s new disk too…Joss Stone is kickin’ it big time as well!…travel safe!

  23. pandkenterprises says:

    Randy, you forgot one – 
    22) Life is like a shit sandwich, the more “bread” you have the less shit you have to eat

  24. donjrollins says:

    This made my day. Many of these are just what I needed. Thanks Randy.

  25. Fantastic! As always, thanks for sharing! ~ CLB

  26. douglas12 says:

    #22 Never bet against the home team. GO BRONCOS!

  27. BetweenMeNdYou says:

    Good to hear from you! #SageAdvice

  28. Alice L Ferreira says:

    Thanks.happy to hear from you.Take care and be bless.

  29. ScottKane says:

    Welcomed and warm words from a wonderful sage.

  30. LVX in Abundance says:

    Thank you.
    Awesome as always

  31. RoxanaLoredana says:

    Happy to hear from you. Thank you!!

  32. ThomasMrak says:

    Larry Winget is awesome. I don’t agree with his tough as nails approach, but I’ve learned a lot from him.

    This is a useful list. Thanks for sharing Randy.

  33. 21 great thoughts to think of! Thanks, Randy, you’re the best ;)!

  34. I am happy to here from you Randy.

  35. SpottedRG says:

    Who the heck is Michael J Fox? 
    Hum, nice voice that Jonny Lang!
    Oh, no : ” 22 Randy Gage is greatest prosperity teacher ever!” Or not? ; )
    Great 21 things I learned from you.
    Another one I learned from you: it’s all about perception.
    And I’d add: everything that exists, imagined itself into existence!

  36. Claudia Zamudio says:

    Great concept!!!!

  37. StevenLeBlanc says:

    Thanks Randy! Love the levity!

  38. ExerciseMan says:

    The REAL number 22
    Turn trash into treasure! Like if you could turn the CO2 from cars into something special!

  39. Leeloo says:

    ExerciseMan you´re speaking alchemy! It would be easier when the “opposite of” would already exist so science can approach that direction but…. still the potential opposite shows a huge gap and probably a few black holes on its way 🙂

  40. Awesome tips.. I miss you, Randy, though I know you are on a journey of wisdom, which will be multiplying your prosperity, for you and for others!  Thank you for all you do, all you share.. And all you ARE!

  41. Unbelievable!!!!! Thanks Randy.

  42. DavidAirueghiomo says:

    Thanks Randy, God bless you evermore!

  43. Joe Lee says:

    Lesson #21: A very important lesson to me. 
    Sometime the people involved could feel extreme painful. But they are a vessel to bigger things. I remember a friend was killed in an accident after we were dismissed from a camping trip. A very painful experience for his parents and all of us. But after that, they mounted a traffic light on that road to ensure the safety of other teenagers.

  44. jonateen20 says:

    These all are good. I like the 13 and 4. The world is the way it is, because everyone was taught to trust in the government and not God or higher power, tithing is the secret (not just with money) but people talk themselves out of it, 2 facts: Like RG said everything is energy, and you attract the exact energy you give away. So give whatever it is you desire and you will literally attract it like a magnet. Remember the more givers in the world the better the world.

  45. Sanjay sharma says:

    thank u Mr Gage

  46. dofollowme says:

    Randy, sometimes in life we reach a point where we just let go of money and acustom ourselves to enjoy being who we are. There is liberation and freedom in the abscence of wealth, taking us back to grassroots, where we started from. Du Et Mon Droit


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